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Catuaba Review: Is It Safe?

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Catuaba is a plant that is mostly found in Brazil and is known for its ability to enhance the sexual functions of men. It is known as a powerful organic aphrodisiac that can increase the libido of its users, as well as be utilized as an alternative treatment for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

It is often used as a dietary supplement, and has been utilized for centuries by the Tupi Indians and other native Brazilian tribes for its ability to promote sexual vitality. It is sometimes taken in conjunction with other supplements, such as tribulus terrestris or muira puama, but can also be effective when taken on its own. Viritenz is currently the most reliable male enhancement supplement on the market, made with all-natural ingredients. Recently experts have named Viritenz as the best male enhancement supplement available to consumers.

How does Catuaba work?

The supplement works like a stimulant as it is related to the coca plant. That means it can increase heart rate, provide the user with additional energy, and increase blood flow. It also is known for its psychological stimulation, which can increase libido, the frequency of sexual thoughts, and relieve some of the anxieties that are related to sexual intercourse.

The most relevant part of the supplement’s effects is its ability to increase circulation throughout the body because of the widening effect it has on the body’s blood vessels. Much like some amino acids, once catuaba is introduced into the blood system, the veins in the body can expand and allow more blood to travel through. This leads to increased blood flowing to the penis upon arousal, in turn potentially leading to bigger, stronger erections that can last longer and create more satisfying sexual intercourse.

Top Benefits: Product is relatively inexpensive when purchased on its own, it is sold by a variety of reputable online vendors, some clinical research has shown the supplement to be effective in treating issues associated with male enhancement.

Negatives: Product may need to be used with additional supplements to be truly effective, has not yet been widely studied by Western medicine so all of its effects may not yet be known, no free trials or money back guarantees are associated with the product.

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Who makes this supplement?

Caruaba is manufactured and sold by a variety of online retailers as it is a fairly common supplement, and not part of a special formula. One of the most prominent sellers of the vitamin are Swanson Health Products. Their contact information is as follows:

Address: Customer Service Center, PO Box 6003, Fargo, ND 58108

Phone Number: (800) 824-4491


In addition to be sold through Swanson Vitamins, the product is also carried and sold through several reputable online retailers such as Amazon and GNC.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

There is only one ingredient that is included within the supplement and that is Catuaba Bark. The dosage of the supplement can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but is often sold with a dosage of 465mg. Many consumers may find this appealing, as the formula is as simple as it can be and the dosage is made clear ahead of time, it provides them with good peace of mind regarding what they are putting into their bodies, especially when compared to some male enhancement products that use proprietary blends and keep dosage information a secret.

Here is the ingredient included in the product:

Catuaba Bark: An ingredient that is grown mostly in the Amazon and other parts of South America. It is used as a natural way to increase sexual desire in both men and women, and can potentially benefit those who suffer from erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow throughout the body. It has been utilized for centuries by Indian tribes in South America. It also has been used to treat other issues, such as trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, mental and physical fatigue, and agitation or anxiety.

The supplement has not been studied extensively in the Western world yet, and as a result it is not known if it is completely safe. Currently, though, there are no known side effects, but as webmd states:

There isn’t enough information available to know if catuaba is safe.”

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What’s good about Catuaba?

So far, based on what we know about catuaba, it appears that it is a relatively safe option for users to increase their sex drive naturally. While there hasn’t been a lot of clinical research conducted on the product in the Western world, it has a strong anecdotal reputation throughout many cultures and has been used to increase vitality in both men and women for centuries in some South American communities.

The potential benefits of the supplement are appealing, as it potentially has the ability to increase the frequency of sexual thoughts and act as an effective aphrodisiac. Additionally, it can benefit the physical aspects of sexual performance as well, making it easier to achieve and maintain erections, prevent mental or physical fatigue, and avoid premature ejaculation.

The product can also be purchased through a variety of reputable online retailers, generally for an affordable price, less expensive than the typical male enhancement product.

What’s bad about Catuaba?

While there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of catuaba being an effective male enhancement supplement, there is currently not a lot of clinical research to back up the claims of its effectiveness. It has also been stated that the supplement may be more effective when combined with other popular male enhancement supplements such as tribulus terrestris and muira puama, which suggests that catuaba on its own may be hit and miss regarding its effectiveness.

At first, when hearing about all the potential benefits of catuaba, it may seem too good to be true. A single supplement with one ingredient and no known side effects can sound very appealing to someone suffering from erectile dysfunction and performance issues. The reality is that it likely is too good to be true and by itself is not a particularly effective male enhancement product. It has been suggested that the product is probably best for those who need a slight boost to their libido or occasionally struggle to maintain an erection, but not for those who suffer from severe performance issues.

Additionally, while the product has no known side effects currently, that does not mean it is side effect free. Often side effects are discovered upon significant clinical research being conducted, and currently that research has not yet been done. Catuaba shows some promise as a sexual function aid, but the fact that it has not yet been utilized by other male enhancement drugs and needs to be combined with other supplements in order to be effective should tell consumers that it is not yet a sure thing.

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What do consumers think about Catuaba?

The product is widely available and sold through a variety of online vendors, so finding objective reviews on its effectiveness was not difficult. There are a lot of reaction to catuaba online, and overall the reviews are generally mixed, particularly among those who used it as a sexual function aid. Many consumers found it to be more effective when combined with another supplement.

Here are some of the reviews that could be found online:

“A few days after I began taking catuaba I noticed that my desire had increased. I don’t know that it was because of the catuaba, but I was happy with the results. I don’t suffer from ED so I cannot speak to that.”

“I used this product with muira puama as recommended. It was supposed to improve libido and performance, but it didn’t work for me and I began to feel much more tired and less horny.”

“I bought this product to help me perform sexually, but after I started using it I began to have strange dreams and nightmares. I’m not sure if it was the catuaba or something else.”

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There’s some potential with catuaba that it someday may be utilized and incorporated into an effective male enhancement product, but currently there is too little research to state whether it is effective or not. The positives are that some users noticed a slight change in their libido after using the product and that as of now there don’t appear to be any side effects related to using it. That said, the results have been quite inconsistent, and currently doesn’t appear to be a viable male enhancement product.

The supplement is in general quite inexpensive when compared to other male enhancement products, but it also suggests that the consumer use tribulus terrestris or muira puama for best results, which can drive up the price. Perhaps in the future catuaba will be utilized as part of an effective male enhancement product, but currently consumers are better off exploring other male enhancement options. Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that is sold by reputable vendors and is an all-in-one formula that does not require other supplements be used to achieve effectiveness. Viritenz also has been named by experts as the best male enhancement supplement available on the market today.

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