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ErecAid Review: Is It Safe?

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ErecAid is not a male enhancement pill, rather it is an erectile dysfunction treatment that uses vacuum therapy in the form of penis pumps. The company claims that ErecAid has a 90% success rate when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction in men.

The device is aimed at men who may be suffering from moderate to sever erectile dysfunction, and may have tried many herbal supplements and medications with no effect. These men may need a more “aggressive” treatment in order to gain and maintain an erection. The company claims that the product may be used in addition to male enhancement supplements in order to achieve the best results.

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How does ErecAid work?

ErecAid is specifically designed for men who are suffering from severe erectile dysfunction. The system comprises of several elements, including “pressure-point” penis tension rings. Firstly, a vacuum cylinder with the penis tension ring is placed over the penis. Then, the pump removes air from the cylinder, causing the penis to become erect. Then, the tension ring is slid down to the base of the penis, assisting in maintaining the erection during sexual activity.

The product comes with a five-year warranty, and is claimed to have a 90% success rate. The company says you will experience “penile rigidity” for up to 30 minutes after using the product, and recommends it as an alternative to invasive implant operations and penile injections.

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Top Benefits: Claimed 90% success rate, alternative to surgery or injections, reputable brand.

Negatives: May cause side effects, expensive, problems with constriction rings.

Who makes this supplement?

ErecAid is made by a company called Reach Medical, which is based in Collierville Tennessee. According to Better Business Bureau, the company has been in operation for over 14 years.

Address: 356 Byhalia Road, Suite 2

Collierville, TN 38017

Phone Number: (901) 854-9333

Email: Contact form on website

Reach Medical runs an official website where they list all their products for sale. As well as the ErecAid penile pumps, they manufacture a range medical products including female sexual enhancement products, vibrators, penile injections, and incontinence treatments. ErecAid seems like a reputable company, and there are no complaints about billing or shipping listed on websites like Better Business Bureau or Ripoff Report. There is one complaint listed on the Better Business Bureau website which alleges that the penile tension rings snapped on the first attempt to use them and accuses the company of false advertising. As of the time of writing, it does not appear that the issue has been resolved.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

As ErecAid is a physical vacuum system designed to treat erectile dysfunction, there are no ingredients. However, we have listed the component parts of the system below.

Battery Pump: This is a battery powered vacuum pump that is placed at the top of the cylinder. The vacuum action of the pump sucks the air out of the cylinder, bringing blood flow to the penis and stimulating an erection. It is operated with a simple push-button power control.

Cylinder: This clear plastic cylinder is 2” in diameter and 8.5” in length. It is designed to fit over the penis, with the vacuum pump placed over one end.

Penile Tension Rings: These gel rings slide over the base of the penis, allowing you to maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes after blood flow has stimulated an erection. It may be unsafe to leave the rings on for longer then 30 minutes. The rings come in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as a range of colors.

Lubricant: This water-soluble gel is specially designed to be used with the ErecAid system.

According to the May Clinic, penis pumps may cause a number of side effects, including:

Pinpoint-sized red dots (petechiae). Caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin.

Numbness, coldness or bluish-colored skin. Caused by constriction bands.

Pain or bruising. Make sure you only use the pump as directed to avoid these side effects.

Feeling of trapped semen. Ejaculation with a constriction ring may been painful, and afterwards, you may feel like semen is “trapped” in the penis.

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What’s good about ErecAid?

If you are an older man who suffers from erectile dysfunction and has tried herbal supplements and mediations but not seen satisfying results, then a penile pump system may be worth considering. The system can be used in conjunction with supplements or on its own, and the company claims that it has a 90% success rate.

ErecAid is manufactured by a reputable company that has been in business for 14 years and does not have any billing or shipping complaints against it. It seems that most people who order the ErecAid product online receive it as described, and generally do not experience any problems with overcharging or mischarging.

What’s bad about ErecAid?

The main drawback with ErecAid is that it is expensive. There are several variations on the system, but they generally cost between $400 and $650. In addition, the penile tension rings are prone to snapping, and can cost $30-$40 to replace. This is significantly more expensive than many male supplements on the market. If you decide to combine ErecAid with a male enhancement product, then the cost increases even more.

Since ErecAid is only recommended for men who have moderate to sever erectile dysfunction, it is recommended that you try a range of other solutions, including consulting your doctor, before you consider it. If you can find a herbal supplement that works for you, you may wind up saving yourself hundreds of dollars.

People with blood conditions, or who take blood thinning medication should consult their doctor before using penis pumps, as they may experience serious side effects.

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What do consumers think about ErecAid?

There are many positive reviews of the product on the official site, however it is unclear how authentic these reviews are. ErecAid products are also listed on, where they have mixed reviews. The biggest issue with the product seems to be that the penile tension bands break easily, and cost $30-$40 to replace.

Some customers claim the product works well and are happy with their purchase.

“The product is quite pricey, especially since it tears so easily. It would also be nice if the high tension band came in an extra large size for those of us a bit more well-endowed.”

“The release bands break after just a couple of uses. Also, overpriced. No warranty.”

“Vacuum works great, obtaining a very firm and wide girth, but having difficulties when it’s time to remove the constricting ring (largest size).”

“I am able to perform better than before prostate cancer , I do not need or want medications, injection or implant , I am very happy with this pump.”


ErecAid may be a solution for men who are suffering from extreme erectile dysfunction and who have tried a range of herbal supplements and medications, and who have spoken to their doctor. If you are in this position, it may also be worthwhile researching other products on the market, as the biggest flaw with the ErecAid system seems to be the gel constriction rings, which reportedly break easily and are expensive to replace.

While ErecAid has several pump options available, they range from $400 to $650, which will be a large purchase for most people. There are other cheaper products on the market that may be just as effective.

If you have not tried supplements, it is recommended that you look for a supplement that contains ingredients such as L-Ariginine and Maca Root that have been shown to have a positive effect on male performance and erectile issues, and work to increase blood flow to the genital region. If you can find a supplement that works for you, it may save you hundreds of dollars.

Another issue with penis pumps is that they can cause side effects, especially for people who take blood thinning medications or who have blood conditions. If you are at all concerned about side effects, it is recommend that you consult your doctor before using a penis pump.

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