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STUD 100 Review: Is It Safe?

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STUD 100 is a male genital aid intended to help delay orgasm by preventing over stimulation to the penis. It is made up of one active ingredient which is intended to be sprayed on before engaging in sex.

They advise to wash it off after use, and to limit the amount of sprays to prevent side effects. This also must only be added to healthy skin tissue, as broken or sensitive skin can lead to further irritation. While not a traditional male enhancement aid, it is meant to help one last longer in the bedroom. The top ranking male enhancing aid of the year was found to be Viritenz. Users have provided testimonials showing how it provided well-rounded support to enhance all aspects of sexual health. Learn about what Viritenz is capable of for natural male enhancement by clicking here.

How does STUD 100 work?

This anesthetic spray is applied directly to the penis to reduce overall sensitivity. So when one is engaging in sexual activity, there is a less likelihood of being overstimulated to the point of early orgasm.

It will not boost libido, testosterone, blood flow, or help provide any other male enhancement support.

This was said to have been developed in 1970 as a way to help those who ejaculate too quickly. By delaying this sensation, one will be better able to satisfy their partners. It’s often the case that men reach orgasm before women, and this is intended to help delay that effect.

This desensitizing effect is only temporary however, so as to not lead to lasting numbness of the penis. It can also be applied alongside a latex condom. The intended effect is also not to completely remove any pleasure, just to limit the overall sensation.

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Top Benefits: It can numb the penis, instructions are clear to understand, and sales are offered from the official website.

Negatives: Not a well-rounded male enhancement aid only has one active ingredient, and it can lead to side effects such as rashes.

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Who makes this supplement?

The creators go by the name of Point International Corporation and their contact details are:

Address: 1500 SW 1st Avenue Suite 1018
Portland, Oregon 97201

Phone Number: (971) 255-1185

Email: [email protected]

The company is clear about the limitation of this product, and their official website does provide sufficient details about the use of this product.

There is no mention however of a money back return policy, so it’s unknown whether or not all sales would be considered final. For a list of effective solutions which can maximize your potential in the bedroom click here.

The company does make sure to answer many important questions on their website, and they have not had any issues with scams or shady business practices.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

There is one sole active ingredient with some added inactive additives:

Lidocaine: Medication made to help numb tissue. This can also help to treat skin conditions and it can work deep within mucous membranes to promote numbness. It is often advised to be used in thin layers on clean and dry skin.

Potential side effects it may cause include:

  • Stinging, swelling and redness.
  • Seizure, difficulty breathing, and irregular heartbeat.
  • Swelling, rash, and dizziness.

For certain serious side effects it is greatly advised to seek medical attention, as it can be the sign of a major problem. also advises for one to apply it knowing about the proper technique and safety precautions, as it can be dangerous to misuse.

The makers of STUD 100 advised one to wash it off after using it, and to make sure to only add it in the amounts advised. This is because without it being washed away, it can further raise the risk of side effects.

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Fragrance: A mixture of oils which can provide a unique aroma. This additive can be sourced from many different things, and it can also be made artificially. Some users of STUD 100 have added they did not like the smell, and that it was difficult to breathe in.

Stearic Acid: Fatty acid which is a wax used to soften other additives. This can be found in shampoo and soap.

Isopropyl Myristate: Altered oil which is used to help lubricate the surrounding ingredients. This can lead to unwanted side effects that include:

  • Irritation to the skin, acne, and clogged pores.
What’s good about STUD 100?

The company provides plenty of information about the use of this and the necessary adjustments one must make. They make sure to add what some of the potential side effects are, and what one must do to ensure it is properly applied.

The official website is easy to navigate and has the important details outlined and a simple format. The makers are also reputable, and haven’t had any issues with their consumers.

What’s bad about STUD 100?

This will not help enhance the strength of erections, improve testosterone, aid blood flow, promote healthier libido, aid energy, or any other important male enhancement effect.

This is only meant to provide a numbing effect, and it has to be carefully applied and washed off to prevent the risk of serious side effects. Even if used correctly it may be damaging to some, as it can lead to serious side effects been in healthy people.

It can also be difficult having to spray one’s penis before intercourse and for some this may not be a viable option.

Furthermore there is no mention of a money back return policy, which likely makes all sales of this final.

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What do consumers think about STUD 100?

Provided below are some notable use reviews found online:

“this made me penis numb and I could not maintain an erection afterword, not a good product”

“didn’t make me last longer in bed like others said it would, would not purchase this again”

“it numbs you for so long that it won’t leave you with a sensation to your penis. But it did work to prevent orgasm”

“has kind of a bad smell but it does work to delay orgasm. I’d way some time before having sex though” has a current 100 negative reviews from customers who either experienced side effects were unable to enjoy sex, or who still were unable to delay their orgasm.

Those that had positive experiences did say they didn’t orgasm, but they also added how it made it unenjoyable and that they felt numb long after they finished having sex. Some people did enjoy this however, as they were able to pleasure their partners. Due to the mixed nature of this expectation, it’s clear that the consensus was that it got rid of the pleasure of sex.

Some people also had side effects which included rash, burning, stinging, and hours of numbness no matter how much they washed up. A detailed insight into the top rated male enhancement pills is available via the link cited here.

WLT Conclusion:

STUD 100 has a unique purpose in that it has just one use and it’s not a male enhancement aid, but it’s meant to delay orgasm. While people who took it often did say it helped to prevent early orgasm, for some it prevented one from experienced any sexual pleasure. Side effects were also an issue for some, and there were customers who felt numb for hours after using it. The key additive can be used to numb skin, but it can also promote many kinds of side effects. There’s also the lack of a money back guarantee, which makes all sales final. The question remains whether or not it would be best to have no pleasure during sex, and whether or not it’s worth delaying this gratification at the expense of most likely not experience anything.

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