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Ageless Male Review: Is It Safe?

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Ageless Male is a male enhancement supplement intended to aid libido, sex drive, sexual performance, balance testosterone, and even support muscle health. They claim it is a “worldwide best-seller” and that it can help aging males regain peak performance in the bedroom.

They mention clinically studied ingredients are used which are both effective and safe. Also, an intended benefit is that there are exact levels of each additive to ensure it can help support the body. It is made to be safe to use when the dosing instructions are followed, though it is advised to seek medical support if one is also taking prescriptions. The main intended support is via the increased levels of testosterone. After examining countless male enhancement supplements, the one with the best overall formula was found to be Viritenz. It’s made up of wholesome extracts which can support overall performance in the bedroom. Learn about what Viritenz is capable of via testimonials found by clicking this link.

How does Ageless Male work?

The intended effects are improved testosterone via the intake of a fenugreek extract. This increased testosterone can than aid energy metabolism, help one build lean muscle mass when exercising, aid overall sexual desire and drive, and allow one to perform in the bedroom.

Healthy testosterone is known to be an effective way of aiding overall male health and vitality. Ageless Male was made specifically to help men who are older, which when men age there is a natural decrease in testosterone levels. By counteracting this effect one can then regain one’s ability to function as a man.

Another benefit is via the use of zinc, a mineral which can also raise testosterone. Vitamin B6 is included which can be effective for the metabolism of energy. Also magnesium is used which is important for energy and the relief of muscle aches.

When adding exercise which is what the company says will be benefited with this supplement, one will be further able to increase testosterone. This is assuming one adopts a regimented exercise plan however. For a detailed insight into the top 10 ranked male enhancement pills, click this link.

Top Benefits: Made with natural ingredients, ingredients list is provided, and it’s backed by a guarantee.

Negatives: Not well-rounded enough, basic formula is cheaper elsewhere; company has had lawsuits filed against them.

Who makes this supplement?

New Vitality makes Ageless Male and their official full company name is NAC Marketing Company, LLC.

They can be contacted via their phone number, address, or email listed underneath:

Address: 95 Executive Drive Suite 14

Edgewood, New York 11717

Phone Number: (631) 777-7767


They offer a 30 day money back return policy starting from the date of Ageless Male being delivered. They add that this is offered with no questions asked and can be returned as one likes if results are not experienced.

A class action lawsuit was filed against them for claims they violated California business codes by not being clear about their auto-renewal policy. One website which posts information about lawsuits added:

“charged… without first obtaining affirmative consent”

“(no) subscription acknowledgement”

The lawsuit claimed that the company was not fully clear about their business practices, and that they locked people into monthly auto-shipment policies without first giving customers notice of this practice. People who purchased bottles of Ageless Male are said to have been cheated out of money, and that they were credited money without being notified of this first.

Rip Off also has negative reviews with some adding they were tricked into what they believed was a free trial. People complained how they didn’t know of this practice, and that they were surprised to suddenly notice additional charges on their credit cards. Click here to find out what solutions are available for natural male enhancement.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The following are the sole active ingredients inside Ageless Male:

Pyridoxine HCI: Vitamin B6 which is found in beans, meat, eggs, vegetables, cereals, and many other foods. This is often used to help those who have nutritional deficiencies, and is rarely supplemented for those who consume a varied enough diet.

This can help boost the immune system; help promote the healthy growth of many parts of the body, and also support energy metabolism. When taken in higher amounts that what is advised or for long-term, this can lead to nerve issues. Other potential side effects include:

  • Seizures, headaches and tingling.
  • Vomiting, loss of appetite, and stomach pain.

Effective natural solutions are available which can aid sexual vitality with ease.

Magnesium Aspartate: Mineral used for proper muscle and nerve health, the creation of DNA, aiding blood pressure and blood sugar, and many other important functions. This is high in foods such as legumes, dairy, leafy greens, nuts, and other foods.

It is advised to take this ingredient with a full meal as it can raise the risk for stomach issues such as diarrhea. A full glass of water is also advised with the intake of this ingredient. Possible symptoms which can occur include:

  • Allergies, itching, and swelling.
  • Brain lesions, endocrine issues, and neuron destruction.

