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Cockstar Review: Is It Safe?

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Cockstar is a male enhancement pill that is designed to produce bigger, stronger erections and increase libido in the user for up to 72 hours. The product is supposed to be used as needed, and will reduce the recovery time after sex, allowing the user to perform multiple times within one night.

The supplement is made up of ingredients that are supposed to improve erectile function as well as a number of aphrodisiacs to increase the volume of sexual thoughts. All of which is intended to give the user an all-round performance boost in the bedroom. Viritenz is currently the most reliable male enhancement supplement on the market, made with all-natural ingredients. Experts have named Viritenz as the best male enhancement supplement available to consumers.

How does Cockstar work?

The product functions in part by increasing the flow of blood to the pelvic area. There are ingredients within the product that regulate the production of testosterone, as well as train the body to take better advantage of the testosterone that is available within the body. The increased testosterone can improve blood circulation throughout the body, and can help increase the amount of blood that flows into the penile chambers upon arousal. A healthy blood flow to the penis will make for bigger, stronger erections that also feature increased sensitivity that makes for more satisfying sex.

Additionally, the product also contains a variety of aphrodisiacs and stimulants so the user will begin to experience the benefits immediately. The stimulants will provide a short-term energy boost, along with increased mental focus, which can help relieve some of the anxieties that are related to sexual performance.

Top Benefits: Product contains some quality ingredients that have been clinically researched, it is designed to start working immediately so there is no wait time, available for purchase online as well as in convenience stores throughout the country.

Negatives: Product does not have an official website through which to purchase or research it, includes some ingredients that have the potential to create some negative side effects, information regarding the product’s formula can be difficult to find.

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Who makes this supplement?

The manufacturer of Cockstar is unknown as the product does not have a website, and searches online revealed no information.

Address: No address is provided.

Phone Number: No phone number is provided.

Email: No e-mail is provided.

The product pops up on a few online vendors sites such as Amazon and Ebay, but is not sold anywhere online consistently. It is mostly sold in convenience stores across the country.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

As mentioned, there is not website for Cockstar, so no ingredients list is provided. That said, we were able to track down some of the ingredients that are utilized in the formula, but unsurprisingly the specific dosages of each ingredient are not revealed. Most reputable male enhancement products will provide users with a full list of ingredients along with specific dosage information so consumers can be fully informed as to what they are putting into their bodies. The distinct lack of information online regarding Cockstar is something that should make potential customers wary.

Here are some of the ingredients that are used in the product:

Tribulus Terrestris: Established and well-known ingredient featured in several male enhancement products, Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that is identifiable by its hairy and prickly leaves and stem and ability to grow and thrive is climates that most other plants couldn’t survive. The plant is widely known for its chemical benefits, namely its effect on testosterone in the body.

It is a common misconception that Tribulus itself creates more testosterone but it does create increased responsiveness to existing testosterone within the user’s brain. The increased responsiveness allows the body to take better advantage of the testosterone that is already being produced, as well as the testosterone that is being provided by the other supplements within the product. Allowing the brain to take advantage of existing testosterone is healthy long-term approach to maintaining your sexual wellness.

Horny Goat Weed: An herb that is derived from a barrenwort plant often found in China, it can work as a stimulant and can be effective in promoting increased blood circulation, as well as increase libido and sexual performance. Unfortunately, the supplement comes with the potential for a variety of side effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Heart arrhythmia

Horny Goat Weed also can mimic estrogen in the body, which can be detrimental to those attempting to maximize their testosterone levels and can be harmful to those with thyroid conditions. The benefits of Horny Goat Weed can also be replaced with less harmful ingredients, such as Maca.

Mucuna Puriens: Derived from the seeds of a common Caribbean plant, it is promoted for its wide range of benefits for overall wellness. It is full of L-Dopa, which is an essential amino acid and it is most commonly known and used as a natural aphrodisiac, which can improve sexual function. Additionally, it can improve mental health by elevating dopamine levels which in turn increases focus, mood, and stress management.

Unfortunately, if the product is taken in too high a dosage it can result in some mild to serious side effects.

  • Vomiting, headaches, and restlessness are all possible
  • When taken in high doses can cause high blood pressure
  • Possibility of hallucinations

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What’s good about Cockstar?

The product contains some quality ingredients that have the potential to be beneficial to users that are seeking to increase the sexual performance. Tribulus terrestris, maca, and gingko biloba are all beneficial ingredients in a male enhancement product, as they can increase the production of testosterone, improve mental focus and cognitive function, provide increased stamina and energy, and have a positive effect on libido. If the ingredients are utilized correctly, the user should see some benefits.

Additionally, the product is designed to work immediately, unlike many other male enhancement products that are designed to be taken as a dietary supplement and can take weeks to start working. The product is usually sold two at a time in convenience stores, so it does not require that the consumer commit to purchasing and taking a monthly supply.

What’s bad about Cockstar?

The lack of available information about the product is more than a little concerning. As mentioned, the product does not have a website and therefore the manufacturer information cannot be located. Additionally, the ingredients list had to be located elsewhere online, and it is unknown if that is the full ingredients list or if there are supplements that were left out. There was also no specific dosage information provided. Generally, we would suggest avoiding any product that does not provide significant information about its formula or how it is supposed to function within the body.

Furthermore, the product isn’t sold officially anywhere online, though it does pop-up on a few vendors sites such as Ebay. It seems the product is mostly sold through convenience stores on an as-needed basis and those types of products are generally substandard when compared to more reputable male enhancement products. While it sounds good that the product will start working right away, it is always smart to be wary of any product that guarantees so many results so quickly.

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What do consumers think about Cockstar?

Consumer reviews for Cockstar were not easy to track down, as it is not sold consistently through any one vendor online. That said, we were able to locate some reviews and for the most part they were mixed to negative, so some users claimed they saw results.

Here are some of the reviews that could be located:

“The product didn’t really do much for me, and since I bought it from a small unknown website, I was not able to get a refund. I would avoid this product, you’ll never get your money back.”

“Cockstar does help get erections but it doesn’t offer any permanent results. They have made some changes to the formula, but they are trying to make this product sound better than it is.”

“I used this product for a few years and it worked pretty well. Since then they have changed capsules and the formula I think and they don’t work as well.”


The potential appeal of a product like Cockstar is not hard to see. It is available for purchase immediately in convenience stores, and goes to work immediately unlike many other male enhancement products that can take weeks to start working. Unfortunately, products like this are often too good to be true.

The lack of transparency with Cockstar is the most concerning issue with the product. There is no website through which the product is promoted and sold, and as a result there is very little information that is known about it. From what we know about the formula, there are some good ingredients included, but we don’t know how much of each was used, and we don’t know if there are potentially more ingredients that were used. It is important that consumers know what they are putting into their body and how it could potentially affect them.

Overall, there is a chance that Cockstar is a worthwhile product, but right now it does not seem as though it is worth the effort to track it down and ensure the proper ingredients are used, when there a many more reputable products available online. Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement product that increases testosterone, libido, and stamina in users. Experts recently named Viritenz as the most effective male enhancement supplement available today.

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