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Max Load Pills Review: Is It Safe?

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Max Load Pills is a male enhancement pill made to support longer lasting intercourse and more satisfying orgasms. Added to this is a blend of 10 different herbs and vitamins which are all-natural and free of any stimulants.

It is also said to reduce what they claim to be “down time”, which is likely a reference to being able to engage in sex after one orgasms. They also advise to continue using it, as results are said to be increased with continued use. In reviewing male enhancement solutions, our review experts were better able to determine which the best overall was. The number 1 solution was found to be Viritenz, due to its complete formula and amount of positive reviews. To help understand what makes Viritenz the best of its class, click this cited link.

How does Max Load Pills work?

Unfortunately because there is a lack of an official website, the only claims about its use are from 3rd party websites. A brief description is provided which claims it will aid contractions, thus leading to better overall orgasms and pleasure.

Two tablets are advised a day, or one an hour before engaging in sex. The real scientific application of these ingredients is not really advised however, and they fail to add exactly how orgasms are improved. Because of this lack of detail, it’s difficult to truly know under what specifications it was created.

Fortunately there is mention of all the ingredients, and it includes things meant to provide aphrodisiac benefits, improved testosterone, better blood flow for durable and strong erections, and other kinds of benefits.

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Top Benefits: There are wholesome ingredients used, dosage strength is mentioned, and available in many kinds of retailers.

Negatives: Not well explained, no official website or money back guarantee, and reviews are greatly mixed.

Who makes this supplement?

The company is known as M.D Science Lab and they can be contacted by the following:

Address: 2131 Blount Road

Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

They have not provided an official website for Max Load Pills, and oddly enough on their Linked In page there is a website, but only for a completely different lineup of similar products.

In 2023 the FDA sent them a warning letter after inspecting their facilities. It was claimed they violated their CGMP certification, which is used to ensure a company is following strict and specific standards. This included many cited violations such as having faulty manufacturing and a lack of packaging details.

They also did not have good accounting credibility, which can increase the risk for incorrect dosage, handling, and cleanliness. Another issue was the lack of a follow up statement on returns, which can mean the company had issues with their return policy. Since there is no official website, it is known that they will not offer a guarantee.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Key ingredients added to this formula include:

Horny Goat Weed: Commonly added male enhancement ingredient meant to help stimulate libido and erections. Studies have shown it can cause symptoms such as:

  • Muscle spasms, vomiting, and nosebleed.
  • Dry mouth, dizziness, and spasm.

In one case it caused abnormal heart rate and in some it can also lead to bleeding disorders.

Vitamin B6: An important vitamin responsible for helping support healthy nerves, mood, and fertility. It can lead to some side effects if taken in uncontrolled high doses such as:

  • Tingling sensation, headache, and fatigue.
  • Reduction of appetite, stomach pain, and nausea.

Long Jack: Evergreen shrub that is native to parts of Asia. This can help produce ore testosterone, and improve one’s desire to want to seek sex. It can also be used to help treat infertility and support better stamina in the bedroom.

Flower Pollen Extract: Male flower stamen which is used to pollinate flowers. This has a rich mixture of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. This has been used to help improve the health of the prostate, as well as aid athletic performance.

What specific male enhancement support it may have is not well known.

Pine Bark: Taken from the bark of the pinus pinaster species of pine, it can aid circulation and support the immune system. It can lead to side effects if one is not careful such as:

  • Gut issues, dizziness, and mouth ulcers.

Zinc Oxide: Provides the mineral zinc, which can be used by the body to help create more testosterone. This version of zinc is often used as a topical aid. This can also be used to help fight against infertility, increasing the overall output and health of sperm.

Tribulus Terrestris: Plant extract used for aiding sexual health and libido. This can have a direct impact on the body without effecting testosterone levels.

L-Arginine: Amino acid found in many kinds of foods including red meat, dairy, poultry, and much more. This can be used by the body in the form of nitric oxide, which is helpful for stimulating overall blood flow.

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What’s good about Max Load Pills?

Some of these ingredients such as maca, L-Arginine, tribulus terrestris, and long jack are great for well-rounded male enhancement support. There are also no added stimulants to this, and no artificial colors of any kind.

What’s bad about Max Load Pills?

No money back return policy is offered, and the company responsible for these pills offers no website to learn more. They seem to have stopped marketing this brand themselves, but instead they rely on 3rd party sites to give their own interpretation of what this is meant to do.

The creators also had a recent issue with the FDA for failing to meet their CGMP standards, which calls into question how much effort and concern is paid towards delivering a properly maintained and wholesome supplement.

There’s also been a wide array of mixed opinions on this brand. Unfortunately these unsatisfied customers would be ineligible to get their money back. Click here for details about what supplements were ranked as being the best overall for sustained male enhancement results.

What do consumers think about Max Load Pills?

The average review for this brand is negative and has a mixture of reviews:

“after taking he recommended dosage amount it made me feel quite ill to the point I ended up vomiting”

“it worked even though I ended up with a headache”

“maybe you’ll see a difference but I sure didn’t”

“really upset on the fact that it didn’t work. I kept using it as directed without experiencing any reliable changes. Don’t purchase”

For some side effects were consistent even with the advised dosage strength. This included issues even in people who were able to experience positive changes to their sexual health.

It’s strange to see that people had upset stomach, headaches and other ill feelings. This is not common for the majority of the added ingredients.

Another issue was with the lack of any kind of effect some had. Some called it worthless as it didn’t work as described no matter how much they made sure to supplement with.

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Some of these ingredients are helpful and they can produce noticeable changes. The issue is that the company making this has invested no effort into describing what it does, and they offer no money back return policy. Different 3rd party websites are allowed to add their own interpretation of this supplement, and they may not know what it can do. Reviews have also been greatly mixed, with some adding it was not worth using, and that it leads to side effects. Another concern is in the fact that the creators have been targeted by the FDA for failing to meet proper manufacturing standards. This serious problem raises a lot of questions about the safety of this brand, and whether or not it’s made under the watch of a 3rd party.

Our experts examine all aspects of a male enhancement supplement, and the one which was the best overall was Viritenz. It was rated the number one brand due to impressive testimonials, a comprehensive list of ingredients, business ethics, and their overall ability to target all aspects of male sexual health.

This includes the support of healthy testosterone levels, improved blood flow for longer lasting and harder erections, improved libido for better sexual desire and satisfaction, and the ability to delay orgasm to improve intercourse. They also make it in a GMP certified facility which ensures there are strict standards that the creators uphold. To purchase Viritenz and read testimonials from satisfied users, follow this provided link to be redirected.

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