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Reversitol V2 Review: Is It Safe?

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Reversitol V2 is a testosterone boosting pill that is said to regulate the healthy production of hormones such as cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. Lean muscle gains and overall improvement in strength is another touted benefit.

By providing well-rounded support, it intends to help users attain their full potential for fitness. Results are said to be made possible both quickly and with great noticeability.  Libido, joint health, fat loss, reduction of water weight and much more are said to be improved. Our reviewers found Viritenz was the best and most well-rounded virility and male enhancement product. Users were able to regain their manhood with noticeable changes. To gain more insights into the top rated Viritenz, click on this cited link to be redirected.

How does Reversitol V2 work?

Cycling is necessary for a 4 week period after using it for a total of 4 to 8 weeks. Once taken as directed there is meant to be a control of enzymes which can help lead to anabolic changes. They also add that it will help reduce aromatase, which can be made into estrogen in the body.

Water weight is also targeted is intended to promote vascularity and overall fullness, as well as a more defined physique which prevents the growth of an unshapely body.

Estrogen production is also modified to prevent a loss of testosterone and fat gains, abut instead promote better joint health and full libido. So this is made to truly balance hormonal levels instead of completely eliminating them. This is important as it can better be used to promote the health effects of each hormone, without the potential loss of overall fitness.

The top 10 brands for sustained and noticeable male enhancement support have been rated and ranked in this list.

Top Benefits: Made to provide unique effects, contains a formula of not often used additives, and it’s free of stimulants.

Negatives: Reviews are limited, made more for athletes, and not often described as being effective for sexual performance.

Who makes this supplement?

iForce Nutrition supplies this supplement and you can reach them via the following contact information details:

Address: 1330 Specialty Dr. Suite A

Vista, California 92081

Phone Number: (877) 743-6460


The creation of this brand is claimed to be produced in a state of the art industrial building.

The company fails to mention any information about a money back return policy, which likely makes all sales final. They make sure to also highlight the fact that no samples are offered.

A warning letter was sent to the public by the FDA in 2010 for Reversitol after it was found they added an illegal ingredient. This additive has been shown to potentially cause multiple serious and dangerous side effects which the FDA outlined as being:

  • Loss of bone health, reduced sperm production, and infertility.
  • Aggressive behavior, organ issues, and associated abnormalities.

They also said that users should:

“stop using it immediately”

Yet another issue was brought up by the FDA in 2015 for the addition of another potentially unstable ingredient. This was not considered safe and they added that the company should make immediate changes to their formula.

It’s unknown why the company has had repeat issues with their manufacturing, or why they have decided to add known banned ingredients to their supplements.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

They key active ingredients added to this formula include:

Indole 3 Carbinol: Found in things like cabbage, kale and other cruciferous vegetables, this can also be recreated in a laboratory setting. Often used as a way to treat diseases such as cancer.

More studies need to be conducted to truly determine whether or not this would be an effective solution. Some side effects shown in studies include:

  • Skin rash, tremor, and nausea.

Trans Resveratrol: Made by plants in order to prevent fungus growth, this has been used as an anti-aging ingredient. Most of the information about this ingredient has only been found in laboratory studies, and not in any reliable human clinical studies.

This is often filtered out in the body quickly however, which may make it ineffective for active use.

Ellagic Acid 95%: Antioxidant that can be found in certain foods such as walnuts, strawberries, and other similar berries. This has used often as a way to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Though it seems promising, Web MD has noted it’s:

“poorly absorbed… eliminated quickly:

This means it is likely to not have any effects. Information on its safety is also limited, so it’s unknown what kind of use it would have.

7-Methoxy-2-phenyl-chomen-4-one: Flavonoid compound that is meant to help prevent an enzyme which can be converted into estrogen.

Since it is not well absorbed it may have no effect at all when supplemented. There is also a lack of reliable clinical studies, and there isn’t much else information about this.

Long Jack 100:1 (root): Also referred to as Tongkat Ali, this herb which is used to help promote aphrodisiac effects. This includes aiding sperm production and preventing impotence. This can also be used successfully to block the creation of estrogen.

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What’s good about Reversitol V2?

There is a form of tongkat ali which is a potent ingredient that has numerous male enhancement benefits. The creators do offer sales from their official website, as well as clear and informative explanations to what can be expected, how to take this, and what is added.

What’s bad about Reversitol V2?

Additives in this have either lacking studies, have been shown to be made ineffective once digested, or which they can be found elsewhere in a much cheaper formula. This does not offer comprehensive enough coverage as it can only be taken for a short period before requiring cycling.

At $64.99 from the official website, this is also pricy for what’s a blend of likely to be ineffective ingredients. No money back return policy is offered either, which makes this a questionable purchase.

User reviews are less than impressive with some adding they failed to notice any benefits at all.

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What do consumers think about Reversitol V2?

Here are a few noteworthy reviews which were found online:

“was Ok but really overpriced”

“nowhere close to the original formula such as waste of my money”

“Garbage… looking at the research of these ingredients you can tell this just isn’t going to work”

“There were just a bit more improvements in my strength gains but I didn’t really feel like it was doing that much do be honest”

The majority of people who left their opinions weren’t really satisfied with what they experienced. Users who actually studied in the ingredients weren’t surprised however, as they noted there are many ingredients in this which have not been proven to actually be made usable in the body.

Many felt that they lost out on money, and that it had no benefits in any form. There wasn’t a major issue with side effects, but it’s important to look out for them regardless as the past formula was potentially dangerous.

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This brand intends to perform many tasks which sound impressive but after reviewing the ingredients it’s clear that it contains far too many unproven ingredients. Some of these additives cannot be absorbed and are rendered useless. There is also a few users who failed to see any benefits in any form. The creators also had to make another version of this after they leaked a potentially harmful additive. This was not the first time they added ingredients which the FDA has not allowed in supplements. This could have caused serious side effects and irreversible damage in some and it raises questions about their quality control standards. No money back return policy is offered either.

The most highly reviewed brand of the year for effective male enhancement support including more testosterone production was Viritenz. This has a blend of ingredients which have all been reviewed in reputable 3rd party studies to help provide effects. The potential benefits range from more testosterone, improved blood flow for stronger erections and better workouts, more sexual satisfaction, and the ability to maintain strong virility.

Their formula is made without any kinds of cheap stimulants, fillers, harsh hormone boosters, colors, or any unwanted additives which can degrade the quality. Production is also held in a GMP certified facility which means there are routine 3rd party reviews performed. To gain more information about what made Viritenz the most effective brand of its kind, click on this provided link.

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