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Boostero Review: Is It Safe?

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Boostero is a male enhancement product that is designed to be taken before sexual activity and promises to give you stronger and harder erections, stave off premature ejaculation, and additional stamina so that you can satisfy your partner in the bedroom. The product claims to be made from a unique formula of all-natural ingredients that it claims will provide you with “extraordinary” performance.

Boostero claims that its formula will increase blood flow and restore erectile function in 92% of men who take it. Boostero claims to be a natural alternative to Viagra and Cialis that is all-natural and that does not cause unpleasant or harmful side effects. The product is made in the United States.

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How does Boostero work?

Boostero claims that its formula using nine key ingredients is designed to boost performance of the cardiovascular system and increase blood flow, quickly leading to optimal erectile function. Boostero claims that it will dilate blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to the penis while clearing arterial plaque and blockages from the blood stream. Boostero that it will also repair broken blood vessels and nourish your cells to enhance their efficiency. It claims that these effects will help you more easily gain and maintain stronger and longer-lasting erections, while also providing additional strength

Boostero is not a dietary supplement, rather it is a sexual aide that should only be taken before sexual activity. The company claims that due to its all-natural formula, it has zero side effects and is a natural alternative for people who want to avoid harsh synthetic supplements like Viagra and Cialis.

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Top Benefits: Many ingredients known to improve blood flow, all-natural, made in USA.

Negatives: Secretive company, may cause side effects, missing essential ingredients.

Who makes this supplement?

Boostero seems to be manufactured by a company of the same name. There is no address or contact details supplied on the official website, and a thorough online search failed to locate any additional information about the company.

Address: Unknown

Phone Number: Unknown

Email: [email protected]

Boostero runs an official website where you can order the product. It is not sold through any other websites, even mainstream sites like There are no reports of billing or shipping issues with Boostero, or credit cards being overcharged or mischarged online. However, an investigation of the company’s website reveals that it actively hides its identity and address. This may be of concern to some users who like to know who they are giving their personal details to. The fact that the company does not even provide a phone number—only an email address—may also be of concern. It is recommended that you thoroughly review all information you can find about Boostero before purchasing any products from the company.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects

Boostero is formulated with all natural extracts, minerals and vitamins. The company claims that the product will not cause side effects, but several of the ingredients may have adverse effects on some people. While many of the ingredients are common in other male supplements, it does contain some unique ingredients that may give it an advantage over the competition.

Vitamin C: This common vitamin boosts the immune system and helps stimulate Nitric Oxide production in the blood stream. It is considered mostly safe but may cause side effects in some people.

  • Nausea, vomiting, heartburn.
  • Stomach cramps, headache.

L-Arginine: This amino acid is found naturally in the body and is common in many male enhancement products. It is known to increase production of Nitric Oxide, which increased blood flow and can lead to longer, stronger erections.

L-Citrulline: Another amino acid that also stimulates Nitric Oxide production.

Astragalus Root: This natural root extract is known to boost endurance and enhance sexual performance. It is a common ingredient in many common male enhancement products. It is known to work by stimulating the immune system.

Nattokinase: This enzyme is a soybean extract is thought to thin the blood and is often used to treat blood and heart conditions. It is thought to be safe.

Pine Bark Extract: This extract is thought to stimulate the immune system and have an anti-oxidant effect. It may cause side effects in some people.

  • Dizziness, gut problems, headache, mouth ulcers.

L-Lysine: This amino acid is commonly used to treat herpes. It is also thought to removal arterial plaque from the bloodstream. It may cause side effects in some people.

  • Stomach pain, diarrhea.

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What’s good about Boostero?

The inclusion of ingredients such as L-Arginine and Astragalus may mean that the product has some mild benefit. It is most likely to improve sexual function in older men who are suffering from low testosterone or andropause. It may also appeal to men who are looking for a herbal alternative to Viagra or Cialis. Due to its formulation, which is focused mainly on increased blood flow, men with mild erectile dysfunction may also see some benefit, as it is designed to specifically increase blood flow to the penis.

The company claims that the product is effective on 92% of men who try it, though it does not provide a link to any studies which show this.

What’s bad about Boostero?

The main problem with Boostero is that it is manufactured by an unknown brand who intentionally hides its address, contact details and names of people associated with the company from its clients. This may be of concern to customers who are interested in transparency, and want to know who they are giving their personal information over to. It is highly recommended that you conduct your own research on Boostero before purchasing the product.

Another issue for Boostero is that its formula focuses almost entirely on increasing blood flow to the genital region. This may assist some men, particularly those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, but the inclusion of other ingredients with different properties may have ensured that the product worked for a wider range of men. For instance, none of the ingredients are known to have an aphrodisiac affect or boost sexual arousal. Since the product is designed to be used before sex, it may have been beneficial to include ingredients with these properties.

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What do consumers think about Boostero?

Strangely, although this product is widely reviewed online, and there is available through the company’s websites, there are absolutely no customer reviews on either mainstream sites or niche supplement sites. It is not clear exactly why this is the case. One reason may simple be that the product is no unpopular that almost no people have bought it. Many people may be concerned by this fact, since it means there is absolutely no way to tell if it works.

Boostero’s formula definitely includes some ingredients which may provide some benefits, but without knowing other people’s experiences, it is a risky proposition to order it online. This, coupled with the fact that the company is so secretive, may be a red flag to most people who would rather know a little more about a product before they purchase it.

It is highly recommended that you review all material available online before you commit to purchase anything from them, especially since each bottle retails for around $70, which is more expensive than many male enhancement products on the market.


While Boostero is made from a range of ingredients that may benefit some men, especially older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, there are just too many issues with the company. The fact that it is highly secretive, and that there are literally zero reviews of the product available online should be enough to put most people off. Most consumers want transparency and accountability before they give someone their credit card details. When a company won’t even supply a contact phone number on their website, you know that there’s something wrong.

There are many other similar products available on the market which use many of the same ingredients as Boostero. These products are often available at around half the price of Boostero and are manufactured by reputable brands. It is recommended that you review all the other options available before you consider Boostero.

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