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Nutrisystem Diet Review: Is It Safe?


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Nutrisystem Diet is a weight loss system offering supportive guidance for weight maintenance and weight loss, low calorie pre-packaged foods, and all-around support. Overall lifestyle, fitness, and strategies for eating out are also provided to ensure customers are able to keep excess weight from returning.

Their comprehensive plan is tailor made to fit diet considerations and individual goals for weight loss. This popular plan has been used by millions and the company has been around for over 40 years. Modified programs are offered for men, one lasts 28 days, and other plans are for general maintenance. After researching many kinds of diet plans our review experts found that Nutrisystem Diet was the most beneficial overall. You can gain a special discount code for 40% off on Nutrisystem Diet when you follow this cited link.

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How does Nutrisystem Diet work?

The plan involves a well-rounded and all-encompassing approach towards weight loss not just in the present, but also for sustained results in the future. It’s a lifestyle approach that allows one to choose pre-packaged foods which are low in calories, but able to sustain satiety so as to limit the risk of overeating.

By having portion controlled meals one does not have to weight foods out or make challenging decisions, the idea behind this is to limit the risk for one potentially eating less healthy but more convenient foods such as fast food. You also know for a fact how many calories you’re eating, and with this tracking one can sustain weight loss.

It’s not a crash diet plan which only allows for short-term results either; this is why they advise for exercise, proper nutrients, and frequent meals. 3 main principles the diet plan employs are:

• Having portions controlled so you know exactly what you’re getting.
• Receiving a balanced assortment of nutrients the body needs to feel good and function properly.
• 6 meals a day to keep hunger at bay, and to prevent changes in blood sugar which can lead to side effects.

Their ready to eat foods also include snacks such as a chocolate cupcake, ice cream, fudge bar, and milk chocolate pretzels. A wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are also offered.

You can also choose a vegetarian, men’s, diabetes friendly and a fully customizable plan.

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Top Benefits:

Plan is very easy to use and catered to one’s needs, customers were often satisfied with their weight loss results, and company is reputable and offers a great money back return policy.


Much like any other diet plan results are dependent on customer compliance.

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Who makes this Diet Plan?

The company is called Nutrisystem, Inc. and they offer multiple sources of contact depending on what one is looking for. Their customer service division can be found via the following:

Address: 600 Office Center Drive
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034

Phone Number: (800) 585-5483

Email: [email protected]

Their multiple phone numbers give access to the company for support Monday through Sunday. Each phone number and email goes to a specific field of interest so users can contact exactly who would be best to answer their questions.

They also highlight their return policy on the official website which says if one starts a 4 week plan and it does not fit ones need, within 14 days one can get their money back on opened foods.

If within 30 days of shipment one does not want to continue, one can also return unopened items for a refund. They do advise for people to buy direct from their website instead of 3rd parties to avoid any potential issues.

An official FAQ section on the official website goes over many standard questions in detail. Their Better Business Bureau page has the highest available A+ rating due to their quick handling of any and all consumer related issues. It’s clear in how they deal with customers that they pay attention and care to satisfy their consumer’s demands.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Here are some ingredients which you can find within Nutrisystem foods:

Chicken Breast: An often leaner part of the chicken which is rich in protein, vitamin b-6, potassium, and is low in calories. This is often a staple food in weight lifters diets due to its ease of preparation and rich nutritional yield.

Whole Wheat Flour: Ground up wheat grain which has a greater nutritional yield than standard white flour. This has more fiber, trace minerals, and potassium than processed white flour.

Ascorbic Acid: Potent antioxidant known as vitamin C which can be found in many fruits and vegetables. This can support the health and creation of skin, bones, tissue, and blood vessels.

Sunflower Seeds: Nutrient dense seed which has high levels of copper, vitamin E, manganese, and other trace minerals. This also contains rich fatty acids, protein, and fiber which are satiating and good for the body in controlled amounts.

Barley Flakes: Cereal grain that has a high amount of fiber and protein. This wholesome grain is known as one of the oldest discovered grains.

Green Bell Pepper: Vitamin C rich vegetable that are low in calories and also have many trace minerals.

Potassium Chloride: This form of potassium is often substituted for salt. Potassium is important for many body functions and in particular it affects heart rate.

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What’s good about Nutrisystem Diet?

The company emphasizes many details about their plan and you can even read about what foods they offer, and what their full ingredients are. This is also highly customizable and made to suit anyone’s needs who is either looking to keep their weight stable, or who need to shed weight.

They also make sure to use many wholesome and nutrient dense ingredients. One major benefit of this plan is its ability to target a well-rounded full lifestyle plan. You get to learn better eating habits, you can contact someone at the company to offer advice, you get calorie controlled foods, a wide variety of foods, and the ability to truly customize this plan.

Users have also been greatly satisfied and any have said they lost a ton of weight, and that they were able to keep it off. With the company’s great money back return plan, it also limits the chance for one losing out on money as long as a return is made within the allotted time.

It’s clear the company knows a lot of about nutrition since they make sure to specially control not just calories, but also provide nutrient dense foods. This is important for maintaining a healthy body instead of just simply reducing calories.

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What’s bad about Nutrisystem Diet?

Though not unique to this diet plan, it does take a commitment from the user to really notice any weight loss change. This can be said about any other weight loss plan which takes even a small amount of discipline however. Overall there really aren’t much bad things about this plan which need to be highlighted.

What do consumers think about Nutrisystem Diet?

Many reviews can be found online, here are a few represented:

“So easy to follow and the food is delicious. Made it so much easier for me to lose weight this way”

“Lost 12 pounds within my first month and I really love the process. Their customer service is so helpful too”

“I can’t see how I could have lost all this weight on my own. Feels amazing and I have a great appreciation for this”

“Used so many different kinds of plans, workouts fad diets and more but nothing worked like Nutrisystem

On Consumer Affairs they have a total of 181 5 star rankings which was their main rating approval, meaning most people were greatly satisfied with both the plan and customer service support.

Users who had questions and any and all concerns were promptly responded to by a representative of the company.

You can also read many successful testimonials on the official Nutrisystem website.

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WLT Conclusion:

Few options exist which are as comprehensive as Nutrisystem Diet, and this plan offers full support for unique modifications and catering to one’s needs and demands. Their foods are rich in nutrients and they are calorie controlled while in customer’s eyes still able to remain tasty. Many have left positive testimonials and reviews to showcase how they were able to sustain real weight loss changes with ease. It’s because of all these reasons that the Nutrisystem Diet was rated as the best weight loss diet plan of this year.

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