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Viberect Review: Is It Safe?

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Viberect is a medical stimulator that is designed to produce erections in men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The manufacturer claims that the product is safe and non-invasive way to improve sexual health without the use of medication.

The product sates that it provides a specific frequency that triggers nerve reflexes that in turn cause erections and rigidity. Additionally, the product can also be used to enhance the recovery of nerve function after prostate cancer treatments. Viritenz is currently the most reliable male enhancement supplement on the market, made with all-natural ingredients. Experts have named Viritenz as the best male enhancement supplement available to consumers.

How does Viberect work?

The product is a handheld device that stimulates the millions of nerves that are located on the surface of the penis. The product comes with soft pads, and is battery charged. The penis is placed between the soft pads of the device and the device sends out a specific frequency and amplitude that awaken the pudendal nerve endings on the penis, and in turn activates the sexual centers within the brain and spinal cord. When all the nerves are stimulated the penis become erect and rigid.

The process feels similar to manual stimulation and the products states that it feels pleasurable. It is most effective in those men who are suffering from nerve damage that could be caused by radiation treatment, diabetes, injury, alcoholism, or those who have had a prostate gland removed. The product can also be used by those with erectile dysfunction that is caused by other factors such as aging or inactivity. It can be used for a couple of minutes each day for long-term benefits, or can be used right before intercourse for immediate results.

Top Benefits: Product is effective immediately and in the long-term, manufacturer provides clear contact details on its website, simple to use with very few side effects.

Negatives: Product is a one-time purchase but is quite expensive, not much explanation as to how the product works exactly, only designed to benefit erectile dysfunction but no other sexual performance related issues.

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Who makes this supplement?

The creators and manufacturers of this products are Innovative Urological Solutions. Their contact information can be found through their website and is as follows:

Address: 915 Toll House Avenue, Suite 209, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone Number: (888) 978-3027


Viberect is available for purchase through the Urology Health Store website, and is also sold through other online vendors such as Amazon.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The product kit comes with the Viberect device itself, which can accommodate up to 1.75 inches of penile width, and the frequency of the vibration is set to 70 – 110 Hertz, while the amplitude of the stimulation is set to 2mm. The kit also includes Ni-Alu-Hydride rechargeable batteries and a wall plug charged of 110 – 240 Volts.

There are no reported side effects of using the device and it is certified by the FDA and the CE.

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What’s good about Viberect?

Viberect has been reported to be effective in men suffering from erectile dysfunction and is designed to treat a variety of issues that may cause ED. It specifically addresses consumers who are suffering from ED due to other health conditions, such as radiation treatment, diabetes, or nerve damage that was caused by an injury. Many other male enhancement products or ED pills do not specifically address those who suffer from possible nerve damage.

Additionally, the product can be effective for both short-term results and long-term health. It is designed to be used for 4 to 6 minutes a day, stimulating the nerves a little each day until they learn to act on their own, and the user no longer needs the Viberect to achieve an erection. It also can be used for immediate sexual intercourse, by stimulating the nerves for longer until the erection is achieved. Another benefit is that there are no known side effects to using the product, which is a rarity among male enhancement products.

The manufacturer also offers a 90-day money back guarantee, which should give consumers peace of mind about ordering, as the product is quite expensive. The manufacturer also provides clear contact details on their site if consumers have any questions or concerns.

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What’s bad about Viberect?

While Viberect may be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, that is pretty much the extent of its male enhancement benefits. It will not address other common male enhancement issues, such as a low libido, lack of testosterone, lack of stamina or energy, blood circulation issues, or mental issues related to sexual performance. If the consumer is suffering from erectile dysfunction because of nerve damage or a medical condition, then this product may be for them, but if they suffer from a variety of issues, or aren’t sure what is causing their poor sexual performance, then they would probably be better served looking at other products.

Those suffering from erectile dysfunction that is not directly due to nerve damage, or diabetes, or cancer, have typically found that the Viberect can have some benefits, but not as much as they would have hoped. This is likely due to the fact that many consumers suffering from ED are unable to achieve an erection because of a lack of blood flow to the penis. While using the Viberect does help to stimulate the penis, the product’s promotional material does not mention blood flow or circulation. Essentially, this means that those suffering from ED because of a lack of blood flow will likely not experience the long-term benefits of the product.

The product sells for $299, so purchasing it may be a gamble for most men if they are unsure whether it will address their specific sexual performance issues.

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What do consumers think about Viberect?

The product is sold through a variety of vendors online, so objective reviews are not hard to find. In general, the consumer reviews present a mostly positive view of the product and its ability to address erectile dysfunction.

Here are some of the reviews that could be found online:

“I had prostate cancer a few years back and have suffered from ED ever since. Viagra and Cialis didn’t work for me, but Viberect allowed me to have sex again and even climax.”

“I don’t believe I am the target demo for this product. I don’t suffer from health issues or nerve damage or anything. That said, it did help my ED a little bit, just nothing drastic.”

“Since my spinal cord injury I have had to use ED medication to get an erection, but have never been able to orgasm. Viberect doesn’t work every time, but it has helped me with ejaculation, so I am pretty happy.”

The positive effects of the product were most prominent in people who have suffered nerve damage or are recovering from cancer treatment, or have a specific reason they are suffering from ED. Users who are not suffering from a specific issue seemed to have less success with the product, though still saw some results, just more limited.


For those that are suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of prostate cancer, diabetes, nerve damage, or injury to that area, among other things, then the Viberect seems as though it would be the right product for them. For everyone else that is suffering from erectile dysfunction for unknown reasons, or for more typical reasons, such as a low libido, a lack of blood circulation, lack of testosterone, or more, then this product seems as though it would be more hit and miss.

Essentially, the product has a relatively small window of effectiveness among certain people suffering from erectile dysfunction, but that window is so small that the Viberect cannot be considered an effective solution for most people with sexual performance issues. The cost of the product is also quite high at $299. Of course, that is a one-time purchase, as opposed to male enhancement supplements, which are generally sold in monthly packs, but many consumers will not feel comfortable spending that much money on something that may or may not work.

If a consumer is suffering from erectile dysfunction because of one of a specific health issue, then they should probably consider purchasing the Viberect or a similar product. For everyone else that is unsure of the cause of their sexual performance issues, they would likely be better off looking into effective male enhancement products that focus on things like increasing testosterone and increasing blood flow throughout the body, as those are at the heart of a majority of sexual performance issues.

Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement product that increases testosterone, libido, and stamina in users. Experts recently named Viritenz as the most effective male enhancement supplement available today.

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