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Androtrex Review: Is It Safe?

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Androtrex is a male vitality serum that is designed to increase free testosterone as well as improve general sexual health and performance. The product’s website states that as men age, their vitality, energy, and sexual drive all tend to slow down, and Androtrex works to regulate the hormone balance that replenishes that necessary hormones to keep ageing men functioning at their best.

Generally, after the age of 28, males begin to experience a decrease in testosterone, DHEA, and other growth hormones. This decrease can lead to an increase in body fat, lack of sex drive, and decreased energy levels. Androtrex states that is can address all these issues and more through its vitality droppers. Currently, Viritenz is the top rated male enhancement pill available on the market. It features all-natural ingredients, formulated to increase sexual well-being and experts have named it the most well-rounded and effective supplement consumers can buy.

How does Androtrex work?

Androtrex works by providing the user with the tools to transform their body and mind. Specifically, it is designed to treat a condition called andropause, which occurs mostly in older males and declines hormone production. Androtrex comes in liquid form and the user drops two to three dips of the product into their mouth, because the manufacturer states that it is absorbed into the blood stream faster, and goes to work as soon as possible.

The product contains several key nutrients that are used to provide support to ageing muscles and allows the body to utilize increased energy and stamina to perform longer, more intense workouts, in turn creating increased muscle mass and a loss of body fat. Most importantly the product claims to regulate hormone production, rather than simply give a hormone boost, which is a much safer and healthier approach.

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Top Benefits: Clear contact information is provided on the manufacturer’s website, a 180-day money back guarantee is offered, the product is available through a variety of reputable online vendors.

Negatives: Not much explanation of how the product works within the body, product needs to be used for longer than 30 days before results are seen, some ineffective or poorly researched ingredients are included.

Who makes this supplement?

The creators and manufacturers of this product are Global Healing Center. Their contact information can be found through the Global Healing Center website and is as follows:

Address: 2040 North Loop West, Ste. 234, Houston, TX 77018

Phone Number: (800) 476-0016


The product is available for purchase through the Global Healing Center website, as well as other popular online vendors such as Amazon.

Global Healing Center has also had some issues with the FDA for making improper or unverifiable claims about their products and ingredients. The FDA found that some of their claims were intentionally misleading to customers.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Androtrex clearly lists all the ingredients they utilize in the product, along with the intended purpose of each ingredient and the dosage of each. The site also is careful to point out that all their ingredients are natural or organic, although so are most other reputable testosterone boosters and male enhancement products.

While the product does utilize some quality ingredients there are also some additives whose purpose is unclear and has the potential for some negative side effects. Here are some of the ingredients that are included within the product:

Tongkat Ali: A popular testosterone booster that is utilized by many male enhancement drugs. The production of testosterone is key in improving your sexual performance and functionality. Higher testosterone levels lead to increased confidence, mental health, and energy. Improved mental health can relieve some of the anxieties or pressures associated with sexual performance, while improved stamina can lead to longer, more satisfying intercourse.

Furthermore, tongkat ali has value as a natural aphrodisiac which is relevant for other aspects of your health. The supplement has been shown to benefit ulcers, relieve fevers, and benefit blood pressure issues. It is even used in some coffee or energy drinks for its natural stamina boosting abilities.

Fulvic Acid: A natural material that is found in coal, soil, bodies of water, and more. It is formed when plants and animals decompose. Generally, it is used to treat respiratory tract infections, cancer, and fatigue. Unfortunately, there is very little clinical data regarding the effectiveness of the supplement, but nothing so far has suggested that it would be beneficial for male enhancement purposes. There is also a worry that over time Fulvic Acid could potentially weaken a user’s auto-immune system.

Tribulus Terrestris: Established and well-known ingredient featured in several male enhancement products, Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that is identifiable by its hairy and prickly leaves and stem and ability to grow and thrive is climates that most other plants couldn’t survive. The plant is widely known for its chemical benefits, namely its effect on testosterone in the body.

It is a common misconception that Tribulus itself creates more testosterone but it does create increased responsiveness to existing testosterone within the user’s brain. The increased responsiveness allows the body to take better advantage of the testosterone that is already being produced, as well as the testosterone that is being provided by the other supplements within the product. Allowing the brain to take advantage of existing testosterone is healthy long-term approach to maintaining your sexual wellness.

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What’s good about Androtrex?

Androtrex utilizes all-natural ingredients that are laid out clearly on their product’s website along with specific dosage information that is key to providing potential consumers peace of mind regarding the product they’re considering purchasing. Additionally, some of the ingredients that are used have been shown to effective and provide health benefits in the right dosages.

The manufacturer’s site also provides clear contact information for consumers with questions and concerns. There is also a 180-day money back guarantee option allowing the consumer to give the product a long-try before deciding whether it works for them or not.

What’s bad about Androtrex?

While the Androtrex site stresses that careful consideration they put into selecting the correct ingredients and figuring out the right dosages for their products, there is very little information regarding how the product works once it enters the bloodstream. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s past issues with the FDA regarding the representation of their products should be troubling to potential consumers, given that Androtrex contains a number of ingredients that aren’t typically used in other testosterone boosters or male enhancement products.

The product also preaches patience among its users, stating that it can take up to 180 days – around 6 months – for consumers to really start to notice the effects. While patience is a virtue, particularly when attempting to transform one’s body, 6 months is an abnormally long time to wait for a product to begin working.

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What do consumers think about Androtrex?

Androtrex is available through several reputable online retailers, in addition to its own website. As a result, there are a plethora of reviews to choose from regarding the product. Unfortunately, most of the reviews that could be located were decidedly negative with the occasional positive review mixed in.

Here are just a few of the reviews that could be found online

“Nowhere near the results I was hoping for. Used for a month, maybe should have stuck with it longer, but I don’t have the time.”

“I tried the product for three weeks but didn’t notice a single change, particularly in my libido.”

“I guess it works. Nothing extremely noticeable but I’ll give it another try in a few weeks. Taste was okay, at least.”


Androtrex takes a different, more holistic approach to testosterone boosting and male enhancement, but it seems that approach needs some tweaking. Most consumers expect significant results within a couple of weeks, but Androtrex preaches patience and a 180 day wait period before consumers will begin reaping the benefits. The manufacturer would have you believe that their product takes longer because they insist on using natural, organic ingredients, but there are a variety of other testosterone boosters and male enhancement supplements that utilize all-natural ingredients and work much faster.

Additionally, Androtrex is about $59.95 for a one month supply, so that means customers can expect to pay nearly $360 before they start seeing real results. It would seem that potential consumers would be better served exploring other male enhancement products that cut out the unnecessary or useless ingredients and have the potential to deliver results within weeks or a month. Viritenz is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that is sold by reputable vendors. Viritenz also has been named by experts as the best male enhancement supplement available on the market today.

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