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Stamina Rx Review: Is It Safe?

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Stamina Rx is a male enhancement pill intended to help stimulate sexual desire with an all-natural formula said to be unlike any other supplement. They add how this potent formula has been the best of its kind for over 10 years now.

Results are said to be provided within the first time it is used, and with a rapid onset. Around 1 to 2 tablets are advised just before sex, with no more than 2 a day. It’s said to be formulated with a high grade of additives that includes potent herbal ingredients. The most beneficial and top rated supplement which was helpful for male enhancement was the expert reviewed Viritenz. The reason being its numerous positive testimonials and ability to help sustain virility with ease. To view the official Viritenz website and to learn about its capabilities, simply click on this link.

How does Stamina Rx work?

The science section of the official website goes over a brief rundown of what this product is meant to do. They say that there are certain additives which have not been recreated by other supplement brands, and that they can lead to fast acting and immediate benefits towards sensitivity, arousal, and desire.

This is said to last for hours and with the ability to promote maximum sexual performance.

While this sounds impressive, they really didn’t go over the science at all. They mostly added common buzzwords that you’d hear for the advertising of a product. They fail to add the actual mechanism that supports its ability to act fast, deliver lasting effects, and help with virility.

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Top Benefits: Strict dosing requirements are outlined, full ingredients list is cited, and the intended benefits are highlighted.

Negatives: Contains unnecessary food coloring, made with stimulants, and some of these additives are potentially dangerous.

Who makes this supplement?

The official company name is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and you can contact their business via the following:

Address: 6015 B Unity Drive

Norcross, Georgia 30071

Phone Number: (888) 855-7919

Email: A contact form is offered to message them directly.

The creators have had multiple controversies including FDA related issues. In 2015 they were sent a notice that an ingredient found within their supplements was potentially dangerous and that it was not allowed in supplements. The FDA sent a public letter acknowledging the fact that it was not approved by them, and that it would be eliminated from their formula.

A lawsuit the company had against the FDA in which they tried to keep DMAA in their supplements was denied. This additive has been shown the ability to cause major side effects, but the company fought to keep this in their supplements.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Here are key ingredients added to Stamina Rx:

Epimedium Extract: Herbal ingredient that can be from 15 different species, it has been used in Chinese medicine as a way to alleviate any issues. It has been used commonly in male enhancement pills as a way to aid sexual health and blood flow. This can act similar to the hormone estrogen.

Potentially hazardous side effects have been seen including:

  • Thirst, dizziness, and vomiting.
  • Spasms, breathing issues, and abnormal heart rate.

Yohimbe Extract: Tree extract taken from an evergreen tree native to Africa. This has a compound within it which is used to improve nerve impulses in the genitals as well as aid blood flow. It can cause many kinds of serious side effects such as:

  • Stomach issues, anxiety, and low blood pressure.
  • Heart issues, agitation, and rash.
  • Nausea, difficulty breathing, and chills.
  • Bleeding issues, headache, and kidney failure.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract: Lichen which is the combination of algae and fungus. This is known to contain poisonous chemicals which mean it must be specially treated to avoid contaminations.

It has been used to help prevent erectile dysfunction and provide general aphrodisiac benefits. Web MD has noted that this:

“might be UNSAFE”

Cnidium Extract: Plant that is used to help provide Viagra like effects. This has been touted for its effects on testosterone, but this has yet to be shown in clinical studies. Due to lacking information it’s impossible to determine its safety.

FD&C Blue #1: Artificially created food coloring which in high amounts has the potential for causing allergic reactions and many other kinds of related side effects.

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What’s good about Stamina Rx?

One is likely to feel some sort of effects due to the nature of this supplement. There is a stimulant within this which can help improve blood flow. Additives like L-Arginine can also aid nitric oxide levels for better circulation and improved erections.

You can also learn about this product via the supplements facts list which is clearly provided.

What’s bad about Stamina Rx?

When researching this supplement one of the first links that pops up is a full page by Live to help describe why this was seen as potentially very hazardous. They outline many of the serious side effects which have been seen in some.

The formula is also lacking as there is food coloring, a stimulant, and certain additive which have yet to be proven effective. This may be likely why some failed to notice any improvements in regards to male enhancement.

Using such ingredients like this for a long period may lead to serious side effects. The company also mentions they do not advise those with a sensitivity of caffeine to use it. Certain potential side effects have been outlined which they say are signs one should stop supplementing. This can result in very serious and potentially damaging types of side effects if one is not careful.

In some cases there is even the possibility for death due to the added Yohimbe.

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What do consumers think about Stamina Rx?

Here are select user experiences found online:

“didn’t have any benefits or changes to my libido. This gave me a very standard Yohimbe like response and it made my allergies kick in likely due to the food coloring”

“My partner ended up getting very sick and he missed out on work because of this, he was so sick”

“Didn’t work for me it gave me bad side effects like rapid heart rate, nausea, and illness. After 24 hours of use I still feel the same please avoid this”

“Wow I can’t believe this it made me feel so bad I just could not see how anyone could handle these side effects”

For a majority of users this caused such serious symptoms that they were unable to keep using it as directed. Many advised potential users who are interested to avoid it since it caused serous symptoms. People were even sick for extended periods long after supplementing with this product.

Their official label also states how if one were to take this and experience symptoms to immediately stop use. So it’s not a good sign when a company is aware that there are multiple associated side effects and they immediately advise people to stop using it. This raises question as to why they would decide to mix such potentially hazardous additives in their formula.

This may be the reason why Live has dedicated a page on their website just to outline the potential side effects it can cause.

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Using these kinds of ingredients is likely to cause an effect but it may not be what customers are looking for. This resulted in serious issues in the majority of customers, and this cause them to be greatly dissatisfied. Since the company has had multiple FDA issues related to the addition of hazardous ingredients, it raises questions about the use of this product. No money back return policy is offered either, and the majority of reviews were greatly negative. This was often described as being prone to cause side effects, dangerous, and ineffective for any male enhancement support.

The most highly regarded and current number 1 supplement of the year is the expert reviewed Viritenz. It combines many kinds of compounds that have been shown in 3rd party studies to be not just beneficial for male enhancement, but able to support many aspects of overall virility in men.

Users added that they lasted longer in bed, and that their arousal increased. Read testimonials and gain more insights into the potential benefits Viritenz can deliver by examining their official website and ingredients list.

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