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Ropex Review: Is It Safe?

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Ropex is a sperm volume enhancer and male enhancement supplement that is made to give men more fertile and healthy sperm. An increased amount of semen is also another touted benefit.

The aid of prostate health is a key intended benefit which is said to be made possible by a proprietary formula. No official website is currently available, so all the small pieces of information are compiled from one 3rd party site. It’s known that each bottle has a 90 tablet amount. The most highly regarded male enhancement supplement of this year was awarded to Viritenz. This is because of its beneficial formula which has only studied ingredients. Click on this cited link to gain a deeper insight into what made Viritenz the top ranking supplement for natural male enhancement benefits.

How does Ropex work?

Since you have no access to the official website, it’s impossible to verify what the actual science is behind this. They have an page which says you can expect more intensity, pleasure, and volume, but this is not backed by any testimonials or evidence.

One 3rd party site said this has ingredients which can aid prostate health, which in turn can support healthy sperm.  Still they fail to add how the ingredients within this are able to cause such an effect. Because of this lacking insight you can’t verify what is to be expected from this.

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Top Benefits: A supplements facts list is provided, sales are offered on a few websites, and it is made in a GMP certified facility.

Negatives: No official website contains limited formula, and no evidence or testimonials are provided to make it seem usable.

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Who makes this supplement?

Biogenica is the name of the company who makes Ropex, and there is no website or company information available online.

There are 2 websites which have Biogenica or Ropex in the URL name, but once you click on it you are immediately redirected to a spam website which claims to offer prizes in exchange for one’s personal contact information such as phone number or email. It’s unknown why they have left scammers get a hold of their website, but it leaves no information behind on what one can expect from them.

It’s known that the company has been around for some time, and the only way to buy it is form Amazon or a 3rd party website. Neither provides much information about the science behind Ropex, what one can expect in terms of the business practices, and no guarantee is offered either. Without much to go on its unknown why the company has decided to essentially abandon their own supplement and it’s not known whether or not these other website actually sell a fresh and still made supplement.

You can’t understand much of what this product can offer beyond just examining the ingredients list.

It is known on corporation wiki that the managing member’s full name is listed which shows he is based out of Miami, Florida. But there’s not much one can do with this random information as you can’t contact this person. This may mean that although said to be a Swedish rope enhancer, it is not made in Sweden.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The full active ingredients list is made up of:

Polli-Aq: When you type this in the only mention of it is on websites which describe Ropex’s ingredients. It’s unknown what this ingredient actually is, what it is intended to do, what it can do long term, and whether or not it is actually effective and safe.

Polli-Ol: Zero information exists about this ingredient and it’s unknown what it is meant to do. Much like Polli-Aq, the only information available about it is from other websites that describe Ropex.

They do say it comes from Pollis Secale Cereale, which is the scientific name for rye, a grass that is related to wheat.  It has many trace minerals.

Pollis Phleupratence: No information exists about this ingredient in any form.

Pollis Zramais: Much like the other ingredients, it’s unclear what this is meant to do, and what kinds of intended benefits are possible.

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What’s good about Ropex?

The company does make this in a GMP certified facility which allows for routine FDA inspections.  The tablets are said to be vegetarian and non-GMO.

What’s bad about Ropex?

Because of the lack of quality information it’s impossible to determine what this supplement may do. None of the ingredients beyond an extract from rye is truly known, and it’s still unknown what one can gain from rye.

There’s really no reason to trust that this supplement is safe and effective, as it’s not backed by a money guarantee. Without an official website or any sort of related business information, you’re also unable to ask about how this is meant to work, or what can be expected with long term use.

You cannot hold anyone accountable for this supplement as for unknown reasons the manufacturers have not released their contact details, nor do they offer an official website where the science behind this is explained.

It’s a very bad sign when a company uses ingredients you are unable to research. Without any real knowledge, it’s impossible to determine if this would be safe, effective, long lasting, potentially dangerous with other ingredients, good to take in the day, or what the preferred dosing requirements would be.

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What do consumers think about Ropex?

Fortunately a few reviews are available, here are some highlights found online:

“Completed an entire bottle and I did not feel any changes of any kind. Spend your money on something else this was a waste”

“This seems like it’s just a waste of money. Didn’t feel any different”

“Had no benefits and a friend of mine who sued it also said the same thing. Not sure it may work for you but I wouldn’t advise using it”

“After taking it as the bottle said I noticed bad gas and a general stomach ache. Thought it was highly praised but it wasn’t effective for me”

The majority of user reviews on were very negative. People mentioned how they did not experience any changes, and how they would not advise others to use it. Indigestion and stomach related issues were a concern for some, as it did lead to unwanted side effects which lingered on for as long as people were taking this.

People also complained of being unable to make a return, and how they were tricked into thinking it was going to be a lot better. This confusion as some said they read what sounded like positive reviews. It’s unknown where they found these reviews or if the company used to add more money to marketing. Most of the reviews on were negative with much few positive reviews listed.

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This formula is really difficult to review due to there being no information about any of these additives, beyond one of them being an extract of rye. You’re unable to truly know what can be expected, and whether or not this would be safe to use both long and short term. No actual science is provided to help explain how this is made to work, and you cannot learn about the ingredients are they have not been found online. It seems either the company is using patented ingredients, to which there is no explanation of where they’re sourced from, or what other possible excuse there might be. Due to this lacking information it’s not advised to use this potentially hazardous and not well-reviewed product.

Viritenz was our experts pick was the best male enhancement pill of the year due to numerous positive review and testimonials. Users were able to gain a new sense of confidence in the bedroom due to its studied ingredients.

There are no heap stimulants, fillers, or any unwanted additives which can raise the risk for unwanted symptoms. Their formula contains rich herbs, amino acids, minerals, and all in comprehensive dosage strength. Gain more insights on the benefits Viritenz can provide by clicking here.

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