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ViaGrow Review: Is It Safe?

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ViaGrow is a male enhancement pill said to be the number one brand of its kind with guaranteed results. They say how it can produce thicker, harder and long lasting erections.

No official website is available, which makes it so all those interested have to review 3rd party websites which may not have the accurate information. 3rd party site have also said this is meant to produce erections within 20 minutes of ingestion. The most well-regarded and established brand for male enhancement this year was Viritenz. Our review experts rated it highly due to its positive testimonials, solid ingredients list, and all-around positive consumer reviews. To check out their official website and to learn about what Viritenz is capable of, follow this link.

How does ViaGrow work?

Though some 3rd party sites have provided snippets of information, it’s impossible to verify whether or not the actual creators have formulated it to supply these demands. For example they say how it can be used for a 72 hour period, and results are mean to be experienced within 20 minutes of intake.

There is also some suggestion that it will help raise nitric oxide levels which can improve blood flow, and that it has aphrodisiacs which can enhance libido.

Another additional support system is provided by testosterone boosting herbs. No testimonials, clinical studies, or any sort of important proof has bene provided to actually support any of these claims.  There is an online 3rd site which claims this is guaranteed, but no evidence of this is provided either. It’s impossible to verify whether or not this issupported by the creators since all 3rd party sites seem dated and make great sounding claims which have not been proven.

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Top Benefits: You can buy it from a few 3rd party sources and there are some helpful ingredients.

Negatives: Company website is no longer active, 3rd party sites which sell this appears to be outdated, and there is no money back or safety guarantee.

Who makes this supplement?

It is known that the company is a British website since their now unpaid for domain has expired, but you can still see that they were at one point the actual creators. Some 3rd party sites have listed the contact details and company name, but when researching this you get no actual useable information to help pinpoint who to talk to.

It could either be that the company who made this no longer is making it, which means all batches of it are potentially expired and dated. Or for some reason they continue to make it, but they have relinquished sales of it to 3rd party websites without due notice. In either case you’re unable to verify the following:

  • What the actual ingredients list is.
  • Who to talk to in case of an issue or lack of effects.
  • Proper dosing and recommendations for intake.
  • What the risk is for side effects.

This is a small list of issues which arise when considering this supplement. You’re simply unable to know what is to be expected and none of the websites which sell this have any sort of guarantee.

It is likely that the creators have ceased to make this, as many of the 3rd party sites sell this for hundreds of dollars which in analyzing the potential ingredients, would be much more expensive than it should be in comparison to other similar formulas.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

You cannot verify for a fact whether or not the following claimed ingredients are used since only a few 3rd party sites actually mention a few ingredients, and they are not affiliated with the creators:

Epimedium: Horny goat weed which is an herb that is often used in Chinese medicine as a way to treat many issues. This is a very common ingredient within male enhancement pills, as it’s said to help prevent erectile dysfunction.

There have been many issues related to side effects because it can lead to the following:

  • Thirst, nosebleed, and dizziness.
  • Breathing issues, abnormal heart rate, and vomiting.

Some of the compounds within this are lacking studies, making it impossible to predict what it might do with repeat use.

Yohimbe Bark: Wood bark from Africa that is often used as a way to help prevent erectile dysfunction via the increase of nitric oxide. Studies have been mixed and there is a large potential for many kinds of unwanted symptoms including:

  • Agitation, rapid heart rate, and vomiting.
  • Tremors, sudden muscle spasms, and headache.
  • Mood swings, anxiety, and organ damage.
  • Heart attack, changes in blood pressure and death.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has reviewed this and they have this to say:

“very little research in people on the effects”

Ashwagandha Root: This plant extract has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a way to help the body better deal with stress. This known adaptogen has shown the ability to help prepare the body for moments of stress.  This is also used to aid sexual desire and reduce the likelihood of infertility.

Some side effects ae possible such as:

  • Diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting.

Tribulus Terrestris: Fruit bearing plant what has been used to help stimulate libido without having any effects on testosterone. So this can be effective without causing any changes in hormone levels. This has shown the ability to also protect organs.

L-Arginine: This important amino acid is responsible for helping produce nitric oxide within the body. This can be used to help stimulate all-around better blow flow, and for male enhancement it can maintain the strength and vigor of erections. It is often well tolerate and it can be used easily by the body.

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What’s good about ViaGrow?

If the ingredients list is actually as 3rd party sites say it is,  then there are some healthy ingredients within this that can stimulate testosterone, libido, and enhance satisfaction in the bedroom.

You also have the option to look at a few 3rd party sites which sell this.

What’s bad about ViaGrow?

Rarely was there a positive review for this product from judging online reviews. Many failed to benefit from this and some have experienced side effects.

One major issue is that the company is no longer taking responsibility for this product, meaning all sales are final and it’s impossible to know if they actually still make it. You cannot reach anyone at the company to have them expand more on the intention of use, potential side effects, or what the full ingredients list is.

No website has listed the dosage strength and there is only mention of some additives without giving the full representation.

You also can only read about great sounding claims without any evidence. One website in particular says this is guaranteed, yet they have no money back return policy, nor do they help provide any testimonials or source of proof. It seems as though the creators may not even make this fresh anymore, so it places doubt on whether or not this would be considered safe to use in any amount.

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What do consumers think about ViaGrow?

The following are a few reviews found online:

“Really sucked for me it did nothing I was very disappointed”

“Takes months for there to be finally an effect”

“After getting another bottle I noticed the formula had changed and this did nothing for me. Total garbage please do your best to avoid it”

“When taking this you have to be cautious because it gave me bad dizziness and nausea”

Side effects and a lack of benefits was the most common reviews found online. Though there wasn’t much to examine, it appears many have been dissatisfied.


Brands like this are difficult to review as no official website exists, and you cannot know if it’ still being made fresh. You also cannot review a full ingredients list as 3rd party websites have only made references to certain additives. No money back guarantee is offered either on a supplement which is lacking any real credibility. Due to the mostly negative user reviews there doesn’t seem to be any good reason why one should trust this for male enhancement.

This year’s best male enhancement supplement is known as Viritenz. In it is a comprehensive formula of additives which have all shown the ability to enhance overall male sexuality.

There are only studied ingredients which are free of any kinds of colors, artificial ingredients, stimulants, or any cheap filler. Learn about the change Viritenz can provide in the bedroom by taking a look at their official website.

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