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Tribestan Review: Is It Safe?

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Tribestan is a testosterone boosting supplement described as being a natural and safe way to support health. Effects can be experienced by both men and women, and it can also be used for those who engage in recreational sport.

Added to this is just one sole ingredient that the company says is pure and made to deliver healthy effects. There are specific dosing requirements depending on one’s purpose, but it’s not well explained as to what it can do exactly. The most well reviewed and highly touted male enhancement supplement was discovered to be Viritenz.  It has a potent natural formula of extracts which can support overall libido and virility without any cheap stimulants or unwanted artificial additives. Click on this link to gain more information on what makes Viritenz the top ranking supplement of this year.

How does Tribestan work?

The official website does not go into detail as to what it is meant to do but they do describe it as being effective for men, women, and athletes. It’s just uncertain what kinds of benefits are intended.  In reviewing the sole active ingredient it is known to have multiple benefits towards sexual function, libido, athletic endurance, and all without it affecting hormone levels.

Dosing is also specific and requires long term use in order for it to be experienced:

Enhanced benefits: 2 to 3 tablets every day with meals for a total of 90 days and if needed, an interval every several weeks.

Adults: 2 to 3 tablets a day with meals for a period of 40 to 50 days.

Since each package has 60 capsules, this means one would have to purchase more than a few boxes at a time to make sure the full effects are experienced.

They do not offer a very informative explanation as to what they consider several weeks or a maintenance period. This can mean a handful of weeks or a continuation of even more time.

It’s also very important to not suddenly stop using this in smaller amounts, and that it should be slowly reduced if needed, but if one were to stop they add how symptoms may return and side effects may be experienced. No further explanation is given to explain the science behind this, and it’s difficult in trying to find any relevant information that says suddenly stopping the use of the sole active ingredient would be harmful. So it’s unclear where they sourced this information and whether or not this is accurate.

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Top Benefits: The sole active ingredient is healthy, made for men and woman, and the ingredient is all-natural.

Negatives: Heavy dosing is necessary, made to be used long-term for unknown periods, and only contains one active ingredient.

Who makes this supplement?

The company name is Sopharma Pharmaceuticals and they can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: 07791 441153


They are based out of Bulgaria, which happens to breed a highly potent version of the active ingredient called Tribulus Terrestris. They have been operational since the 1970’s and do not appear to have any issues with business practices. No Better Business Bureau account for them exists, but they have not had any FDA or FTC related issues of any kind.

Though they do provide a clear description of who should take this and the total dosage strength, they fail to add any relevant information about what exactly Tribestan can do. No money back return policy is offered either, making all sales final and not backed by any policy.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

One sole active ingredient is provided in this supplement:

Pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris (250 mg): Fruit bearing plant that has been used in traditional medicine as a way to aid sexual health, provide diuretic effects, and raise testosterone levels.

Studies on this have shown great results and it can also boost athletic function. has found that it can:

“enhance libido and sexual wellbeing”

This can be done according to them without having any effect on testosterone.

While this ingredient has potent effects, it may not be enough to truly deliver all-around benefits to male virility. This may be the reason why the creators have marketed it for women as well.

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What’s good about Tribestan?

Using Tribulus Terrestris is a healthy way to help improve sexual function, athletic function, and overall libido. Studies have showcased its abilities to help aid many aspects of virility. This has also been shown to be likely safe when it is processed and the spines from the plant are removed.

The creators help provide an informative breakdown of who should take this as well as a recommendation for dosing on three different levels.

No harsh ingredients or cheap fillers are added to this blend either. Just one sole ingredient is used in a high amount.

What’s bad about Tribestan?

Because they only add 1 ingredient the odds of being able to actually produce any well-rounded benefits to male enhancement are limited. There’s no doubt this sole active ingredient is good, but there’s a reason why they market Tribestan for women as well. This is meant more for general wellness effects, and the official website for this product does not go over any of the specific benefits.

You also do not have the courtesy of a money back guarantee in case there is a lack of effects. It’s hard to rely on one sole active ingredient and the dosing is also very complicated. They ask for continual long-term use which they say if stopped, can result in side effects and a return of any symptoms people had in the past. They fail to provide any studies to showcase why this is possible, but this kind of precaution is rare to include for any kind of natural supplement.

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What do consumers think about Tribestan?

Here are a few of the reviews on Tribestan found online:

“felt kind of restless and uneasy cause I’m not much of a weightlifter. You have to be really dedicated to use this without any kinds of bad effects”

“really was effective for me I felt my libido was up and I was so horny”

“Felt my skin get tight and got a pump from it. I defiantly would recommend its use”

“Really good stuff it is a good seller”

Some people really enjoyed using this brand and there were a few users who said it was so potent that it has to be taken with caution. One person ended up having issues with relaxing, as it gave them a noticeable pump that was difficult to control.

It’s unclear how people experienced such effects as Tribulus Terrestris is not meant to provide such effects.  There was also a user who felt his skin was tightening which is a very rare and unexplained kind of symptom to be experienced.

People did say their libido was increased and that they felt sexually stimulated. It’s unclear if they took anything else to provide the other claimed changes.

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Tribestan is not well-described by the company but it does provide one wholesome active ingredient which has been shown to help stimulate sexual wellbeing. The makers do seem reputable and have had no issues with quality control, but they also are lacking in a suitable money back return policy.  Information about this brand is limited to just a few claims about it supporting health, but there is no clear description as to what it will do in the body. They also market this for women, meaning it will not likely lead to any beneficial changes in testosterone. Because it is very lacking, it does not make it a very suitable solution for all-around support towards virility.

Our review experts were able to identify Viritenz as being the most well reviewed formula with great ingredients which can optimize male sexual function. It has potent extracts such as amino acids, herbs, minerals, and all of which can support virility. No cheap stimulants, binders, fillers, or any unwanted ingredients are used which can degrade the quality.

Testimonials from users have highlighted its ability to help provide lasting support for better sexual encounters, libido, testosterone, and all-around male health. Because it’s made in a FDA approved facility, it also ensures customers are protected by a quality controlled and inspected product. Gain more information about what made Viritenz the top rated brand of its kind this year by clicking on this link.

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