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Phytotrinol Review – Does It Work?

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Phytotrinol is an anti-aging supplement that uses basic nutrition combined with the power of phytoceramides to help users look and feel healthier. It is especially useful for improving skin quality and appearance, as it has applications for improving skin tone, tautness, and elasticity.

It is also applicable for helping to avoid many of the other effects of aging that are less directly visible, including helping to prevent cognitive decline, maintain healthy immune function, and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Phytotrinol also has some antioxidant functions, and may even be able to inhibit the proliferation of pre-carcinogenic cells, reducing the overall chances that their users develop certain forms of cancer.

Phytotrinol is considered one of the top anti-aging products on the market by our team of experts, who encourage its use as part of an overall anti-aging regime. This should include proper exercise, nutrition, and the use of other effective supplements and facial products, such as Kremotex or Kremovage. Users that are interested in seeing the complete supplement facts, promotional materials, or ordering details for Phytotrinol can go to their website, which is currently running a 40% off promotion for all first-time users.

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What Is It?

Phytotrinol is a daily nutritional supplement that works by helping to give the body the tools that it needs in order to fight the effects of aging. The main ingredient in their blend is 300mg of phytoceramides, a form of waxy lipid that has been shown to have a number of beneficial effects on the body.

They are known for their ability to help stimulate cellular turnover in the body, encouraging it to kill off old cells and regenerate them with younger, healthier cells. This is especially important for the skin, where it keeps the outer layer of the body looking tighter, shinier, and more youthful.

Older cells tend to appear duller in both color and tone, and they can lose their shape and elasticity, which can lead to dry, cracked, and sagging skin. Healthy cellular turnover is one of the most important factors in avoiding the formation of wrinkles, discoloration, and other exterior markers of aging skin.

Phytotrinol is also useful for helping to prevent the effects of aging in a variety of other ways, including encouraging healthy bone and joint tissue formation, decreasing the effects of mental decline, and reducing the chances of developing certain types of cancer. It also has applications for encouraging overall immune function, improving energy levels, and helping to balance cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

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Who Makes It?

Phytotrinol is a product of the Los Angeles-based nutrition and wellness products company 18nutrition. They are best known for their line of meal replacement shakes, as well as other dietary supplements that are designed to help naturally encourage the body’s key biological functions.

They do not use any drugs or non-natural ingredients in their products, which tend to be mild and easily tolerated when used as intended. Their products are not designed to counteract or work against the body’s natural systems, as many other drugs and supplements do, but rather 18nutrition’s products tend to provide core-level support that help the body work the way that it is supposed to.

They have an excellent reputation amongst the critical community, as well as with their previous customers. 18nutrition is one of our panel of experts’ most trusted supplement retailers.

Does Phytotrinol Work?

The clinical study of the effects of phytoceramides goes back to the 1850s, and they were first used in anti-aging products in the 1880s. In the time since then clinical science has become better able to determine their exact effects on the body and why they are so useful for fighting the effects of aging on the body.

While the full extent of their benefits is still being understood, it is clear at this point that there is a very clear link between phytoceramides and skin health and overall cellular function. Our team of experts consider them to be one of the most potentially beneficial anti-aging ingredients that are available on the open market.

The necessity of getting the appropriate amounts of basic vitamins cannot be understated, and the four vitamers that are used in Phytotrinol are all directly associated with skin health and wellness. Additionally, vitamins A, C, D, and E can affect some of the less visible forms of aging prevention such as bone health, immune function, and maintenance of the brain and central nervous system.

Phytotrinol Ingredients and Dosage

Phytoceramides: A specific form of the family of fatty cells known as sphingolipids that tend to be found most frequently in the outer skin layer, called the stratum corneum. Because of this, they are often popular in topical anti-aging products and face creams that are applied directly to the skin.

They do not have to be applied topically, however, and in general are thought to be more effective when they are ingested. This allows them to be digested and absorbed more directly into the bloodstream, where they are redistributed throughout the body as needed.

Topical application is also mostly valuable for the appearance of the skin in the applied area only, whereas the ingestion of phytoceramides helps with distribution throughout the entire body. This provides a more complete approach to aging prevention as opposed to a more limited, surface-level approach.

One of the main functions that phytoceramides help stimulate is apoptosis, the process of healthy cellular death and regeneration. Apoptosis is how the body keeps its molecular structure young, healthy, and functional, and when it is not occurring properly it can lead to serious conditions such as:

  • Muscle atrophy
  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Inflammation
  • Cell mutation

A lack of proper apoptosis can also lead to the development of many different types of cancers, as malignant cells can begin to proliferate unchecked. Inhibitors of apoptosis (IAPs) can also grow, making it difficult for further apoptosis to occur in the future.

In addition to signaling when to begin apoptosis, phytoceramides also help with a variety of other forms of cellular communication. They can help to regulate cellular differentiation and proliferation, encouraging the healthy development of new cellular tissue in the areas of the body that need it most.

This helps with anti-aging in a broader sense, not just with the appearance of the skin – although it does do that as well. They can also help prevent many of the less visible effects of aging, such as mental decline, as recent studies have shown links between phytoceramides and Alzheimer’s and other forms of neurodegeneration.

They may also have benefits for helping to control obesity, manage cholesterol levels, and regulate insulin and hormone functions. Phytoceramides appear in a variety of different health, wellness and personal care products, including sunscreens, lotions, soaps, shampoos, eczema treatments, and other topical medications.

Vitamins A, C, D, E: In addition to their dose of phytoceramides, Phytotrinol also uses a solid base of some of the most basic nutrients that the body uses to maintain its health and functionality, particularly as related to the skin. Vitamins A and E are particularly useful for maintaining the tautness and smoothness of the skin, and vitamin C is critical for the formulation of new collagen, the basic building block of the skin.

Combined, these basic vitamins help to ensure that users are able to generate new healthy tissues, fight off the damaging effects of oxidation and other environmental toxins, and ensure that the body is performing the basic maintenance functions that are required to keep it looking youthful and working properly.

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Are There Potential Side Effects?

There are no serious side effects that are thought to be related to the consumption of any of the ingredients that are used in Phytotrinol. They are all considered to be core-level nutrients that are key to proper biological functionality.

While it is technically possible to have too much of a given vitamin, those amounts are very, very large and Phytotrinol is in no danger of pushing people to that point on its own. In general, people are far more likely to experience negative consequences of having too little of these basic ingredients than of having too much.


Phytotrinol is one of the more impressive anti-aging products that our team has reviewed. It uses only well-regarded ingredients, and their manufactures are well respected by both industry critics and their customer base alike.

Unlike many of the less reputable products on the market, Phytotrinol does not use any ingredients that can help users look younger in the short term but that can take a toll on their bodies in the long-term. All of their ingredients are chosen because they are key nutrients that help to encourage the body’s natural defenses against the effects of aging.

Phytotrinol is especially effective if it is teamed with other anti-aging products such as moisturizers and skin creams. The products that our team would recommend the most are Kremotex and Kremovage, both of which use nutrients that pair well with the contents of Phytotrinol. Follow this link to learn more about how Phytotrinol can be a key piece of an anti-aging regimen, or to use a 40% off coupon that they are currently offering to first time users.


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