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ViSwiss Review: Is It Safe?

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ViSwiss is a male enhancement pill made with natural ingredients said to help produce erections within 20 minutes of use and with 72 hours of duration. This is meant to help prevent impotence while boosting overall libido.

They add how one can even use this alongside alcohol, and that it is free from any side effects. It’s said one can satisfy one’s partner with a formula meant to help support the body’s own mechanisms. They also describe it as being a breakthrough from Swedish scientists. The most well-reviewed and beneficial brand of this year for natural male enhancement was Viritenz. It was able to give men better erections, more libido, healthy testosterone, and all with a stimulant free formula. To learn about what can be gained from Viritenz, click on this link.

How does ViSwiss work?

They do add how upon fist use it can last upwards of 72 hours whenever one is stimulated. Prevention of premature ejaculation, more sperm volume, and the ability to target a woman’s G-Spot is claimed. Longer lasting sex, more passionate and enjoyable sex, and overall performance enhancement is also highlighted.

This is made achievable via the increase of blood flow, and they say that this can also treat many conditions which can hinder performance. Increase of nitric oxide, testosterone, health of the nervous system, protection against many conditions, HGH stimulation, antioxidant support, and calming of the mind are some of the scientific claims made about this brand.

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Top Benefits: Official website is informative, descriptive ingredients explanation, and backed by a guarantee.

Negatives: Full ingredients list is not provided by the makers, many consumer complaints exist about their business practices, and the formula is limited.

Who makes this supplement?

Nathans Natural is the name of the company and they are based out of the UK, their featured contact details are:

Phone Number: 0800 051 3910


A 30 day money back return is offered for unopened bottles. Furthermore while they do say there are 11 unique herbal ingredients, they only reveal and explain 4 of the 11.

They do offer sales direct from their official website, and they offer discounts on multiple bottles.

They have a F rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as multiple complaints on websites like Complaints and Pissed Many had issues with the company and they have said they lost out on money due to their poor business practices. Consumers had the following to say:

“did nothing for me… this is just a placebo effect and they are a scam”

“a bunch of scammers that take your money and don’t deliver any of their promises”

“called their number and it was a marketing site for gift cards”

“tried retuning 2 opened bottle and they emailed me weeks later to let me got the bottles and would schedule a refund. They never refunded me and whenever I call they hang up on me”

Several customers noted how they would not able to schedule a return on opened bottles and that the company makes many great sounding claims that this brand does not live up to.

They were also hung up on and redirected, given fake phone numbers or being outright avoided from conversing with any representative of the company. It’s unknown what they intend to do, but customers were very unhappy with these kinds of scam like tactics.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

No full ingredients list is provided by the official website, but some other 3rd party sites have detailed what’s inside. Here are some of the claimed additives:

Damiana: A wild shrub found in parts of Latin America which is used for its aphrodisiac qualities. This is added to help treat many kinds of sexual issues.

Serious symptoms including convulsions have been seen in some people.

Gingko Biloba: Ancient tree extract that has been used historically to treat many kinds of issues. This can help aid blood circulation, and it can help kill many kinds of bacteria and fungi within the body. Side effects have been shown such as:

  • Loss of consciousness, convulsions, and skin allergies.
  • Headache, dizziness, and forceful heart rate.
  • Raised risk for bruising and bleeding.

Saw Palmetto: Plant extract which can help reduce the size of the lining near the prostate which carries urine. There are potential symptoms which can become an issue such as:

  • Constipation, vomiting, and impotence.
  • Nausea, headache, and liver damage.

Ashwagandha Root: Herbal additive that is a part of the nightshade branch of plants. This has been used for its touted adaptogen effects, meaning it can help the body better deal with stress whenever it arises. By producing this effect it can make keep testosterone levels balanced, since the stress hormone cortisol is known to reduce testosterone.

Avena Sativa: Another name for common oat, this has been used to help promote blood flow and sexual desire.

Epimedium: Aphrodisiac herb used to prevent erectile dysfunction and low libido. More research is needed to help prove this effect. It has shown the ability to cause unwanted symptoms including:

  • Dry mouth, dizziness, and thirst.
  • Spams, breathing issues, and nosebleed.

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What’s good about ViSwiss?

There’s no doubt that ingredients like maca, ginseng, muira puama, and L-Arginine which are claimed to be added to this can deliver great benefits for natural male enhancement benefits. The addition of these ingredients makes it clear that the company is aware of at least a certain amount of useful ingredients.

You can also return unopened bottles within 30 days according to their return policy.

What’s bad about ViSwiss?

One major issue this supplement has is that the creators have failed to mention what the full ingredients list is. You cannot determine for a fact what’s added unless you trust 3rd parties who have nothing to do with the manufacturing process. You’d have to take an unaffiliated site for their word and hope they got the ingredients list right and that it hasn’t changed.

Furthermore there has been many issues related to customer service. People even said that they were unable to make a return on unopened bottles within 30 days per their return policy. Because of this repeat issue customers said they felt scammed out of money.

Reviews for this were also greatly negative, with many adding how they failed to notice any real changes. This was such a common issue that it became a resounding consensus. Due to the questionable business practices, great sounding claims made without any evidence, bad reviews, unknown formula, and no real proof, it’s hard to understand what this brand can really do.

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What do consumers think about ViSwiss?

The following are a few of the most notable reviews found online:

“Can’t believe I fell for this there must be fake reviews because this ended up doing nothing for me”

“This is an ineffective product that relies on a placebo effect. Felt nothing from this no raised libido or testosterone and no changes in any form”

“Don’t spend your money on this you’re better off doing something completely different. No effects on my end”

Overwhelmingly there was a repeat issue due to the lack of benefits. People complained that they were unable to see any changes, and that they would not advise for anyone to take it. Unfortunately these customers also said that when they scheduled a return for unopened bottles, they were unable to get their money back.

Because pf these repeat concerns it’s highly questionable whether or not this brand actually sold millions, as the website claims.

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Due to the many claims made about this brand and the lack of evidence, it remains to be seen what is truly possible. Reviews for this were greatly negative, and customers also criticized the makers for not sticking with their claimed money back return policy for unopened bottles. For unknown reasons they have hidden the majority of their formula, and it’s also unknown what the dosage strength is of any of these additives. This is highly important as it’s the only way to determine if they add it in a potent yet safe strength.

The most highly regarded brand for male enhancement of this year was found to be Viritenz. It was rated as the number 1 brand due to its comprehensive formula and great customer reviews.

It works to help support healthy libido, testosterone, erection strength, and overall male wellness. Learn about the natural formula in Viritenz and read testimonials from their official website here.

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