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Nitroxin Review: Is It Safe?

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Nitroxin is a male enhancement pill that is designed to increase the size and girth of the user’s erections, through the use nitric oxide. The product also states that it can provide users with an increased libido, and the stamina to substantially improve sexual performance.

The manufacturer of the product claims that it is the preferred male enhancement product of adult entertainers and can drastically increase the quality of your sex life almost immediately through increased blood circulation and testosterone production. Viritenz is currently the most reliable male enhancement supplement on the market, made with all-natural ingredients. Recently experts have named Viritenz as the best male enhancement supplement available to consumers.

How does Nitroxin work?

The product utilizes a number of ingredients that are commonly seen in male enhancement products. The name “Nitroxin” is inspired by the product’s focus on increasing the nitric oxide levels within the blood stream of the user. Many male enhancement pills use amino acids that convert to nitric oxide upon entering the blood stream. In turn, nitric oxide works to widen the veins within the body, which allows blood to circulate more freely and effectively throughout the body.

Good blood circulation is key to achieving and maintaining erections. When arousal occurs, the penis has erectile tissue chambers that fill up with blood and create an erection. With improved circulation, more blood fills the chambers and the penis can maximize its length and girth. Additionally, improved blood circulation can lead to improved stamina, allowing the consumer to perform for longer, and increased sensitivity that makes the sexual experience more pleasurable and satisfying.

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Top Benefits: Some quality ingredients are included within the supplement, product is relatively affordable, a free trial is offered to first time users.

Negatives: Company does not provide very many contact details, some questionable ingredients are included, product is only sold through unofficial websites and not through popular online vendors.

Who makes this supplement?

The creators and manufacturers of this product are the Mile High Madison Group. Their contact information is not made readily available, and only an address could be found.

Address: 1013 Centre Road, Suite 4035, Wilmington, DE, 19805

Phone Number: No phone number is provided.

Email: No email address is provided.

Currently the product is only available for purchase through unofficial websites, and no popular online vendors such as Amazon or GNC.

The manufacturer currently holds an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, because of 22 customer complaints lodged on the website. The complaints seem to either revolve around problems with a product that was ordered or issues billing, and a majority of the complaints remain unresolved.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Nitroxin does provide a full list of ingredients as well as the specific dosage information of each individual supplement. Most reputable male enhancement products will provide a full list of ingredients in order to allow potential consumers to be better informed as to what they are putting into their bodies.

While Nitroxin does use some quality ingredients, unfortunately it also uses several questionable ones that have the potential for negative side effects. Here are some of the ingredients that the product includes:

Horny Goat Weed: An herb that is derived from a barrenwort plant often found in China, it can work as a stimulant and can be effective in promoting increased blood circulation, as well as increase libido and sexual performance. Unfortunately, the supplement comes with the potential for a variety of side effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Heart arrhythmia

Horny Goat Weed also can mimic estrogen in the body, which can be detrimental to those attempting to maximize their testosterone levels and can be harmful to those with thyroid conditions. The benefits of Horny Goat Weed can also be replaced with less harmful ingredients, such as Maca.

Mucuna Puriens: Derived from the seeds of a common Caribbean plant, it is promoted for its wide range of benefits for overall wellness. It is full of L-Dopa, which is an essential amino acid and it is most commonly known and used as a natural aphrodisiac, which can improve sexual function. Additionally, it can improve mental health by elevating dopamine levels which in turn increases focus, mood, and stress management.

Unfortunately, if the product is taken in too high a dosage it can result in some mild to serious side effects:

  • Vomiting, headaches, and restlessness are all possible
  • When taken in high doses can cause high blood pressure
  • Possibility of hallucinations

L-Arginine: Popular ingredient in male enhancement products because of a proven link to good erectile health. It is an amino acid that is converted to nitric oxide once it enters the bloodstream. Nitric Oxide is a chemical that effects how width of our veins. One of the most important aspects of sexual health is good circulation and blood flow, so increasing the width of a user’s veins can be invaluable to maintaining strong, healthy erections once arousal occurs.

L-Arginine is also beneficial to the production of more testosterone. It creates more insulin and human growth hormone within the body which is one of the first steps to creating more testosterone which is the key achieving and maintaining good sexual health.

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What’s good about Nitroxin?

Nitroxin provides consumers with a full list of ingredients and specific dosages used. In doing so, they allow their product to be researched and the effectiveness to be judged prior to purchase. Furthermore, the customer is given peace of mind about their purchase and what they may be putting into their bodies.

Additionally, the product contains some quality ingredients, such as L-Arginine and Tongkat Ali, which are both commonly utilized by male enhancement products because clinical research has shown them to be effective. The ingredients work to increase blood circulation throughout the body and foster the production of additional testosterone, both of which are key to improving a consumer’s sexual health and performance.

What’s bad about Nitroxin?

There are multiple concerns regarding Nitroxin. Chief among them is the negative feedback regarding the manufacturer’s business practices. As mentioned, the manufacturer has had several complaints lodged against it via the Better Business Bureau. Several of the complaints are regarding the free-trial that is offered, which seems unknowingly charge customers the full price of its product after a short period of time. Additionally, the manufacturer provides very little contact information, so consumers may have little recourse is they feel they were defrauded.

Another concern is some of the ingredients within the product. There are multiple stimulants used that could potentially have a negative effect on the user’s blood pressure, and continued use could lead to more serious conditions such as a heart attack. Ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed have limited value in male enhancement pills, and carry with them the potential for severe side effects.

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What do consumers think about Nitroxin?

Objective reviews for Nitroxin are not easy to find, as the product is not carried by any reputable online vendors. That said, some reviews could be located and they generally paint a negative picture of the product and its effectiveness.

Here are some of the reviews that were able to be found:

“Don’t order Nitroxin. I was charged nearly $100 during what was supposed to be a free trial. The pills don’t even work.”

“Haven’t seen any side effects so far, but it hasn’t done much of anything else. Don’t think I’ll buy a second bottle.”

“This stuff has done nothing. No effect on my libido or stamina.”


It is hard to recommend Nitroxin when it raises so many questions both about the product itself and the business of the manufacturer. The lack of an official website through which the product is sold is concerning, as consumers should never give their payment information to a vendor that they don’t trust fully. Beyond that, it seems the free trial that is offered for the product may also be misleading and charge consumers unexpectedly.

The product itself contains both good and bad ingredients, but the consumer reviews generally state that the product is ineffective and has the potential for side effects. Additionally, there are a lot of claims made by the product, by none of them are backed up with any clinical research or verifiable data. The product’s issues with the Better Business Bureau suggest that a lot of consumers have felt ripped off by the manufacturer and that the business practices of the company are questionable to say the least.

There are several male enhancement products that use more quality ingredients, and don’t require the consumer to give their payment information to an untrusted source. Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that is sold by reputable vendors and utilizes only the most effective ingredients. Viritenz also has been named by experts as the best male enhancement supplement available on the market today.

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