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Phallosan Review: Is It Safe?

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Phallosan is a penis enlargement system that works by gently stretching the penis, gradually extending its length over time. The system includes an “orthopedic belt” that can be worn underneath clothing during the day, or even in bed while you’re asleep at night.

The company claims that its method is backed up by a scientific study proving that the product can increase the length of the penis over time. They also claim that the product is carefully designed to avoid injury to the body, and will not harm the penis.

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How does Phallosan work?

Phallosan is a belt system that is worn by the user for long periods of time, and gradually stretched the penis. The company claims that this works in similar ways to African tribes who gradually stretch their necks using metal rings. As the belt pulls at the penis, it is distended and the body is stimulated to product new cells, gradually causing an enlargement.

Phallosan claims that it does not harm the penis, as the glans and foreskin are enclosed in a special airtight cap. They also claim that the tension applied to the penis is gentle and not painful in any way when used as directed.

Over a period of six months, the company claims that Phallosan will enlarge your penis by 1.9 inches when both flaccid and erect. To achieve these results, participants need to wear the belt for 9 hours a day, six days a week.

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Top Benefits: Scientifically proven system, reputable brand, quality construction.

Negatives: Takes six months to see results, some reports of injuries, need to purchase replacement parts monthly.

Who makes this supplement?

Phallosan is manufactured by a health products company called Swiss Sana Anstalt, based in Sargans, Switzerland.

Address: c/o Real Treuhand- und Revisons-Aktiengesellschaft
Zürcherstrasse 13, 7320 Sargans


Phone Number: (423) 235 84 77

Email: [email protected]

While Phallosan has a professional, secure website online, there is no information available about the manufacturer online. There is an address for the company’s headquarters in Switzerland, but it is unclear if the company has an office in the United States.

There do not appear to be any complaints about the company listed online. There are many discussions about the product in penis enlargement forums, and people who ordered the product online seem to have received it without any billing or shipping issues.

From all accounts, Phallosan seems to be reputable brand that is known in the penis enlargement and sexual health industries.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Glans: This plastic cap is placed over the head of the penis. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large and is made from an allergen free plastic. It specially designed so the there is always room as the penis expands.

Sleeve Condom: This part is made from medical-grade silicon and also comes in three sizes. It also comes in a range of thicknesses.

Protector Cap: This elastic protector is easily adjustable to allow you to create the perfect amount of tension for your comfort. It also protects the penis from being injured.

Tension Clip: The tension clip makes use of a calibrated pull system that shifts the tension from the orthopedic belt to the to the suction bell. It also includes a color-coded system using red, green and yellow so that you can easily judge the most effective setting.

Orthopedic Belt: The orthopedic belt is worn around the waste, as is designed not to be visible underneath your clothing. It is made of non allergenic formaldehyde so it can follow the contours of the body without loosening or wobbling. The belt comes in a range of sizes, including plus sizes, and can be manufactured to specialty sizes on demand.

Phallosan Forte App: The product comes with an optional app that the company claims will assist you in achieving your penis enlargement goals faster by tailoring individual training exercises for maximum success. It also provides you with useful tips and tricks, and lets you access support in case you need help.

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What’s good about Phallosan?

Phallosan is manufactured by a seemingly reputable company, and claims to be backed up by evidence and scientific studies. From all reports, the product is made using quality materials, and comes with a two week trial period where you can return the product for any reason for a full refund.

According to online reviews, the product is relatively comfortable and more or less invisible when worn underneath clothes.

According to the company’s own research, they claim that the product can extend your penis up to 1.9 inches in 6 months.

What’s bad about Phallosan?

According to some online reviews, some parts of the Phallosan system break easily and the company will not replace them. One customer even mentioned that he had to buy a whole new system after breaking the pump and the bell. This could become expensive as the system costs around $400. For many people, this may be too much.

While the product can be worn up to 20 hours per day, most users report that they need to take it off every four hours to go to the bathroom. Others report that the belt can become uncomfortable when worn during physical activity.

Some men report that the silicon sleeves only last for about two weeks of daily use. This means there is an ongoing price of around $60 per month to purchase new sleeves. When using the higher tension settings, some men have reported red marks and “slight skin tears” so it is recommended that you use the product responsibly and carefully.

Another issue with the product seems to be that the plastic construction makes some people sweat and can be uncomfortable.

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What do consumers think about Phallosan?

Phallosan is not for sale on mainstream sites like However there are many reviews of the product on penis enlargement and body building forums. For the most part, the reviews are mixed. At $400, many people claim that the product is too expensive, or broke and needed replacement parts.

In addition, some people were upset and having to pay $60 per month for replacement sleeves. Some people saw results from the product, but these people were committed and used the product daily for at least a six month period. Will many reported small gains, on the reviews we analyzed, no one claimed to have gained 1.9”.

“I’ve use this product now for 10 months. I started with a 5.2″ erect penis. Now I’m at 6″.”

“wore it for 10 hrs while i slept last night it did lose slight amount of suction but no fluid to speak of and just one small red spot on the tip.”

“i wore it for 10 hrs while sleeping and i got a small red dot on the tip of the glands it was just red but i then wore it for another 8-10 when i took it off i had a slight surface skin tear.”

“ok after one week my flaccid hang is much longer and my wife has been complaining about increased size.”


While there is some evidence that Phallosan gives some men a moderate increase in penis size, there were no reports of men gaining 1.9” after three months as is suggested in the marketing materials. For most men, the $400 price tag, plus the ongoing cost of parts and risk of breakage will mean that Phallosan is too much of a risk. Others just may not be willing to commit to six months of wearing the belt for a small gain.

Those who are more financially stable and are looking for the confidence boost a larger penis may give them, Phallosan may be an option. While the system seems to work, people have reported several minor injuries related to the system, so it is recommended that you review all online comments before committing to pay $400 for the system. Many men may simply be content to stick with male enhancement supplements that are much lower in cost, and are not as risky.

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