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Universal Animal Test Review: Is It Safe?

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Universal Animal Test is a testosterone supplement claiming to be backed by clinically studied ingredients. This is used to help reduce estrogen, promote free testosterone, and help deliver anabolic improvements.

Cycling is necessary though they do say that it will not cause any hormonal issues.  They highly market this for athletes who need to improve muscle and strength gains. Specifically they advise one to implement a weight lifting regimen to maximize results. The well-reviewed brand for male enhancement of this year according to both user experiences and our experts was Viritenz. This can help stimulate healthy testosterone levels, aid blood flow, stimulate libido, and provide many other benefits. For a closer inspection of the benefits Viritenz can provide, click on this link.

How does Universal Animal Test work?

A full description is provided as to the benefits this is meant to produce. This is said to help stop SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin from being produced, which is known to reduce testosterone.

Anabolism is said to be produced so one can enhance both muscle size and strength.

Anti-estrogen compounds are also provided which can stop receptors from accepting estrogen.  So it can help circulate more testosterone and prevent the breakdown of this which can occur with other forms of hormones. A fatty acid is also used which is meant to also help reduce muscle inflammation as well as support recovery from workouts. They say this is a great supplement for bodybuilders and dedicated athletes.

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Top Benefits: Well-explained as to what it can do, available from many 3rd party retailers, and the supplements facts list is available for reading.

Negatives: Many bad reviews are found, contains food coloring, and some of these ingredients may lead to serious side effects.

Who makes this supplement?

The company is known as Universal Nutrition and you can contact them via the following:

Address: 3 Terminal Road

New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

Phone Number: (800) 872-0101


Two FDA related issues have been raised one time for a clinical review which saw that their label for a supplement said there was a certain amount of folic acid and vitamin A, only to really contain 0% of it according to a test.

In 2016 the FDA sent them another warning for many of their brands after they found many claims made which were not proven true. A long list of examples is provided by the FDA letter which is made public online and reveals how they manipulated the truth and told outright lies about what one could expect from their supplements.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Some of the most noteworthy additives within this include:

Yohimbe Bark Extract: This extract found in Africa has been used to help treat erectile dysfunction as well as support blood flow. Due to its stimulant like effects it has shown at high risk for causing anxiety.

There are also many other potential symptoms which can arise including:

  • Tremors, muscle twitches and agitation.
  • Excitation, raise blood pressure, and drooling,
  • Sinus issues vomiting, and rash.
  • Increase urination, rash, and difficulty breathing.
  • Raised risk for kidney issues, allergic reactions, and death.

Grapefruit (6, 7 – Dihydroxybergamottin): A compound which is used to help stimulate the intake of any surrounding ingredient. This has also been shown to potentially negatively affect the intake of prescription drugs, as it may render them useless.

Cissus Quadrangularis: Plant added to support joint, bone, and prevent related injuries. Studies are lacking about its real use, but it is said to have antioxidant properties and it can also reduce inflammation.

The long-term safety of this additive is still unknown, and it may be harmful with repeat use. Short-term side effects have been shown such as:

  • Gas, diarrhea, and insomnia.
  • Headache, dry mouth, and ill feelings.

Urtica Dioica: Known more commonly as stinging nettle this plant is found in many parts of the world and it has been used to promote anti-inflammatory effects and also boost testosterone levels.

Polygonum Cuspidatum: Known as Japanese Knotweed, this plant extract is added to support healthy circulation and even heart health. It is known to have resveratrol, which has bene claimed to help increase lifespan.

FD&C Blue #1: An article blue dye that is only included to provide color to the pills. This is often poorly absorbed and will be shown in stool samples up to 90%. There are some studies showing that this may lead to DNA damage, hyperactivity, and allergic reactions.

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What’s good about Universal Animal Test?

The creators have added a good form of stinging nettle and some bioperine which can aid the intake of the surrounding additives.

The makers also provide a full supplements facts list, and they provide a full breakdown of all the intended benefits in an easy to understand and informative manner. This simplifies the need for research and gives customers the ability to help understand what this can truly do. It also means the creators did a lot of research to help showcase they understand the scientific process this is meant to deliver.

What’s bad about Universal Animal Test?

2 forms of food coloring, a potentially harms stimulant, and some unproven ingredients are added to this blend. Due to the added stimulant many users noticed major side effects which made it difficult to continue supplanting with this.

Using these kinds of additives has unknown consequences and it has even caused serious short-term issues in some. Yohimbe for example can even lead to organ failure and death. This then makes it important to use this only if one can ensure the company is legitimate.

This is especially concerning when you take into account the 2 major FDA issues regarding false claims and the company failing to add any amounts of certain claimed additives.

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What do consumers think about Universal Animal Test?

The following are some of the user experiences found online:

“really a hit or miss product this is something I can’t advise to most. I took it for a cycle and it didn’t really do anything to grand. Take it or leave it”

“Didn’t see any of the benefits I was looking for and I don’t think I would continue taking it as it was ineffective”

“Even though I used it as directed It failed to give me any of the claimed benefits. Do not waste any of your money on this a waste”

“Ended up giving me really really bad anxiety all day”

Some users did enjoy the initial rush of sensation but there was also some concern from users who felt it was much too strong. This caused side effects such as hyperactivity, nausea, ill feelings, headache, withdrawal effects, and general anxiety.

Even people who said they used it as directed and were going to the gym regularly added how they would not continue using this. It has also often advised to limit intake too early in the day due to its stimulant effects.

Overall those that could handle it did say they enjoyed it, but this was not the same result for the majority of users. Many found it underwhelming or unusable for long periods, which is likely due to the need for this to be cycled.

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Universal Animal Test requires cycling and is heavily marketed towards bodybuilders and because of this it’s not really intended for simply use from customers that want a male enhancement product. As far as its benefits while it does have potent stimulants, not everyone may want to have a sudden rush of effects. This may prove too extreme for some, which is why there have been many who said they didn’t like using this. In some it caused severe anxiety to the point they were unable to function normally. Due to serious company issues in the past it’s difficult to recommend this knowing of its potentially damaging effects.

The top ranking supplement found this year for male enhancement support was Viritenz. It has a blend of studied ingredients, all of which can support male virility. No added colors, stimulants, binders, fillers, or any cheap additive are included.

The makers also ensure that all purchases are made in a GMOP complaint facility to ensure quality inspections on a routine basis. Viritenz testimonials and a full breakdown are available when you click on this link.

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