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Magna Rx Review: Is It Safe?

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Magna Rx is a male enhancement pill used for increasing penis size by 5 inches within about 3 weeks of use. It’s marketed as the bestselling brand of its kind since 2001, and it is also free of any stimulants.

They add that a doctor has endorsed and designed it for use. Also, the highlighted benefits are more confidence in the bedroom, maximum erection strength, and lasting sexual performance. Thousands are said to have already used this to their satisfaction. The top ranked most wholesome male enhancement pill seen was Viritenz according to our reviewers. It has only studied additives which can help to improve overall sexual vitality and vigor. For a detailed insight into what makes Viritenz the best mal enhancement pill, follow the featured link.

How does Magna Rx work?

The benefit of this are outlined in just quick snippets of sentences, and they fail to provide much insight into what the actual physical process will be.

They make a grand claim of this supplement being able to increase one’s penis size in a 3 week time span, but once again, they fail to add if this actually means the penis will increase inches, or whether it’s more of a way to enhance the ability to maintain erections.

Their terms and conditions does outline that this is meant to help boost confidence, endurance, and strength, but these are general descriptions that do not do a good enough job of explaining the actual science behind this.

Top Benefits: There are some useful ingredients and the full ingredients list is provided.

Negatives: Contains some questionable additives, not explained fully, and poorly reviewed.

Who makes this supplement?

The company goes by the same name as this brand and their listed contact details are:

Phone Number: (866) 299-0761

Email: [email protected]

They do claim to offer a 60 day money back guarantee form the date of purchase.  They also add in their terms and conditions that their policies can change without due notice however, which makes it suspect on whether or not you can actually get a return.

For unknown reasons they’ve decided to make many broad claims about this being the bestselling brand since 2001 and of it being doctor endorsed and designed. No evidence is provided to back up either of these claims, so it’s unknown if this is true.

There is a lack of information about the company and their practices outside of their official website.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Here’s a detailed look into some of the most notable additives:

Pygeum: Tree bark intended to help reduce the size of the prostate as well as treat urinary problems. In certain amounts it can cause:

  • Stomach pain and nausea. has looked into this ingredient and while there are some studies performed, they add:

“more research is needed in the US”

Therefore it remains to be seen what kinds of effects this can have.

Horny Goat Weed: Natural aphrodisiac used in Chinese medicine and widely used as a way to treat erectile dysfunction and other related sexual issues. It works by helping to stimulate blood flow as well as improving the nerve signals in the genitals. Numerous potential side effects are possible which includes:

  • Headaches, nausea, and stomach pain.
  • Breathing issues, dry mouth, and vomiting.
  • Spasms, dizziness, and heart complications.

Web MD has looked into this ingredient and they say when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction:

“too early to tell if horny goat weed will prove… effective and safe

Until more information is published, it remains to be seen what it can do in the body.

Dosage for this has also not been fully established, which makes it impossible to predict what the accurate amount should be for safe and consistent effects.

This is commonly added to male enhancement pills due to its claimed effects, but because of the risk of potential side effects, there are associated problems with this. It is often not advised to continue taking this for any extended amount of time, or in high doses.

Catuaba Bark: Natural herb used to help aid sexual performance and libido.  Due to limited studies, it’s unknown whether or not this would be safe to use.  In some cases this can promote:

  • Dizziness, headaches, and confusion.

Live has also said that because there is a lack of up to date research, it’s unknown what kinds of effects this may have with heavy or long term use. Since 2023 this supplement ingredient has been researched and they add that the FDA has conducted research showcasing effects this may have on the nervous system.

In some trials this lead to complications such as spasms and stomach irritation, so it’s unknown if there are other potential problems it may cause.

Stinging Nettle: Plant that is often brewed into a tea to help treat prostate issues.  It can help reduce inflammation as well as help stimulate urine flow.

Muira Puama Bark: Common aphrodisiac intended to help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Sarsaparilla Root: Plant extract made to help provide steroid like effects which can raise testosterone production. Studies have shown it may promote side effects that include:

  • Stomach irritation, runny nose, and worsened kidney disease.

Astragalus Root: Herb intended to promote cleansing effects which have yet to be proven. It can lead to blood sugar issues and cannot be mixed with certain kinds of drugs.

Licorice Root: A compound in this natural flavoring agent and plant is intoned to help promote the health of the immune system.

This can lead to side effects such as:

  • Raised blood pressure, heart conditions, and muscle issues.
  • Low potassium levels, paralysis, and weakness.

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What’s good about Magna Rx?

There are some healthy ingredients which can support male enhancement such as maca, oyster, ginseng, L-Arginine, stinging nettle, muira puama, and orchic.

They also make sure to add an ingredients list with the full dosage strength.

What’s bad about Magna Rx?

Some of these ingredients can cause side effects, and there are additives which have limited studies on what they can do for male enhancement.

The company claims this is safe to use and doctor endorsed, but there is no evidence of this anywhere.

They also use a questionable practice of making this seem like it’s one of the best and most sought after pills of its kind, yet there is very little customer experiences found online.

What do consumers think about Magna Rx?

Featured underneath are select reviews from customers:

“the smell of this and the taste is unbearable… didn’t notice any improvement in my erections”

“had no size gains in any form. I’d recommend something else”

“didn’t really seem to have much of an effect”

“didn’t do a damn thing, save your money instead”

Resoundingly there were negative reviews from people who filed to notice any benefits. This goes against the claim the company makes of this being the bestselling product as well, also since there wasn’t many reviews for this brand.

The only available reviews are greatly negative with repeat issues of customers adding how they didn’t see any increase in penis size. Some did say their erections might be improved, but that it wasn’t anything different than what they had before.

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The manufacturers of Magna Rx present a simple explanation as to the benefits of this supplement, but they fail to give any deep insights to prove its worth. The consensus online is very negative, and there are some questionable additives in this which can produce side effects. This brand is also lacking in real evidence in the form of testimonials or support to back up the claims it has been formulated by a doctor. There’s no reason to believe these grand sounding claims, since there is a complete lack of evidence.  They also have a money back return policy which can change at the company’s whim without notice.

The number one ranked male enhancement pill that is made with wholesome ingredients was rated as being Viritenz. It has studied ingredients which can promote overall heathier sexual function by helping to promote healthy blood flow for stronger erections, aiding testosterone for improved libido and endurance, and other important sexual health benefits. There are no forms of stimulants, fillers, binders, artificial colors, or any unwanted artificial additives which degrade the overall quality.

Users have provided testimonials discussing how beneficial this was for them, and how it produced significant improvements to help satisfy their partners and their sexual enjoyment. The creators also back up each batch with a GMP certification to ensure that it is produced in a clean, 3rd party reviewed facility. For insights about what made Viritenz the most beneficial supplement of its kind, click on this link.

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