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Androgel Review: Is It Safe?

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Androgel is a prescription testosterone producing gel that is used as a treatment for hormone replacement. It can be used similar to lotion, and it is offered in 2 different dosing strengths.

This is used for men who do not have the ability to produce sufficient testosterone, and it’s not intended for anyone who only needs an improved boost. It is absorbed in the skin and it is advised to not use it on certain body parts such as the genitals or other sensitive areas. The most well-reviewed and effective male enhancement support is offered by the supplement known as Viritenz. It’s available without a prescription and it contains no stimulants and only natural ingredients. Learn more information on Viritenz and to see what it can do for natural male enhancement, click here.

How does Androgel work?

This topical aid is meant to be applied directly on the shoulders or upper arms. It is sold in both packets and a pump container. One must be particularly careful to avoid contact with others or to not let it drip into other parts of the body, as this can increase the risk of serious side effects.

Hands must also be thoroughly washed to avoid contamination after it is applied.

The testosterone boosting effects comes from a concentrated version of testosterone.

A clinical study was provided with 274 participants, 82% of them that noticed their testosterone went back to normal levels after about 16 weeks of daily use.

This also can only be prescribed to people who have significantly lower levels of testosterone which is often caused by previous steroid use, malfunctioning adrenal glands, or other serious medical conditions. This cannot be used by regular people who do not have a medical condition which limits their testosterone levels.  A doctor must also approve one via a series of tests to ensure one can safely use this, and that it is actually needed.

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Top Benefits: It will likely help raise testosterone, a clinical study was performed, and some may like its topical use.

Negatives: Only has one effect, can only been used with medically diagnosed testosterone related issues, major side effects are possible.

Who makes this supplement?

The company behind this brand is known as AbbVie Inc. and their contact information is cited as:

Address: Chicago, Illinois 60064

Phone Number: (855) 243-5162

Email: A contact form is offered for any direct messages

Much like any other prescription drug, no money back return policy is offered.

The creators are a pharmaceutical company that produces their own drugs. No serious issues, recalls, or controversies are known about the company.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

One sole active ingredient is used:

Testosterone: Important hormone that males need in specific amounts in order to help regulate many important functions. It can help stimulate vigor, aggressiveness, muscular endurance, sex drive, and overall wellness.

One must be very careful when using this additive as it can result in serious side effects if one is not careful. Even with a doctors prescription clinical studies have shown it can potentially lead to:

  • Breast swelling, difficulty and or painful urination, and loss of bladder control.
  • Swelling in the chest, pain in the jaw or shoulder, and painful erections.
  • Blood clot like symptoms including rapid breathing, coughing up blood, wheezing, chest pain, and a sudden cough.
  • Blood clot symptoms within the legs including redness, swelling, pain, and general discomfort in both legs.
  • Quick weight gain, liver issues, and jaundice.
  • Anger, addiction, and issues with bone growth.

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It is highly advised to avoid water such as in swimming or showers for about 2 to 5 hours after this topical version is used.

The official website also says one should follow strict precautions as this can lead to numerous side effects if mishandled. has also found that it can lead to:

“Irreversible effects… small testicles, infertility, high blood pressure…”

Many other effects can occur which result even if one can make sure to use this as directed. Certain people may also not be able to use this even if testosterone production is limited. People with a history of liver or kidney disease, sleep apnea, heart issues, history of cancer, diabetes, or other issues are not advised to use this.

A doctor will also go over all of one’s medical history as well as conduct tests to ensure if one is a likely candidate for this ingredient.

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What’s good about Androgel?

Testosterone is likely to have some effects when it is taken in this form. Clinical studies have also been impressive with a high success rate of people with regained levels of testosterone.

For people who naturally cannot make enough testosterone, this may be a functional method to regain healthy levels.

The official company website also highlights all the potential dangers as well as what one can expect from this.

What’s bad about Androgel?

Only those with medically approved significant low levels of testosterone can use this product. It is not mean to be a simple to use treatment that anyone can use.

Even people who have aged and have noticed lower levels are likely to not be candidates for this.

There has to be a thorough process to ensure one would be safe enough to use this, yet there is still a high risk for dangerous side effects including irreversible damage to the body. Some users have experienced serious side effects which forever altered their health in majorly negative ways.

No money back or safety guarantee is offered either, so it’s unknown how well one’s own body will react to this form of prescription topical testosterone.

Yet another issue is the application as one has to be extremely careful when using it to avoid water and be careful with one’s wardrobe.

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What do consumers think about Androgel?

The following are a few prominent reviews from users found online:

“feel tired all the time and one time it ended up making me so drowsy I feel asleep”

“energy levels did go up but sometimes I feel real down”

“wife said it brought out my bad side had some mood issues, was angry a lot, and would not compromise”

“went to go check my T levels and I couldn’t believe it I actually had lower levels after 2 months of use. Such as worthless product”

This ranked low on customer satisfaction with 134 reviews on Web MD totaling a 2.92 rating out of 5. Side effects were an issue for some, and there were unable to gain any benefits at all even with months of use.

There were some who did notice an increase in testosterone, but overall it seemed like it was far too harsh or ineffective for some.

Strangely enough there were a few people who made sure to get a test to check their testosterone levels only to notice a complete lack of change.

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Taking this prescription topical aid will deliver a form of testosterone that the body will likely be able to absorb. The main issue is that this is not a simple solution, and it has to be taken by those with medically low levels of testosterone, while also still being healthy enough to take it without dangerous symptoms. Unfortunately even healthy people have experienced debilitating effects including shrunken testes, changes in breast size, bone loss, and other serious concerns. Many people who tried this also said they were dissatisfied, either because of a lack of benefits or harsh side effects which made them feel hormonally imbalanced. There is also no money back return policy, and you’re unable to determine beforehand what kinds of effects this can provide.

There are natural solutions for male enhancement such as the top rated brand known as Viritenz. This supplement has a rich blend of studied ingredients which have been shown to deliver well-rounded effects towards healthier libido, sexual endurance, testosterone production, and overall male virility.

Many positive reviews exist from users who were able to once again regain their ability to perform in the bedroom, as well as gain a new sense of well-being. No added stimulants, colors, preservatives, or harsh artificial additives are used; instead it relies on wholesome ingredients. They even make it in a GMP certified facility which helps to ensure the production process if FDA inspected. For a detailed insight into Viritenz and to get a hold of it from the creators, follow this cited link.

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