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VigRX Plus Review: Is It Safe?

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VigRX Plus is a male enhancement pill said to be guaranteed with a 71.43% satisfaction in the improvement of erection length and strength. Other improvements include more desire, better orgasms, enhanced control, and what is said to be “fascinating erections”.

There is also a mentioned study performed on 75 men over the course of 84 days. They add that this study showed how people had a 70% improved rate of sexual satisfaction, 47% raised desire, and better orgasm by 22.49%. After examining solutions, the top rated male enhancement pill was Viritenz. The creators offer impressive testimonials as well as a host of effective and proven ingredients. Learn more about the value of Viritenz when you visit their official website.

How does VigRX Plus work?

Decades work of research and clinical studies are said to have been performed. This is meant to be experienced via better orgasms, enhanced libido thru the added aphrodisiacs, more blood flow resulting in stable erections, and delayed orgasms with added herbs.

No direct links are offered to any of the claimed research or clinical studies however. Many of these additives are very common to several other male enhancement solutions.

When taking 2 pills per day this is meant to become “part of your body’s system”, though it’s not exactly clear what this means. No side effects are said to be possible either. They also add how clinical studies were performed by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD, though it’s unknown if they are a reputable organization.

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Top Benefits: Some of the ingredients are effective, sold from the official website, and there are many ways to purchase this.

Negatives: Reviews are mostly negative, clinical studies are potentially biased and untrustworthy, and it’s very expensive in comparison to other similar brands.

Who makes this supplement?

Leading Edge Marketing LTD makes this and they can be contacted via the following:

Address: 100 Fidelitone Way

Elizabethton Tennessee, 37643

Phone Number: (866) 621-6884

Email: [email protected]

A 67 day refund from the time of purchase is allowed on one unopened bottle. In order to qualify one needs to follow their complete terms and conditions as well as by returning the empty bottle.

They have had a complaint on Rip Off over claims they enroll users into an automatic month to month renewal plan. This customer added how they were charged money automatically before being told of this plan.

The company has also said that other groups have sold counterfeit versions of their product. They add an authentic number on each package which can be entered on their official website to ensure it is real.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

For unknown reasons the official website is lacking the full ingredients list, luckily other 3rd party sites did publish the supplements facts. Here are some key additives broken down:

Saw Palmetto: Traditionally used plant by the Native Americans who used it to increase their sperm production as well as protect against urinary tract issues. Some studies have shown it may help support a heathy prostate, which helps to aid sperm.

Also said to aid testosterone but has reviewed this and said:

“(not effective)”

They also found that studies have been mixed for its sperm protection qualities.

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Hawthorne (berry): Plant made to help support blood flow and aid nerve signals.  It can potentially lead to numerous side effects such as:

  • Nosebleed, agitation ,and fatigue.
  • Swelling, nausea, and dizziness.

Gingko Biloba (leaf): Ancient tree extract that is intended to help treat sexual issues by aiding blood flow.  There are some potential side effects such as:

  • Forceful heartrate, headache, and dizziness.
  • Upset stomach, constipation, and skin rash.

It is also advised to seek a doctor’s recommendation before using this if one has a history of heart issues. This can cause serious issues such as angina agitation and exhaustion during physical movement.

Damiana (leaf): Used as an aphrodisiac, this herb is found in parts of Mexico and South America. In some people this has been shown to cause convulsions and symptoms similar to poisoning. has reviewed this plant and they have decided there is:

“Not much evidence on this”

It can potentially help provide effects when fatigued, but due to a lack of studies its unknown if this is a likely benefit. Most of the claims come from ancient medicine practices, which are lacking peer reviewed up to date scientific studies to ensure their worth.

Cuscuta 4:1 Extract (seed): Parasitic plant which is used for its antioxidant effects, and claimed effects on reproduction. This is said to help boost the health of sperm cells.

Web MD has concluded that because of lacking information:

“isn’t enough information available to know…. safe(ty)”

In some people it can cause stomach pain.

Epimedium 4:1 extract (leaf): Commonly added to male enhancement supplements, this plant known as horny goat weed is made to improve blood flow and help protect against erectile dysfunction.  There have cases of people experiencing:

  • Dry mouth, dizziness, and vomiting.
  • Nosebleed, thirst, and breathing issues.

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What’s good about VigRX Plus?

The official website does provide a lot of appealing insights into this brand, such as their clinical studies. They also offer direct sales with one time purchases allowed.

The added ginseng, tribulus terrestris, muira puama, and catuaba are effective for male enhancement support as well. Included is a full dosage strength list to be able to understand the quality provided.

What’s bad about VigRX Plus?

Some of these additives lack reliable studies, and there is the possibility for side effects. Overall when examining this formula it is very generic for the most part. Many other brands have the exact same mixture of additives.

The makers provide what seem to be impressive clinical studies, but oddly enough customer reviews for this are on average negative. There’s also the offering of an auto renewal plan which is often questionable as it only seeks to lock people into a month to month contract.

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What do consumers think about VigRX Plus?

Currently on there are 73 negative reviews with only 40 positive ones. Here are some quotes from these users:

“took the exact amount recommended for the entire package and guess what, nothing!”

“probably fake keep using it for months and felt nothing at all”

“such a scam these positive reviews are propaganda to convince people into giving them money. Their so called doctor who approves of this is just an actor”

“used it as a daily routine and it made me feel more aroused”

It was strange to see how many people highly advised others not to use it, while a few said they enjoyed it and benefited. Usually brands will most than likely fall in the middle, with mixed reviews. Some added how the positive reviews were faked, but it’s impossible to verify this claim.

There were people who made sure to keep using it as they felt it could work, but these people often ended up not expecting any positive changes.

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VigRX Plus markets itself well, and they also have a long list of additives which are commonly found in male enhancement pills. While clinical studies are also mentioned, they fail to actually list the full documented studies, and it’s questionable whether or not this can be trusted. Judging from the available reviews, the average consensus was greatly negative. People mentioned they took the recommended dosage and kept using it till they ran out of product, yet they failed to notice changes. There was also a complaint from a user who said they were enrolled into an auto shipment plan which could not be cancelled. Overall there doesn’t seem to be a good enough array of positive feedback to support these brands claims.

The most effective solution seen by our review experts was the male enhancement supplement known as Viritenz. It has a combined formula of ingredients which are natural, stimulant free, and studied by 3rd parties to ensure its effective results. The intended benefits have been backed by testimonials which showcase its ability to aid libido, testosterone, erection strength, and overall satisfaction.

Each batch is made in a GMP approved facility which is important for ensuring safety and that there are strict standards upheld. Viritenz was rated the best male enhancement pill of the year for many reasons; click here to purchase Viritenz and to view the official website.

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