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Trinity X3 Review: Is It Safe?

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Trinity X3 is an arousal supplement that is designed to be used by married Christians in order to improve the quality of their sex lives. Unlike many enhancement supplements, it is intended for use in both men and women.

The product claims it is effective for both sexes because it is centered around increasing blood circulation and transporting blood to the right places. The manufacturer states that the product is intended for married Christians who are looking to renew the spark in their relationship, or simply trying to improve their sexual performance. Currently Viritenz is the most respected and reliable male enhancement supplement available for purchase, as it is shown to increase testosterone and sexual health. Experts recently named Viritenz as the most well-rounded and effective male enhancement pill on the market.

How does Trinity X3 work?

There isn’t a lot of explanation about how the product functions in the body, but it does state that it is centered around getting blood to flow to the right places. The supplement works to improve the libidos of both males and females by utilizing ingredients that work to increase blood circulation by widening the blood vessels through the use of Niacin and Iron.

By increasing the amount of blood being delivered to the groin region, the user should see an increase is sensitivity as well as performance, through the supply of nutrients and oxygen being delivered within the blood. By using the supplement regularly, married couples should see an increase in their ability to perform as well as an increase in their appetite for sexual intercourse. The increased sensitivity and an extra boost of testosterone for male users, should allow for more satisfying regular intercourse.

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Top Benefits: Manufacturer provides clear contact information to consumers, a 60-day money back guarantee is included with purchase, product can improve blood circulation in both male and female users.

Negatives: Company does not offer specific dosage information for many of its ingredients, little explanation of how the product functions in the body, only available through manufacturer and not any other online vendor.

Who makes this supplement?

The creators and manufacturers of this product are Holy Land Health. Their contact information can be found through the Holy Land Health website and is as follows:

Address: 1180 N. Town Center Dr. Ste. 100, Las Vegas, NV 89144

Phone Number: (844) 714-9209

Email: There is no e-mail address provided but there is a contact form available on the website that consumers can fill out.

The product is only available through the manufacturer’s website and not through any other popular online vendors such as Amazon.

Currently, there are no public lawsuits or legal action pending against the company.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Trinity X3 provides a full list of ingredients, but does not include the specific dosages for all of their ingredients, as much of their product is a proprietary blend. Most reputable enhancement pills will include the specific dosage information within their advertising so the consumer can be completely informed about what they are putting into their bodies.

Here are some of the ingredients that are included within Trinity X3:

Tribulus Terrestris: Established and well-known ingredient featured in several male enhancement products, Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that is identifiable by its hairy and prickly leaves and stem and ability to grow and thrive is climates that most other plants couldn’t survive. The plant is widely known for its chemical benefits, namely its effect on testosterone in the body.

It is a common misconception that Tribulus itself creates more testosterone but it does create increased responsiveness to existing testosterone within the user’s brain. The increased responsiveness allows the body to take better advantage of the testosterone that is already being produced, as well as the testosterone that is being provided by the other supplements within the product. Allowing the brain to take advantage of existing testosterone is healthy long-term approach to maintaining your sexual wellness.

Kola Nut: A seed of the Kola Nut plant, it is used for a variety of issues, such as treating fatigue, memory loss, weight loss, melancholy, and is also commonly used as a flavoring ingredient in foods and beverages. There is currently no evidence that it supports libido or sexual health, but it is a stimulant so it is possible it could have some effect. It is high in caffeine and as a result carries the potential for some negative side effects, including:

  • Irritability
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Increased blood pressure

Muira Puama: Derived from a plant, the root of which is used to make medicine. It is commonly used to treat sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, increasing libido, and decreasing stress and anxiety. It can also be used to treat gastro-intestinal issues such as an upset stomach or menstrual pain. Currently, there are no known side effects.

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What’s good about Trinity X3?

Trinity X3 contains some quality ingredients that have been tested clinically and shown to be effective for increasing libido and improving sexual performance. It is also the rare enhancement pill that is designed to be taken by both men and women, and can benefit both through increased blood circulation.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers new users a 60-day money back guarantee which can provide peace of mind to potential consumers who are afraid of wasting money on supplement that don’t work. The product website also offers clear contact information and support pages for consumers who may have questions or concerns about their purchase.

What’s bad about Trinity X3?

The manufacturer offers very little description about how their product functions in the body and the process it goes through to increase user’s sexual health. The product website only states that it works by “getting blood to flow to the right places” in both men and women. Furthermore, because it is a Christian site, the product detail is vague seemingly because the site isn’t comfortable using any explicit language regarding sex. Consumers are only provided a general description of the product and its purpose.

Additionally, the manufacturer does not provide dosage information for most of its ingredients, instead using a proprietary blend. So, although the product utilizes some good ingredients, it is impossible to know how much of each ingredient is used, and therefore how effective the ingredient is going to be. The price of the product is also on the high-side at $69 for a month-long supply. This is higher than most enhancement products, and unusually high for a product that offers such little information about itself to the consumer.

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What do consumers think about Trinity X3?

The product is only sold through the manufacturer’s website, so objective reviews can be difficult to find online, but there some that were able to be located. Of the reviews available, the consumer reaction was extremely negative, most stating that the product simply didn’t work.

Here are some of the reviews that were able to be found:

“I was hopeful and prayed that this product would allow my wife and I to have relations again, but it did not work. We will continue our search elsewhere.”

“I used this product about an hour before visiting my partner, but the only thing that happened was that it made me very sweaty. A big turnoff for my partner.”

“I’ve been having issues down below for quite some time, so when I saw a product available through a Christian retailer, I was very excited. Unfortunately, all that happened was that I got sweaty and irritable.”


From the start, the lack of information provided by the manufacturer is concerning. Some enhancement products are vague when it comes to describing how their product works, but Trinity X3 offers practically no explanation of their product or how it functions in the body.

The lack of details continues with the list of ingredients as dosages are only provided for a couple of ingredients, while the majority of them are simply listed as part of a proprietary blend. There are some quality ingredients included in the blend, but there is no way of knowing how much is included and therefore how effective the ingredients will be. Based off of the reviews that are available for the product, the ingredients are not very effective at all, as most consumers didn’t note any significant benefits to using the supplement.

If users are looking strictly for a male enhancement product it would seem that there are a variety of better options available to them. Most reputable male enhancement products will detail how their special formula or ingredients works within the body rather than just making big claims. Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement product that increases testosterone, libido, and stamina in users. Experts recently named Viritenz as the most effective male enhancement supplement available today.

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