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Viatropin Review: Is It Safe?

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Viatropin is a male enhancement and dietary supplement that is designed to improve the performance of its users athletically and in the bedroom. The products states that it can also help to regulate metabolism through the use of its blend of amino acids.

One of the benefits of the product is delivering the user with bigger, firmer erections on a consistent basis, while also providing a boost in stamina and libido, so sex becomes easier and more enjoyable. Viritenz is currently the most reliable male enhancement supplement on the market, made with all-natural ingredients. Experts have named Viritenz as the best male enhancement supplement available to consumers.

How does Viatropin work?

The product contains a blend of amino acids that are combined with ingredients designed to boost athletic performance and retain muscle mass. Amino acids are key in helping to create improved blood circulation throughout the body. When amino acids are introduced into the blood system they convert to nitric oxide, which functions to widen the blood vessels throughout the body and relax muscle tissue.

When the blood vessels are widened, more blood can flow throughout the body faster, and deliver important oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that need them, leading to muscle growth and maintenance. Additionally, nitric oxide relaxes the muscle tissue within the penile chambers that allows more blood to flow in, creating a bigger, stronger erection. Improved blood flow can also lead to an increase of stamina and energy, allowing the user to conduct more intense workouts and reduce the recovery time in between.

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Top Benefits: Manufacturer offers clear contact details for consumers who may have questions, includes some quality ingredients that could be beneficial for increasing blood circulation, limited amount of potential side effects.

Negatives: The product has a limited scope in regards to male enhancement benefits, more expensive than many comparable male enhancement products, free trial that is offered can be misleading and has led to customer complaints.

Who makes this supplement?

The creators and manufacturers of this product are eNutra. Their contact information can be found through the eNutra website and is as follows:

Address: PO Box 30816, Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Phone Number: (877) 719-5041

Email: No email address is provided, but there is an option to send them an electronic message through their site.

The product is sold through the product website, and pops-up on a couple of other online vendor sites such as Amazon.

ENutra currently holds an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau as the result of several customer complaints regarding their products.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The manufacturer of the product provides very little information about its ingredients or function. Nowhere on the product website is there even a partial list of ingredients, and certainly no specific dosage information. Some of the ingredients that are included could be located through other consumer pages, but it is never a good sign when a company shares next to no information about their products. Most reputable supplements companies will provide detailed product information so the consumer can make an informed decision as to what they are buying and potentially putting into their body.

Here are some of the ingredients that are included in the product:

L-Arginine: Popular ingredient in male enhancement products because of a proven link to good erectile health. It is an amino acid that is converted to nitric oxide once it enters the bloodstream. Nitric Oxide is a chemical that effects how width of our veins. One of the most important aspects of sexual health is good circulation and blood flow, so increasing the width of a user’s veins can be invaluable to maintaining strong, healthy erections once arousal occurs.

L-Arginine is also beneficial to the production of more testosterone. It creates more insulin and human growth hormone within the body which is one of the first steps to creating more testosterone which is the key achieving and maintaining good sexual health.

Alpha-Ketoglutarate: A naturally occurring chemical within the body that can be used to make medicine. It can be used to treat issues such as kidney disease, stomach disorders, bacterial infections, and cataracts. It can also be utilized to improve athletic performance and is regularly added to nutritional supplements to combat the effects of too much ammonia, but so far clinical research has yet to confirm that it is an effective athletic aid.

Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: An amino acid that is produced in the body and can be used to make medicine. It is mainly utilized to improve athletic performance and to heal wounds that are suffered by burn patients. It can be included in some nutritional formulas that prevent slow growth in children. In addition to increased athletic performance, it can be used to help increase muscle mass and gain strength.

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What’s good about Viatropin?

Viatropin contains an interesting blend of ingredients that can produce some high-quality benefits both in regards to sexual function and to overall health. The product includes multiple amino acids, which will convert to nitric oxide once they enter the blood stream and, in turn, widen the blood vessels allowing for increased circulation throughout the body. In addition to increased circulation possibly leading to stronger erections, it can also provide the user with more energy and the ability to build lean muscles. Furthermore, of the ingredients that are listed, the potential for negative side effects is quite low.

Additionally, the manufacturer or the product produces a whole range of health products and provides clear contact details to consumers who may have any questions or concerns.

What’s bad about Viatropin?

A big red flag for Viatropin is the complete lack of relevant information the product website provides. First off, they do not list their ingredients or formula anywhere on the product page, and consumer should never purchase a product like this without first knowing what is in it. Furthermore, they do not offer any substantial information about the product’s function or how it works within the body; all that is offered are the benefits the product will supposedly produce but there’s no description as to how the benefits are going to be achieved.

Additionally, the business practices of the manufacturer are under some scrutiny. As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer eNutra currently holds an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, it seems mostly as a result of the free trial that they offer for many of their products. According to some of the customer complaints, the free trial will charge the customer unexpectedly after a week or two for the full price of the product. There is no free trial offered on the Viatropin page, so it is unclear if this practice is still being used.

What do consumers think about Viatropin?

The product is sold through a few different online vendors, so consumer reactions were not difficult to find. For the most part, the reviews were overwhelmingly negative as the consumers simply did not experience any significant benefits.

Here are some of the reviews that could be located:

“I have been using Viatropin for nearly three weeks and haven’t seen any difference. Not sure how long it’s supposed to take, but this is nothing like all the ads were saying. Starting to feel like I was scammed.”

“I used Viatropin just as the directions on the bottle said until the bottle was empty. Didn’t get any changes in energy, gym performance, nothing. Complete waste of money and I definitely won’t be buying it again.”

“Did absolutely nothing for me. If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Don’t waste your money.”

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The product website for Viatropin makes several impressive sounding guarantees related to its product, but offers no substantial explanation as to how these guarantees will be achieved. The more we looked into the product, the clearer it became consumers should look elsewhere to address their sexual performance issues.

Viatropin does not advertise itself as strictly a mal enhancement product, but also dietary and workout supplement. It mainly focuses on increasing blood flow through the use of amino acids, and while that is something that can be beneficial to those struggling with sexual performance or erectile dysfunction, the lack of a clear list of ingredients from the manufacturer makes it impossible to judge whether the product could be effective. According to the overwhelming number of consumers who used it, the product seemed to do practically nothing at all.

Furthermore, there are questions regarding the business practices of the manufacturer behind the product, specifically the free trial that they offer which ends up charging those who sign up. There are a variety of male enhancement products available currently that offer full lists of ingredients and straight-forward pricing. Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement product that increases testosterone, libido, and stamina in users. Experts recently named Viritenz as the most effective male enhancement supplement available today.

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