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Natrolex Review: Is It Safe?

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Natrolex is a male enhancement supplement that increases libido and sexual desire, boosts stamina and assists with erectile dysfunction. The product claims to increase blood flow to the genital area, using a purely herbal, drug-free formula.

Natrolex is manufactured in an FDA-approved laboratory, using pharmaceutical-grade plant ingredients. It includes herbal ingredients that are claimed to increase the production of testosterone. Due to its herbal make up, Natrolex is considered safe and customers generally do not experience side effects. The top rated natural male enhancement product is Viritenz. It includes only wholesome ingredients that are noted for their unique health properties. Click on this link to be redirected to Viritenz’s official website for testimonials and more information.

How does Natrolex work?

Natrolex’s herbal formula is designed to increase blood flow to the genital area, and also to boost energy levels and improve libido. It includes ingredients such as licorice, oyster extract, cayenne pepper and pumpkin seed. Natrolex claims that the product will assist you in achieving longer and stronger erections, improving stamina and curbing premature ejaculation. Due to the fact that Natrolex is completely herb-based, there is no medical evidence that taking it daily will help you attain these results.

Because of its natural formula, it is claimed that the product is also safe to consume with alcohol. However, the company does not provide any dosage or recommended intake information on the product. If you are considering taking this product, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before purchasing it. Even though the product is completely natural, it may still trigger allergies or other problems for some users. Click this link to find out information about which male enhancement pills were ranked as the best overall.

Top Benefits: Completely natural herb-based formula, increases blood flow to genital region, no known side effects.

Negatives: No medical proof that herbal formulas improve sexual function, it costs around $60 a bottle, no free trial.

Who makes this supplement?

Natrolex is made by Herbalcom LLC, a small company in Georgia. You can find their contact information below:

Address: 1307 Bramlett Forest Ct

Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045-2686

Phone Number: (888) 649-3931

Email: [email protected]

Not much information about Herbalcom is available to the public. According to reports, the company was founded in 2020, and only has two employees. It seems to be run out of a residential address in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Herbalcom’s main business is as a wholesale supplier of vitamins, herbs, capsules and soaps.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Natrolex is all-natural and is made using only herbal products. The company provides a complete list of ingredients on their website, and the main ingredients are included below.

Zinc: This is a common mineral that is found naturally in the human body. It is an antioxidant and has been linked to improved semen and testosterone production. Zinc is a common ingredient in many male enhancement products.

Maca: A root that grows naturally in the Andes Mountains, Maca has been linked to enhanced sex drive, endurance and stamina. Maca root is a common ingredient in many effective male enhancement products.

Eleutheroccus Senticosus: Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this root extract has been used for many years in Chinese and Korean medicine to assist body in adapting to stress. As a traditional medicine, its effects are well known.

Sarsparilla: Traditionally, this natural herb has been used to increase testosterone levels. Increases in testosterone may improve sex drive and improve energy levels. Sarsparilla is a common ingredient in many male enhancement products.

Muira Puama: This exotic Amazon herb is known as a natural aphrodisiac. The name translated to mean “potency wood.”

Nettle Leaf: Primarily used for prostate and urinary health, nettle leaf is may also improve sexual health as the prostate is an important factor in this area.

Astragalus: A root that has long been used in Chinese medicine, Astragalus is thought to have many positive health effects, most commonly boosting the immune system. Additionally, many claim that it leads to increased stamina, which may improve sexual performance.

Orchic: Orchic is extracted from cattle testicles and is commonly thought to boost testosterone and improve testicular function.

Boron: A trace mineral that naturally occurs in the human body, it has been shown to improve testosterone levels and mental clarity.

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What’s good about Natrolex?

Natrolex is made completely from herbs and herbal extracts which means it is completely natural and very safe. There are no harmful chemicals or dangerous products which can cause side effects. It is also manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved laboratory, so you can be sure of your safety. It includes zinc, which has been linked to increased testosterone and semen production. It also includes many other ingredients that are common in male enhancement products and that have shown to be effective in increasing male libido and sexual performance.

The Natrolex website has a secure ordering system, and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance of the product. It is encouraging that the company claims to believe in their product this much. Due to its natural make up, you can drink alcohol after taking Natrolex, and generally it won’t interfere with other medications (but consult your doctor to be sure).

What’s bad about Natrolex?

Even though Natrolex is a completely herbal product, the company does not provide any information on dosage or recommended intake, so it is hard to know exactly what the effects of the pill might be. It does contain many ingredients that are common in male enhancement pills, but without information on the specific dosage, it is hard to know if the product is effective. The best way to find out would be to try the pill for yourself, though to do this you would need to purchase a bottle.

While the company does provide a money back guarantee, there is no free trial or way to sample the product without purchasing a bottle. This may be fine for those who are more financially stable, but at around $60 a bottle, it may be a risky proposition for others.

Some people have also reported problems getting their money back during the 60-day return period. Before ordering online, make sure you read the reviews of other customers. While contact details for the company are readily available online, some customers report being upset with the company’s customer service. Natrolex doesn’t claim that the product will increase the length or girth of your penis, so weigh up your personal needs before investing in the product.

What do consumers think about Natrolex?

Natrolex has a total of 4 reviews on, most of which are negative. The low amount of reviews seems to indicate that the product is not very popular among mainstream users. However, the company does have a reputable website with secure ordering. Here are some of the comments we found:

“Not worth it. I should have read the other reviews. Completely useless product, don’t waste your time or money.”

“I’ve been using these pills for two weeks now and haven’t seen any improvement. Hope I didn’t waste my money.”

“One star. I threw them in the toilet!”

“I have been taking this stuff for three months now and am very pleased. I just wish it was cheaper.”

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Natrolex may be of interest to people concerned about unnatural male enhancement supplements that contain chemicals or drugs. An all-natural herbal product sounds like an excellent proposition, and there is definitely no harm in trying it. Especially since the company offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Of course, it’s best to consult your doctor before you purchase the product.

Another benefit of the product is that you can safely consume alcohol after you have taken it. However, this benefit is meaningless if the product has no effect on your sexual performance. At around $60 per bottle, customers who are not financially stable may feel that the product is too expensive.

In addition, customers who need to take other medications may consider Natrolex, as its herbal formula will not interfere with their medications.

Customers who are seeking a more effective product with proven results should consider other male enhancement supplements on the market before they purchase Natrolex. Viritenz is rated as the top male enhancement product, as chosen by our expert review team. Viritenz is also a natural supplement, but unlike purely herbal products it only includes ingredients that have been shown to improve male performance and libido. It contains a potent blend of ingredients such as tongkat ali, L-Arginine and maca that will raise testosterone and increase sexual satisfaction. Learn more about the natural benefits Viritenz can provide by clicking on this link.

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