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Trenbolone Review: Is It Safe?

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Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is generally used by athletes to boost their athletic performance. The product is used to help men gain strength and build new muscle, particularly as they begin to get older and their physique becomes harder to maintain.

The product was initially developed as a way to increase muscle growth and appetite in livestock in order to make them bigger, thereby providing more meat. It was later used by bodybuilders as a method of building and maintaining new muscle. Our team of experts has found that Viritenz is currently the most effective method of addressing sexual performance issues. Viritenz can provide additional testosterone that can be used to add new, lean muscle, while also improving blood circulation, libido, and stamina levels.

How does Trenbolone work?

There is only one active ingredient in trenbolone, also called trenbolone, and it is known as one of the most potent anabolic steroids currently available. After the product is injected or taken as a pill and it has metabolized within the body, it can increase the ammonium ion uptake by the muscles which will lead to an increase in the rate of protein synthesis, leading the muscles to develop and expand at a greater rate than they would otherwise.

It also increased the appetite of the user significantly, allowing for more mass to be added to the body, but also increases the rate of catabolism, that is the rate by which molecules are broken down into smaller units and converted to energy. That means the user will see a spike in their appetite while also seeing a spike in available energy that can be utilized to work out more and add lean muscle mass.

Top Benefits: Has been found to be effective in promoting increased energy and muscle retention, more effective than testosterone in creating lean muscle mass and providing additional energy, works very quickly.

Negatives: Product includes several potentially severe side effects, the legality of the product is something of a grey area and there are a lot of fake versions sold online, can be harmful to sexual functions in men.

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Who makes this supplement?

The product is sold through several different online vendors. One of the most popular producers and manufacturers of the product is Anabolic Research which makes popular version of the product called Tren 75. Their contact information can be found through their website is as follows:

Address: 942 FM 1960 E. #346, Humble, TX 77346

Phone Number: (855) 244-7077

Email: No e-mail address is provided.

There are several other sites that produce and sell the product, though in the U.S. the injectable version of the product is illegal and is only sold in pill form, generally.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

As mentioned, Trenbolone is a standalone product that only features one active ingredient, also called trenbolone. The dosage of the product can vary and is generally used in dosages from 100mg to 500mg. Trenbolone is known to be five times as strong as standard testosterone, and should be used with great care, as the side effects that come along with the product can be severe.

Trenbolone: A steroid that was only used at first to help livestock bulk up and create lean meat, rather than fatty meat. Body builders adopted the product to bulk up quickly and eradicate fat during their workouts. The steroid is classified as both anabolic and androgenic, which means it can increase muscle building while also increasing male sexual characteristics. Anabolic steroids tend to increase protein within the cells, making bulking up easier, while androgenic steroids have virializing effects, similar to effects experienced while going through puberty.

Unfortunately, there are some mild to severe side effects that can occur as the result of using the product, such as:

  • Acne, hair loss, and changes in blood pressure.
  • May cause erectile dysfunction, reduce desire for sex, testicular atrophy, coughing, anxiety, and rapid heartbeat.
  • May cause damage to organs such as the liver and kidneys.

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What’s good about Trenbolone?

Using trenbolone has been confirmed to be an effective method of increasing muscle mass, eliminating body fat, and increasing overall body conditioning. Unlike many other muscle building supplements, particularly testosterone, the product works very quickly and is extremely potent. The supplement is known to be at least five times as powerful as testosterone. The supplement is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that functions to keep energy and strength levels up, but as men get older the hormone levels naturally drop, and they need extra help in maintaining their strength and energy levels.

Many users have found that by using the supplement they experience a quick and substantial spike in energy, and increased muscle retention, making it easier to build and maintain new muscles. There is also the possibility that it can improve the user’s sex drive.

What’s bad about Trenbolone?

While the product is effective in promoting increased muscle retention and energy levels, it also comes with the good possibility that it will produce harsh negative side effects within the user. The side effects may include experiencing secondary male sexual characteristics, particularly ones that are like those experienced by boys going through puberty, such as acne, sweating, and hair loss. Additionally, there are more severe side effects that can occur with prolonged use, such as organ damage to the liver and kidneys.

The legality of the product is also in question. Currently, the injectable form of the supplement is illegal in the U.S., but the milder pill form is legal, though the FDA warns against using the product without a doctor’s supervision. Furthermore, while there is the possibility that the product will increase the sex drive of the user, it can also have the opposite effect in some, creating erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, and testicular atrophy.

The product is sold through several online vendors, but it can be difficult to discern which is a legitimate seller and which should be avoided. The price for the product generally ranges from $100 to $200 for a month-long supply of the pill version, which is substantially more expensive than most testosterone boosters or male enhancement products.

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What do consumers think about Trenbolone?

There are several consumer reviews for trenbolone available online, and they offer a range of different experiences people had with the product. The most consistent result was among people who felt that the side effects were too much too handle, even despite the benefits. There were others that felt the tradeoff was worth it and experienced significant muscle gain and increased levels of stamina.

Here are some of the reviews that could be located online:

“Tren has given me hard, painful lumps under my nipples. It did help me to bulk up, but I stopped immediately as soon as the lumps appeared. They really scared me.”

“I have been using the product for a couple of weeks and I’m starting to get concerned about some of the side effects. It is helping me to lose fat and gain muscle, but I have serious anxiety and am sweating constantly.”

“There have been some results so far for sure. There have been some negatives like acne and increased aggression, but overall, they have been manageable. It is really quite powerful and I am getting in much better shape that I have been in a long time.”

“While taking Tren I have experienced really severe night sweats, and a sore throat that will not go away. I am definitely moodier and find it harder to have fun. I’m probably going to have to stop using it soon.”


In reading the consumer reactions to the product, it is clear that the product will almost certainly be beneficial in some way to users, but will also provide some substantial side effects that need to be managed. If the consumer is not a body builder then it would only be recommended that this product be used under severe circumstances and under a doctor’s supervision as well. If users are just looking for a boost in their energy levels or way to combat troublesome body fat, it would be recommended that they look for a milder solution, such as a testosterone booster.

The product should not be taken as a male enhancement supplement, as the side effects will likely be overwhelming, and the sexual function benefits of the product are questionable. Users will likely experience some puberty-like side effects, such as acne, and could potentially see a boost in their sex drive, but there is also the possibility that they experience a decreased sex drive, along with erectile dysfunction.

Currently, there are a range of other, milder products on the market for those who are looking to increase their stamina, sexual performance, or change their body. Viritenz has been researched by a team of experts and found to be the most effective male enhancement product on the market currently. It utilizes natural ingredients to boost virility in men, along with testosterone and energy levels.

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