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VirMax T Review: Is It Safe?

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VirMax T is a male enhancement pill said to help support natural testosterone boosting which can also aid libido, sexual drive, stamina, and overall physical performance. It is meant to be taken as a once a day formula for men of all ages.

Their website is brief but they do give a easy to understand explanation as to the effects of all their additives. Both a 2 count and 30 count package are offered. They mention how over time men can expect a decline in testosterone, but that this supplement can combat this sudden drop. The most well reviewed supplement for male enhancement was found to be the all-natural Viritenz. All its ingredients serve a unique purpose and testimonials agree it can deliver maximum support in the bedroom. For more information about  what the full benefits are of Viritenz, simply follow this provided link.

How does VirMax T work?

Testosterone is increased via growth hormone increasing minerals as well as horny goat weed. Zinc is also used to help provide benefits towards testosterone which are said to be maximized in around 6 weeks.

The improved libido and sex drive is meant to be aided by aphrodisiacs which are said to stimulate sexual desire.

Also added are stamina and energy boosters that come from herbs of many different kinds but they’re less explained as to how they function in the body. No stimulants are used however to help achieve this effect. Improved physical performance and endurance is claimed from herbs and the magnesium mineral, yet this is not explained either in detail as to how it works in the body.

It is known judging from their explanations that this has to be taken for at least around a month long time in order to achieve all the intended benefits. Therefore it is not a fast acting solution to male enhancement.

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Top Benefits: Free of stimulants, made with some effective additives, and you can buy it from multiple sources.

Negatives: Majority of users didn’t find it effective, no money back guarantee is offered, and expensive for what’s offered.

Who makes this supplement?

Natural Product Solutions, LLC created this brand and their featured contact details are:

Address: 9 West Aylesbury Rd. Suite C

Timonium, Maryland 21093

Phone Number: (410) 998-9011

Email: [email protected]

They do not offer a money back return policy. Little information exists about the company as well. They do offer a easy to read website, but there isn’t any outside information about their practices. They do seem reputable however, and there haven’t been any issues with the way they do business.

Because the company does not offer a return policy however, it ensures that all sales are final no matter if there are side effects, or a lack of benefits.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The following are a few key ingredients in  this formula which are explained:

Epimedium Longifolia & Epimedium Grandiflorum: Extracts from the horny goat weed herb, this has long been used in Chinese medicine as a way to treat erectile dysfunction while aiding sexual desire. In it are chemicals which can aid blood flow. This can promote side effects including:

  • Vomiting, dry mouth, and thirst.
  • Nosebleed, dizziness, and spasms.
  • Breathing issues, abnormal heart rate , and increased risk for bleeding issues.

Web MD has found that this ingredient acts similar to estrogen, which means it can potentially cause hormonal problems.

Because of its numerous potential side effects it is advised to be careful of the amount used. This is a very generic ingredient often added to other male enhancement pills as well.

Fenugreek Extract: Natural herb used in cooking and found in Europe and Asia. This is intended to help avoid infertility, support erectile dysfunction, and promote other sexual issues.  Studies have shown it can lead to:

  • Gas, diarrhea, and bloating.
  • Maple syrup odor, wheezing, and swelling.
  • Nasal congestion, upset stomach, and allergic reactions.

Studies on whether or not it can actually support the growth of testosterone have been mixed, with some showing it has yet to be proven.

Another potential issue is that it can be harmful to those with diabetes. This is because it can affect blood sugar and it may be reduced to dangerously low levels if not carefully monitored.

Korean Ginseng: A general health wellness herb which is commonly known as panax ginseng. It is used as a way to help support healthy erections. This is made to work by aiding the growth of cyclic GMP, which allows for certain cells to relax which can help aid blood flow in the penis.

This is often better mixed with other forms of ginseng, as they help to provide unique benefits when combined.

This form of ginseng is also one of  the most reviewed forms out of all other species.

FD&C Red #40: Red food coloring which is made artificially and extracted from coal and petroleum. has found that it can lead to issues like allergic reactions, hyperactivity, and reproductive damage. Much like other forms of food coloring, it has no benefit towards male enhancement.

FD& Blue #1: Food dye which provides a unique blue color, and which is often added to processed goods and foods. This is poorly digested and will often result in blue colored stools. Around 95% of it is wound up in the stool.

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What’s good about VirMax T?

Some well-reviewed and effective ingredients are used such as ginseng and tribulis terrestris. You can find this from multiple retailers as well.

The makers also seem reputable and have not had any complaints thus far.

What’s bad about VirMax T?

Horny goat weed is included which has been shown to cause numerous potential side effects, some of which are very serious. The company also decided to add 2 kinds of food coloring, which are not only unnecessary but they can lead to unwanted side effects.

This is also costly and it contains a very generic formula which you can find in many kinds of other brands. There isn’t an explanation as to why this is better than other supplements. There aren’t many ingredients either, making it a lacking basic formula.

User experiences have also been mostly negative with people failing to notice positive changes.

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What do consumers think about VirMax T?

Cited are some reviews by users found online:

“really didn’t notice anything from it. Think that it’s rather useless, at least for me”

“didn’t notice any noticeable change, I’ll keep trying it out but so far im not impressed”

“should have purchased another brand because this didn’t help me at all”

“Wow! This made me so sick, cannot keep taking it I felt so ill from it”

Some experienced side effects but the most common concern was that they failed to notice any changes in any form. People were disappointed and this included people who made sure to finish a 30 day serving.

A few people did enjoy it and there was mention that it helped deliver some benefits. Overall however the majority of customer experiences were negative.

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This formula does have 2 helpful ingredients which are potent, but overall it is not comprehensive enough to provide lasting male sexual health benefits. Many people failed to notice any benefits in any form. You also have to deal with its food coloring which is better avoided as it has no benefit. The risk for side effects was a major issue for customers who ended up advising others to not use it. The creators also fail to offer any money back return policy, making all sales final. Because of  the lacking formula, mostly negative customer experiences, use of cheap additives, and limited use, it’s not a top ranked product.

The one solution for male enhancement which was reviewed as being the best male enhancement pill of its kind is Viritenz.  It has a blend of wholesome extracts including maca, L-Arginine, boron, tribulus terrestris, and other stimulant free and potent additives. These ingredients can help alleviate sexual anxiety, prevent early orgasm, aid testosterone, and support a healthier libido.

There are also 3rd party reviews on these additives which help showcase how potent they truly are. You’re also backed by its GMP certification which helps to ensure each batch is made under strict guidelines for safety and potency. Learn more about what makes Viritenz the top rated natural male enhancement solution by following this link.

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