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Staminon Review: Is It Safe?

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Staminon is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to boost sexual performance and enhance testosterone production. It is crafted with an all-natural formula that includes a range of herbal extracts and amino acids it claims will give you and your partner longer lasting and more pleasurable sex.

The company claims that it will not only give you more stamina to go the distance with your partner, but provide stronger and longer lasting erections, and give you more “blissful” and “powerful” orgasms. Staminon is not a sexual aide, but rather a dietary supplement that is designed to be taken daily. It is not clear from the information available online how long you need to take the supplement before you see results.

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How does Staminon work?

Staminon is formulated with a range of herbal extracts and amino acids that combine to work in a number of ways. Amino acids like L-Arginine work to dilate the blood vessels, increasing blood flow throughout the body, especially the genital region. This can make it easier to gain and maintain and erection. In addition, some of the herbal ingredients work to stimulate natural testosterone production within the body, while also enhancing the absorption of vital proteins, minerals and nutrients into the muscles.

Staminon is designed to be taken daily, once in the morning and once at night, preferably with a meal. The company also advises that eating a healthy diet and working out regularly may improve results. The company does not say how long it will take to see results, only that you will see them “fast.”

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Top Benefits: Reasonable cost, contains some effective ingredients, may have some benefit for older men.

Negatives: Unknown brand, ingredients may cause side effects such as impotence, very little information available about the manufacturer online.

Who makes this supplement?

Staminon appears to be manufactured by a company of the same name that is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company also manufactures a number of other male enhancement products.

Address: 4001 Virginia Beach Blvd #117-114

Virginia Beach VA 23452

Phone Number: 877-744-3406

Email: [email protected]

The official Staminon website looks relatively professional, and allows customers to order the product through the site. Staminon is also available through mainstream websites such as The company has no listing on Better Business Bureau, and there are no negative reviews available online. Still, even though they operate a secure websites, it is recommended that you remain vigilant when ordering products from Staminon.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Staminon is made from natural and herbal ingredients, including some ingredients from animal products. While the company claims that it does not cause side effects, several ingredients may have adverse effects on some users. Staminon works by increasing blood flow and stimulating the body’s natural production of testosterone.

Horny Goat Weed: This plant extract has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to boost virility in men as well as enhancing energy. It is thought to increase blood flow and may include chemicals that regulate hormone production in the body. It is known to cause side effects in some people.

  • Dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth.
  • Thirst, nosebleed, spasms.

Tongkat Ali Root: This herbal extract is common in many effective male supplements. It is thought to stimulate testosterone production in the male body.

Saw Palmetto: This plant extract is known to shrink the lining of the prostate and is often used to treat prostate and urinary tract problems. It may cause side effects in some people, including impotence.

  • Vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, impotence.
  • Dizziness, headache, nausea.

Orchic Substance: This extract is taken from the testicles of bulls. It is thought to boost testosterone, however there is not enough information to know how effective it is. It is not known to cause side effective, however, according to Web MD there is some concern about the transmission of animal diseases.

Wild Yam Root Extract: Chemicals extracted from yam root are used to make various steroids. Large amounts may cause side effects such as vomiting.

Sarsaparilla Root Extract: This extract is known to reduce inflammation and protect against toxins. It is a common ingredient in many effective male enhancement supplements.

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What’s good about Staminon?

Staminon contains several ingredients that are known to be effective in stimulating improved male performance. This includes Tongkat Ali, which is used in many male supplements and is thought to enhance the natural testosterone production process in the body. It also includes Sarsparilla Root Extract which is also used in many supplements that have been shown to be effective. The product will probably provide a mild benefit for older men who are suffering from low testosterone or erectile problems.

The company seems the reputable, with no complaints listed online. Staminon is also available through several mainstream retailers such as

What’s bad about Staminon?

The main problem with Staminon is that it included many ingredients that may cause side effects. The most problematic ingredient is Saw Palmetto, which may cause impotence in some men. If you are at all concerned about impotence, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor before consuming any product that contains Saw Palmetto. Another ingredient that may cause issues is Horny Goat Weed. Although it is commonly used in male supplements, many manufacturers do not use it in their formulas due to the fact that it may cause issues. There are many supplements on the market that are crafted to avoid side effects. It is recommended that you research all the products available before considering Staminon.

Although the company does not have any complaints listed against it online, it is still recommended that you take caution before giving them any personal details. While the brand does not seem to have any reputation issues, it is still an unknown brand in the health supplements sector.

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What do consumers think about Staminon?

Staminon does have a listing on the website, however there are only four reviews listed under the product, suggesting that it is not very popular compared to other male supplements.

“Waste of money .. pure scam .. Product picture and received material does not match either !!”

“Does nothing”

“This pill sucks, does not do anything it says on the web site. Do NOT buy!!!!”

“Now everything is great. Thank you so much”


While Staminon includes some ingredients that may be beneficial for some men, the fact that it includes Saw Palmetto, which may cause impotence in some men, along with several other ingredients that cause unpleasant side effects, may make it too risky for many consumers. There are many products available that are specially formulated to avoid side effects. It is recommended that you conduct thorough research before committing to products like Staminon.

While Staminon is available for a relatively reasonably price, there are other more effective supplements on the market that include many ingredients that are known to be more effective that those in Staminon.

While there are no negative reviews online about Staminon, and no billing or shipping issues reported, it is an unknown brand. It is recommended that you thoroughly research the company online before committing to purchase anything. For those looking for more transparency, there are many more products with similar formulas made by large, well-known brands that retail for a similar price to Staminon.

Staminon may have some mild benefit for older men, and men suffering from erectile problems. However, there are many other products on the market that include more reliable formulas and have a much higher rating among consumers.

In addition, many of the customer reviews on claim that the product is ineffective, with some even saying that it is a “scam”. It is highly recommended that you read all reviews online before considering purchasing the product from the Staminon website.

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