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Pronabolin Review: Is It Safe?

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Pronabolin is a testosterone boosting supplement intended to provide safe and effective results with natural ingredients. By providing these effects it intends to maximize strength, stamina, and overall vitality.

This translates to more libido, improved sex drive, and sexual confidence. They add how no fillers or stimulants of any kind are used. It is also said to help fight against the natural aging process which can reduce testosterone. After reviewing many brands our experts noted that Viritenz delivered the best results out of all male enhancement pills. Testimonials are available from satisfied users who were able to gain significant benefits to their sexuality. Learn more details on Viritenz and learn what it can lead to by clicking on this link.

How does Pronabolin work?

By helping to stimulate testosterone levels, this can affect things like libido, muscle gains, overall synthesis and regrowth of muscle, and mood. This is made possible by their 9 ingredient active formula.

By raising the production of free testosterone, this is better used by the body with true functionality. They advise to take 3 capsules on an empty stomach, and on work out days to use it within 30 to 45 minutes of exercise.

The company includes the fact that starting at one’s 30’s, testosterone will naturally decline which can reduce strength and libido, but that this can be reversed with this formula.

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Top Benefits: Some effective ingredients are added, important contact information is provided, and the website describes the product well.

Negatives: Plagued by consumer complaints about scam like tactics, not well-reviewed, and some experienced side effects.

Who makes this supplement?

The manufactures go by the name of Green Bracket LLC and they can be reached by contacting the following:

Email: 7400 NW 7th Street Suite 101

Miami, Florida 33126

Phone Number: (855) 246-1336

Email: [email protected]

A 120 day return is offered from the date of purchase if one purchases from the official website. They say that this cannot be allowed for:

“overly used products”

It’s unknown what they mean by this, and why it matters if one uses the pills more so as well as whether or not one can get their money back.  This can mean the company can interpret their return policy as they like, which may reduce the likelihood of being able to try this product with a guarantee.

Their Better Business Bureau page has a grand total of 98 complaints, 48 of these are issues with either the quality of service or their supplements, and 29 were of complaints of their billing practices. The following are snippets of some reviews:

“automatically enrolled me in their “free trial” which was a scam to take out $96”

“every time I call I get a busy tone and they won’t pick up my calls”

“used their free trial but because it was opened they charged me $89”

“refused to cancel my order and refund me even though I didn’t sing up for their free trial”

Repeatedly there were many people who said they were conned into thinking the free trial was actually legitimate, only to be charged automatically each month. They also added how the customer service people were difficult to get a hold of, which made disputing charges difficult. This included being unable to reach anyone by phone or email, as they did not return messages of any kind.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

No dosage strength or ingredients list is provided, but they do highlight the main active ingredients which brief explanations. This includes:

Fenugreek Seed Extract: This spice is used to help improve athletic performance and raise testosterone levels. It can produce many side effects that include:

  • Upset stomach, gas, and coughing.
  • Bloating, facial swelling, and wheezing.
  • Nasal congestion, allergic reactions, and diarrhea.

Tribulus Terrestris: Long used plant which is added to help reduce the risk of infertility and the reduction of libido. This has been shown to be an effective male enhancement ingredient which is likely to be free of side effects in controlled amounts.

Coleus Forskohlii: The chemicals of this plant are used to help suppress appetite, burn fat, and help prevent erectile dysfunction. It is said to produce these kinds of effects by widening blood vessels and producing stronger heartbeats.

Studies have shown it may lead to:

  • Tremors, irritation, and cough.
  • Low blood pressure, flushing, and restlessness.

Milk Thistle: Herb with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is used to help promote healthy liver function, but this effect has not been proven.

The makers of Pronabolin add that this is used since testosterone is metabolized in the liver, and this is added security to ensure there are liver protecting effects.

Digestive Proteolytic Blend: Mixture of enzymes made to help support healthy digestion. By aiding digestion testosterone is better able to be used in the body. This includes common enzymes like papain, bromelain, protease, and others.

While it can help aid digestion, typically the human body does not need any additional support from these kinds of ingredients.

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What’s good about Pronabolin?

There is a detailed description for the main active ingredient used in this formula. This ensures the company knowns what they’re talking about, and that they’re aware of the full intended benefits.

They add descriptive details on why this is made to help support testosterone function with real scientific explanations.

What’s bad about Pronabolin?

Not all these ingredients have been proven effective, and there are some additives which can lead to side effects. There are also a majority of negative reviews on the product, as well as their business practices.

Many felt scammed out of money and there were serious complaints from many consumers who ended up losing out money. Their claimed 120 day guarantee was also called into question, as some people were denied a return simply because they used their supplements.

The free trial was also a major issue for people, as those who tried to cancel without even receiving it said they were not allowed, and that they had to pay the full amount regardless.

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What do consumers think about Pronabolin?

After examine online users, the following were the most prominent effects experienced:

“didn’t produce any effects”

“DO NOT PURCHASE. Total waste of money… this isn’t provided in a strong enough amount to boost testosterone”

“caused health issues upon use to my husband’s kidneys… quite costly and wish I could return it”

“after using it I noticed a rise in my blood pressure. Didn’t know it would cause this as I wouldn’t have taken it since I have hypertension”

The overall consensus is mostly negative, and on there are 19 negative reviews with only 10 positive reviews. Those who enjoyed it said it helped provide more focus, but some also said it may be a placebo and not due to Pronabolin.

Side effects and a total lack of effects were the most common negative opinions from users.  Issues like higher blood pressure, kidney damage, and ill feelings especially on an empty stomach were experienced.

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Pronabolin does have some active ingredients which can help support healthy testosterone and improved blood flow, but they fail to mention the full dosage strength to determine what it’s fully capable of. Many customers didn’t feel it was worth purchasing, and because of what many said was a lie about their money back return policy, it raises doubts about their practices. Some even said they were denied a return for product which did not arrive, and technically should fall under their claimed 120 day money back return date. Side effects were an issue for some, and the majority of customers failed to notice any beneficial changes. Also, this is mostly marketed as a way to enhance athletic performance and muscle gains, as opposed to being a well-rounded male enhancement pill.

Our experts have examined all aspects from business practices and quality of male enhancement and the number 1 rated brand was Viritenz. Consumers have also said that it delivered effective results that reinvigorated their sex lives. Testimonials are offered on the official website which highlights the well-rounded nature.

It is made to help increase libido, promote stronger and longer lasting erections, delay orgasm, increase testosterone, and all without the use of stimulants. Only natural ingredients are added without any kinds of fillers or weakly dosed additives. Learn about the full effects Viritenz can deliver by visiting their official website found here.

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