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NEW Femmetrinol Review 2018 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Our number one pick for all-day menopause support was the supplement known as Femmetrinol. Inside of it is an all-natural blend of well-regarded extracts that can help relieve all the symptoms related to menopause known to disturb one’s quality of life.

Femmetrinol is offered at an affordable cost and users have said it helped deliver notable improvements both physical and mental.  A 50% off discount is currently being offered when you visit the official Femmetrinol website.

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Femmetrinol is a menopause symptom relief supplement made by the Health Research Institute, a producer of natural supplements. All the ingredients inside of it are not only natural but each is backed by multiple clinical studies you can find online.

In particular they use natural extracts such as Turmeric which can help ease inflammation, Valerian to promote a sense of calmness and to reduce anxiety, Damiana for all-around mental and physical support, and many other reliable ingredients.  Each ingredient is also added in a significant enough amount to help deliver effects, and the full supplements facts is offered so users know exactly what they are getting.

Each ingredient when blended together works to help provide not just relief, but a general improvement in overall quality of life. Therefore users can continue living their lives as usual without feeling a loss of control over one’s daily activities. Menopause can often lead to some uncomfortable changes which may make it difficult to continue living life as normal. This is why Femmetrinol was made to assist in all aspects related to menopause. It’s made to work by covering all aspects of menopause related symptoms so users can find improvements in their quality of life.

Additionally this supplement is unique in that it is created as both an AM and PM formula. This means it can help support restful sleep so one is refreshed through the day, while also allowing preventing disruption while you’re going through your routine. This well-rounded nature is made possible by the long list of all-natural extracts used. By working to deliver all day support it’s unique in that it one does not have to rely on a generic or common formula that is run of the mill and easy to replace. You get comprehensive coverage that may allow one to continue living life as normal.

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Top Benefits:

Made only with natural ingredients, users have noticed improvements in their symptoms, free of any cheap or artificial additives, sold at an affordable cost, made to support all day menopause symptom relief and contains 3rd party reviewed ingredients.


It’s not always available and you can only purchase it online.  We’ve also found it difficult to know when the official website will be back in stock.

There are testimonials offered on the official website which showcase how effective it is at helping reduce many of the common menopause related symptoms. Whether it is:

  • Hot flashes.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Sweating.
  • Mood swings.
  • Physical discomfort such as backache, rough skin and more.
  • Loss of sex drive

Or any other issue caused by menopause.

The reviews from women online have been generally positive. A common consensus is that it made it easier to continue living life as normal, and that it was easy to take while providing noticeable improvements both physically and mentally. Users also commented on how it prevented some of the less discussed issues caused by menopause such as vaginal dryness, thin hair, and a general loss of sex drive.

Some also said that it gave them a renewed sense of confidence and that they were able to live life just the same as before they had menopause. Because of this change in state users praised how effective it was and added how it gave them the ability to function like normal once again.

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Pricing and reputation:

Femmetrinol is produced by a company based out of the US, and in reviewing them it’s clear that they have had a reputable history. No issues with recalls, contaminations, or Better Business Bureau issues have been found. The official website also details all the important details you would want to know about them, including their hours of operation and a clear description of their money back return policy. They make it easy to research how they operate, and what one can expect from them in terms of service.

Not only is this supplement made with many natural extracts which would be expensive to source individually, but it’s sold at an affordable cost that is less than similar brands with less ingredients. Clinical studies are offered online which reveals just how effective many of these ingredients are individually, but when mixed together it can further improve menopause related symptoms. For example one can find countless kinds of studies for ingredients such as GABA, turmeric, L-Theanine, and many of the other extracts used in this formula. When analyzing these studies it’s clear that it can help provide natural benefits which may be long lasting and potent.

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Discounts are also offered on bulk purchases and the company does not offer any auto-enrollment or auto-renewal plans as they are frequently known. They go by a standard of “buy as you go”, and in reviewing their terms and conditions they make it clear that they will not hold unto one’s credit card information. Therefore one is able to make a single purchase without fear of a sudden unexpected charge.

As far as the quality of ingredients the consistency is ensured since it is made in a facility that is considered GMP certified. This allows for there to be assurance that the ingredients are produced in a clean and safe facility, and that there are standards in place to ensure that there is consistency.

Most users commented more on the actual supplement itself, but there were no found issues of people complaining of unfair business practices.

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WLT Conclusion:

By far Femmetrinol was a top ranking supplement for 24/7 menopause symptom relief which was better than many other brands. Not only were customers relieved to find changes in their overall mood and physical health, but it’s clear from the formula used that it would help provide noticeable improvements. These effects are made possible via the use of a wholesome formula which is natural, high strength, and made to support all aspects of wellness. You can also have faith in the company as they have not had any issues, and they’re transparent in their practices and overall quality.

Because Femmetrinol was so highly touted by its users and our review team, we’ve deemed it worthy as our number 1 menopause relief supplement of the year.

A current 50% off savings deal is being offered on the official Femmetrinol website; click here to access it.

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