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Testofen Review: Is It Safe?

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Testofen is a male sexual health improvement ingredient used to aid muscle mass, increase testosterone, improve virility, and enhance libido. It is a form of fenugreek which has been modified to extract out the most beneficial chemicals.

Both animal and human studies have been performed on this sole ingredient, and it is available in many different brands. A video is offered which goes over the intended effects by a Dr. Paul Clayton, who adds it works similar to a steroid hormone. This is especially intended for men over 40 who have lowered testosterone and who don’t feel as sexually healthy as they once did. The top ranked male enhancement pill that outperformed other brands was Viritenz. It has a blend of healthy ingredients which can help boost overall performance in the bedroom, and all with studied additives. Learn about what users had to say about the benefits of Viritenz by clicking on the link here.

How does Testofen work?

Fenugreek contains what is known as saponins and other phytochemicals. When they are extracted out they are intended to produce even more beneficial effects than what standard fenugreek can do. Saponins are ripe in many kinds of plants, and they can boost the immune system, aid the strength of bones, and provide heathy antioxidants.

Steroidal saponins are also found which the body can use to create steroids, which in turn can help to increase testosterone.

Exercise is advised when taking Testofen as strength training in particular can be used to help maximize vitality and then this can translate in more libido and sexual desire.  This increases what is known as free testosterone, which the body can then use for many other purposes.

These compounds found within fenugreek are unique, and when combined they are intended to maximize men’s sexual health. However, studies on this have been limited to potentially biased studies performed by the creators of Testofen.

Top Benefits: Stimulant free (if it’s pure Testofen), the ingredient is well described, and it is found in many brands.

Negatives: Some brands may use unwanted additives, there is an ongoing lawsuit filed against the claims made about Testofen, and it’s unknown if this is truly effective.

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Who makes this supplement?

Gencor or GE Nutrients Inc. as they are known in the US makes this and their listed contact information is:

Address: 19700 Fairchild Road, Suite 380
Irvine, California 92612, USA

Phone Number: (949) 502-5760


Because the company only makes this patented ingredient for other brands to use, they do not offer a money back return policy under any circumstances. The issue with this is that if there’s’ any manufacturing issues, it’s unknown whether or not this would be a result of this companies practices, or whatever brand is adding Testofen to their supplements.

Due to there being a lack of reliable information on Testofen, there are many lawsuits at the time of this review which allege that the company has not proven this to be an effective testosterone boosting additive. Until the lawsuits are settled, it makes it impossible to predict whether or not this is backed by illegitimate science, and whether or not it’s truly effective.

These lawsuits have accused the company of fraud, false marketing, breach of warranty, and other serious allegations. There is also a website where people who purchased Testofen containing supplements to join in on the class action lawsuits.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Different brands may add additional additives which should be researched as this can include stimulants, artificial additives, or cheap fillers. However, as a standalone ingredient this typically has inactive ingredients to help delivery and of course:

Testofen: Fenugreek standardized extract with 50% Fenuside. This has many active chemicals such as saponins, steroidal saponins, and furostanol to name a few. While these have been studied, it’s limited as there is no information from an unbiased source on what the real effects are.

The consensus from the scientific community is that this is lacking more studies, and it has yet to be proven as an effective ingredient. This is why there are multiple current lawsuits at the time of this writing which allege this additive is not proven effective.

Exercise is highly advised when using this, as this is the only way to maintain free testosterone at a healthy range. Men over 40 are especially advised to take this ingredient.  Fenugreek itself can potentially lead to side effects including:

  • Gas, bloating, and a strange maple syrup like smell.
  • Upset stomach, diarrhea, and facial swelling.
  • Allergic reactions, rash, and wheezing.

Certain people cannot take fenugreek in any form, as it can increase the risk of side effects.

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What’s good about Testofen?

The creators do offer a descriptive insight into what the intended benefits are of Testofen. They also specifically mention all the chemical additives found within fenugreek which makes it easy for anyone to understand what it’s capable of.

An informative video is also provided which further gives insights into what this product is made to do.

What’s bad about Testofen?

There is no guarantee that this will be an effective and safe solution to male enhancement.  While patented ingredients can offer the best aspects of an additive, the reason why there are many lawsuits against the creators is because Testofen has not been effectively proven.

There are also different dosing and ingredient formulas for this depending on the brand, which may not give one all the intended benefits.

User reviews have also been mixed, with many stating they failed to see any beneficial changes. This is the average consensus with all the available brands which use Testofen.

No money back return policy is guaranteed, as different companies will apply their own policies. This may mean that depending on the brand, all sales would be final regardless of what is experienced.

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What do consumers think about Testofen?

The following are user experiences from different Testofen containing supplements that only use this as an active additive:

“not sure if it’s just a placebo effect but I think I am feeling better”

“tested my T levels over a 4 month period while on this and it’s worthless, had no effect at all”

“used it for 30 days until the bottle ran out and I didn’t feel anything”

“feel like a little bit of energy returned and that I felt a little better about the daily grind. Could all be in my head though”

The overall consensus was from two kinds of experiences, people who weren’t sure about whether or not this was effective, and those who made sure to get their testosterone levels checked which revealed there was no difference.

Very rarely was there anyone who felt much better after taking it. More often there were negative reviews from those who saw no increased testosterone or enhanced libido.

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Testofen has a lot of claimed benefits and it’s made to supposedly treat all issues which can affect performance in the bedroom. The main problem with this ingredient is that many have failed to see any changes, and this included people who made sure to test their testosterone levels. So for these customers, they can verify there was no benefit to this. An ongoing collection of lawsuits at the time of this writing have called into question all of the claimed benefits that this ingredient is said to have. It’s alleged that this cannot boost testosterone, which if true, makes this an ineffective ingredient. Until much more is revealed about this ingredient, there’s no way to verify whether or not it would be worth using.

After examining many kinds of male enhancement pills from supplements to prescription aids, the one ranked as the best in all categories was Viritenz. It has a natural formula of wholesome ingredients like maca, l-arginine, ginseng blend, boron, and many other herbs. This is meant to maximize all aspects of male sexual health, and users have agreed that it can deliver functional results without the use of unwanted ingredients.

There are no stimulants, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, or any other ineffective and dangerous additives. Users have provided their own insights into what this can do in the form of testimonials which can be found on the official website. All batches are also made in a GMP certified facility, which helps to ensure that there are strict standards upheld to prevent inaccurate dosing. Learn about the effects Viritenz can deliver by clicking on this link.

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