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Vitali-T-Aid Review: Is It Safe?

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Vitali-T-Aid is a male enhancement pill made to enhance sex drive, testosterone, libido and all with natural ingredients. They include a patented ingredient and a proprietary blend of common mal enhancement ingredients.

They add that this can help raise free testosterone which is the most bioavailable and usable kind of testosterone. They even provide a graph to showcase how the patented ingredient was more effective than a placebo for improving sexual behavior. The most touted male enhancement pill that was found by our review experts was Viritenz. It has a unique ingredient blend of useful ingredients that are free of any cheap fillers or stimulants. Gain more insight into the benefits of Viritenz by taking a look the year’s top 10 list.

How does Vitali-T-Aid work?

At the advised 2 capsules per day alongside a strength training regimen it’s said to be able to raise free testosterone levels in about 6 weeks, according to clinical studies on one key patented ingredient.

They do advise for people 18 and older to take it, and they say it is free of any unwanted side effects.

By helping to raise what is known as free testosterone levels, this version of testosterone is the most active and can be used instead of blocked by the body. The freeing of this will make it readily available and easier used by the body in a meaningful way.  The main touted ingredient which is made to deliver this effect is Testofen, which has been created by another company.

The makers provide a brief explanation as to the other ingredients which are lumped together in a proprietary blend, and they provide links to their Web MD pages, though oddly enough some of these do not support the use of certain additives.

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Top Benefits: Additives like Tribulus Terrestris are good for male enhancement, relatively cheap, and the full ingredients list is provided.

Negatives:  Marketing is somewhat misleading, low dose of proprietary formula, and no money back return policy is offered on opened bottles.

Who makes this supplement?

Prevention, LLC is the creators of this supplement and they can be contacted via the following:

Address: 2030 Main Street Suite 630

Irvine, CA 92614

Phone Number: (866) 967-2611


It’s worth noting their Vitali-T-Aid website only provided a phone number, their other contact information had to be found online. They offer no money back return policy on this product if it is opened. Their 30 day money back return extends only to unopened and untampered product. Because of this lack of guarantee if single bottle users were to try it and not gain what they wanted, there would be no way to get your money back.

Besides this issue there have been no complications due to recalls or shady business practices.

The only thing slightly misleading is the fact that some consumers may think the brand is clinically studied, instead of it just having one clinically studied ingredient.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The key ingredients include:

Testofen: Patented form of fenugreek which is said to help support overall sexual function, muscle mass, energy levels, and free testosterone levels. Many lawsuits have been filed against the creators for claims that they have used biased studies, and that all the claimed benefits have not been experienced.

It’s unknown if Testofen has the same potential for side effects as pure fenugreek does, but there have been some side effects seen in fenugreek including:

  • Nasal congestion, allergic effects, and rash.
  • Bloating, diarrhea, and upset stomach.
  • Blood sugar issues, coughing, and a maple syrup smell.

Astralagus Root: Herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a way to stimulate the immune system. This has also been used to reduce inflammation and provide adaptogen, or stress relief support.

Saw Palmetto Berry: Natural plant used to help decrease the lining in the prostate which carries urine. This has also bene used as an aphrodisiac to boost sexual desire. It can cause unwanted symptoms in some such as:

  • Liver damage, impotence, and vomiting.
  • Constipation, diarrhea, and headache.

Panax Ginseng Root: Used in Asian countries as a plant substance this can provide numerous benefits. It is believed to help support general well-being. This can help provide better memory, focus, mood and athletic endurance to name a few positives.

L-Arginine: Amino acid found in protein rich foods such as eggs and meats. This can help support brain power, energy, stamina, and overall output. This has also bene used to protect against impotence and a lack of blood flow for stronger erections. The way it works is by transforming itself as nitric oxide, which can be used for better blood flow.

FD&C Blue #1: Artificial food dye with a blue color which is often added to processed foods. This has had a traditional use as it can make a food look more colorful, but it has no health benefits.

This specific version of food coloring is poorly absorbed by the stomach, and around 90% of it will remain in one’s stool.

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What’s good about Vitali-T-Aid?

The official website is easy to navigate, provides a clear description as to the intended benefits, and the company has not had any issues related to bad company practices mentioned online.

You know exactly what you’re getting with this product as well since the supplements facts list and dosing requirements are mentioned upfront.

Yet another benefit is that they provide a simple explanation as to the intended benefits of each of the ingredients.

What’s bad about Vitali-T-Aid?

One major problem is the really low dosage of the proprietary blend which consists of 100 mg of 6 different ingredients. Having such a low dosage of Tribulus Terrestris for example is unlikely to product such an effect.  If divided this means there’s about 16.6 mg of each additive.

They also offer no money back return policy for any opened bottles, meaning single bottle purchases are not covered.

Yet another problem is the added Testofen which is currently being investigated in lawsuits over claims it does not achieve what the clinical studies say it does.

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What do consumers think about Vitali-T-Aid?

Here are a few telling user opinions found online:

“None of the effects were experienced, tried contacting the parent company but nothing”

“took me a while to finally feel something but at least it’s cheaper than other brands”

“Really think a lot of these positive reviews are fake because it did nothing at all for me”

“Think I will continue using this libido was enhanced for sure”

Because of the high range of extremes, customers either really liked this, or they added they did not notice any real changes. Those who had a positive experience did say their load size was better, and that they regained libido.

However there was also a vocal amount of users who said they would not advise for anyone to use it, and 3 mentioned they felt that the positive reviews were fake. There is no evidence of this but they seem to think its fake due to the complete lack of benefits they experienced.

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There are some ingredients within this which are effective but commonly found in many other male enhancement supplements. Unfortunately there is such as low dosage of these compounds that it’s possible it may not have a strong enough effect. The main touted ingredient is a patented fenugreek extract which has been plagued by multiple lawsuits over claims it can have multiple benefits for male virility. There is also no money back return policy offered on any opened bottles, so it essentially makes all single bottle sales final. User experiences have been mixed and this brand is far too generic to consider it an outstanding supplement.

Viritenz was seen as the best male enhancement supplement of the year due to its ability to help sustain libido, healthy testosterone, erection size and length, and overall virility. User testimonials have provided glowing reviews for what is this year’s best male enhancement product.

It includes a natural blend of studied ingredients such as oyster extract, boron, L-Arginine, maca, muira puama, and much more. When combined together they help to optimize overall sexual function and male health. The makers also produce it in a GMP compliant facility to ensure 3rd party inspections review the quality. Click here to find out about what kinds of benefits one can experience with the top ranking supplement known as Viritenz.

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