Zinc (Amino Acid Chelate): Trace mineral which is made easier to absorb in the body via the process of chelation. It can be used by the immune system and can help make DNA and protein. Primarily used as an aid to overall testosterone.

Zinc is highly important but only needs to be added in small amounts to have an effect. Potentially it can cause unwanted side effects such as:

  • Kidney damage, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • Nausea, metallic taste, and stomach damage.
  • Reduced copper absorption, fatigue, and blood issues.

The list featured here is dedicated to featuring the most effective male enhancement pills of the year.

Fenugreek (Testofen): Patented version of fenugreek extracts which was created by Gencor. This contains concentrate versions of the compound found in fenugreek known as saponin glycosides. Used as a way to enhance sexual vitality, testosterone muscle mass, and reduced hormonal issues in men.

The creators of Testofen have had multiple class action lawsuits filed against them for what is claimed to be biased clinical studies. They claim that the company who makes this extract has made up their studies, and that they cannot be taken as fact. Because of the ongoing nature of these lawsuits at the time of this review, it’s impossible to determine if this patented ingredient is truly backed by any reliable evidence.

Fenugreek is a natural herb that is used in dishes as a spice, and it is also often found in male enhancement pills as a way to prevent ED and infertility. This can potentially cause:

  • Gas, congestion, and facial wheezing.
  • Coughing, reduced blood sugar, and diarrhea,

There are also an additional 8 inactive ingredients used in Ageless Male.

What’s good about Ageless Male?

Ageless Male does have some minerals and a vitamin inside of it which can help support healthy testosterone as well as make one feel more energized. They also ensure that only natural ingredients are used, and have added no stimulants or artificial colors.

What’s bad about Ageless Male?

While they have decided to use only natural ingredients, 3 of the 4 active additives can be found naturally in foods, and are often not required in increased amounts. They all can potentially cause side effects when taken in larger dosage strengths as well.

The added Testofen is a controversial ingredient as there are class action lawsuits filed against the company who makes it, for what is claimed to be false clinical studies.  Fenugreek which is the active ingredient used in Testofen has also had questionable effects, and there is a possibility of side effects.

Yet another troubling issue is the class action lawsuits filed against the makers of Ageless Male. Some have claimed that they use questionable tactics in their hidden auto-renewal policies. There have been complaints that they lure customers with claimed free trials, and that they do not disclose how certain purchases will enroll people into monthly plans. To regain sexual confidence there are options featured from the top 10 male enhancement pills list.

What do consumers think about Ageless Male?

The majority of online reviews are negative. On Ageless Male currently have 82 negative reviews. Many said that the company greatly exaggerated all the claimed benefits, and that it simply didn’t do anything no matter the dosage. Fortunately there weren’t many complaints from people who experienced side effects.

The same basic consensus people had was that this product was overrated, and that it seemed like a placebo pill. There was no increased energy, testosterone, improved sexual performance, or any of the other claimed benefits made according to the majority. No testimonials are offered either on the official Ageless Male website, which makes it harder to determine whether or not one can expect healthy results.

Ageless Male Conclusion

While Ageless Male is does have some ingredients in it which can be helpful to some who don’t have a varied diet, the only added herb used is under questioning for potentially false clinical studies. Reviews on the formula have been mixed with the majority of users adding how they experienced no positive changes in any form.

The company has also been questioned for what some claim to be hidden auto-shipment policies. Overall the formula is far too basic to assure any real noticeable changes. They also sell it at $49.95 for a basic 4 ingredient formula, with 3 ingredients which can be easily replaced by eating whole foods. Until the class action lawsuits are settled over the companies polices and the use of the key active ingredient Testofen, there will still be doubts about billing and the overall effectiveness of Ageless Male. The best male enhancement pill seen by our review experts was Viritenz. It contains only natural, stimulant free ingredients that have been 3rd party reviewed. Each additive has a unique effect for stabilizing overall sexual health.

For more details about the top rated Viritenz, follow this link provided.

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