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Xtreme Testosterone Review: Is It Safe?

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Xtreme Testosterone is a male enhancement supplement created to help improve muscle gains as well as support stamina and libido. They say it can promote healthier sexual desire, and that it delivers all these benefits with an unmatched performance.

They do advise to add this to a fitness regimen in order to have a continued effect on testosterone. It is said to also be backed by a guarantee. By regulating testosterone they add how men will be better able to have their organs functioning at a healthy level. The most well-reviewed male enhancement brand of the year was Viritenz. It helps to stimulate all aspects of male physical health with a blend of studied ingredients. Read more about the benefits Viritenz can provide in the bedroom by clicking this link.

How does Xtreme Testosterone work?

The actual way this can effect testosterone is not mentioned, but it is explained how this can help to boost libido and muscle. Provided are a list of highlights, but they fail to really give a unique description, nor is there any mention of the ingredients.

Unfortunately there only is one website which claims to sell this brand, but oddly enough they redirect all their links to another unaffiliated but similar brand. This does not actually give you the option to purchase Xtreme Testosterone, and finding more information about this brand outside of this website is impossible.

As it stands there does not appear to be any reliable information provided.

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Top Benefits: Main benefits are highlighted.

Negatives: Unknown who makes it, no ingredients are mentioned, website is spammy and attempts to sell another brand.

Who makes this supplement?

It’s not known who makes this product. There are 2 websites which use the same exact template, pictures, and claims, but they fail to give much insight into the ingredients, science, and where to purchase it.

They claim one can take hold of a free trial, yet there is no proof of this anywhere. It appears to follow a very similar bait and switch website which is often employed by scam websites. This attempts to lure customers into thinking they are purchasing one brand, but instead they are lead to another completely unrelated product.

No mention of a money back guarantee is offered. The free trial is also an issue, as this is a way to lock people into month to month contracts. Until more information is revealed about their practices and whether or not they are GMP certified, it raises a lot of concerns about their commitment to quality and safety.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Since no ingredients list is provided on any website which sells this, one has to examine 3rd party sites which claim to know the formula. It’s unknown if this is true however, here are the claimed additives:

Fenugreek: Natural herb which is used as a spice in cooking, and also used to help promote more testosterone. This is intended to help prevent infertility and ED in men. There are many potential side effects it can cause which include:

  • Gas, upset stomach, and wheezing.
  • Facial swelling, maple syrup smell, and congestion.
  • Diarrhea, bloating, and allergic reactions.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has found in their studies that:

“isn’t enough scientific evidence to support the use”

So until more data is released, it’s impossible to determine what this can do.

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Chrysin: Flavonoid used to aid the creation of testosterone, but this can only be helpful in this regard when it is injected. When supplemented with orally it is not absorbed, leading to a lack of benefits.

Diindolymethane: Extracted from plant substances like broccoli, Brussel sports, cabbage, and other vegetables. This can have estrogen like effects, and it can reduce the size of  the prostate.

When used in large doses it can potentially lead to side effects. Those who cannot handle changes in hormones are also not advised to use it.

Curcumin: Yellow pigment which is found in many foods. This is often used as a food coloring and or meant to provide anti-inflammatory effects. This is poorly absorbed in the body however.

In certain amounts it can lead to side effects such as:

  • Diarrhea and nausea.

Maca: Adaptogen plant extract which can help aid libido, suppress erectile dysfunction, and promote fertility. In it are rich fatty acids and amino acids. This is often safe when used in regulated amounts.

It is native to the Andes of Peru where it was long been used as a healthy aid to general health. By producing adaptogen effects this can make the body better deal with stress.

Horny Goat Weed: Herb that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help promote aphrodisiac and pro erectile effects. It was found to be an aid to libido after sheep that ate it were noticeably more sexual active.

Web MD has said that:

“too early to tell if horny goat weed will prove and effective and safe… treatment”

It is also not yet known what an optimal dose should be.

Zinc: Important mineral which is found in many foods. This can help promote healthier protein and DNA synthesis. This can be found in oysters, beef, oatmeal, nuts, etc.

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What’s good about Xtreme Testosterone?

It is very difficult to gain much information about this brand, so it’s hard to define what a good selling point of it could be. There are some useful ingredients but this has not been verified by any of the websites which market this. It’s unknown if these additives are truly used in this formula, but if they are, then they do offer some effective additives which can promote healthier male sexual ability.

What’s bad about Xtreme Testosterone?

Without an ingredient list, official company information, reliable testimonials, or any sort of evidence you’re unable to give this a fair review.

The 2 websites which promote this use the exact same template which is odd for any reliable company to do. They also link to another unaffiliated male enhancement pill which has a completely different name.

This likely seems like a scam, and you’re unable to truly verify for yourself what this brand or company has to offer. No contact details are offered to help contact someone who represents the creators. There’s simply not enough provided to understand what this supplement can do, which makes it a risky investment of time and money.

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What do consumers think about Xtreme Testosterone?

There weren’t many reviews but some did have the following to say:

“what a joke I went to get my blood test after using this and it didn’t have any effect on testosterone”

“didn’t do a damn thing wish I didn’t pay for this worthless product”

“gave me some extreme nausea and im not really sure about its effects”

“really didn’t do anything at all. Not even a little, it was ineffective”

It’s difficult to gain a good consensus on this from the few reviews, but the small amounts of opinions point to an ineffective and side effect causing supplement. The symptoms people experienced included nausea, ill feelings, and no noticeable changes.

The official website fails to provide any testimonials either.


Some of the potentially added ingredients may be effective, but because of this unknown blend of additives, you’re unable to really know what this can lead to. Their official website seems like it’s a scam, as they provide limited details, no testimonials, and they redirect people to another product. This is a strange but not too uncommon bait and switch tactic. The few people that were able to get a hold of this mentioned how ineffective it was, and the fact it lead to side effects. Overall there is no real reasons provided why one should trust Xtreme Testosterone, it’s lacking in any actual evidence.

The most effective libido, testosterone, and sexual health aid was found to be Viritenz. It has a natural blend of stimulant free additives which have been shown to promote effective improvements. Users have cited their benefits via the testimonials found on the official website, which included better satisfaction to their sex lives.

Added to this blend is a stimulant free blend of all-natural ingredients free of binders, colors, fillers, artificial additives, or any cheap and untested additives which are unnecessary. Learn more about what you can expect from taking Viritenz and get a hold of it from the official website.

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