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Meal Replacements vs Protein Shakes.


What is the difference between regular protein shakes and meal replacement protein shakes?

The main aspect that differs between these two shakes is the number of calories. While a regular protein shake is generally low-calorie, a meal replacement protein shake really can replace a full meal because of the amount of calories and nutrients it contains. Opting for a protein shake because of the lower calorie content is not always the best idea, because if you want to be healthy and lose weight, you will need the essential nutrients that will curb your appetite.

A regular protein shake will not do that, but a meal replacement protein shake will and at only about 90 to 200 calories per serving. Completely eliminating carbs from your diet will not give you the results you want, so it is okay that there are some carbs in a meal replacement protein shake (the ratio of protein to carbs should be 2:1).


Meal Replacement Protein Shakes:

- Can completely replace a meal.

- Includes an ideal ration of protein to carbs.

- Provides essential nutrients.

- Formulated specifically for weight loss or maintenance and fat reduction.

Regular Protein Shakes:

- Cannot completely replace a meal.

- Includes little or no carbs.

- Protein sources are usually soy, casein, eggs, and/or whey.

- Supplemental to your diet plan.

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