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PES Erase Review: Is It Safe?

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PES Erase is a male enhancement pill bodybuilding supplement used to help improve sex drive, support a sculpted physique, and control cortisol levels. They also say it can help put on more mass by the anti-catabolic means, meaning muscle is not broken down.

Information on the official website is scare as only a few sentences are offered which highlight the intended benefits. They do provide full supplements facts list however which makes it easy to review. It’s said this all-in-one supplement which provides numerous benefits for those 18 and older. The highly touted Viritenz was our experts pick as the best male enhancement supplement. Users said they were able to enhance total testosterone, libido, virility, and blood flow for better erections. Learn about what Viritenz is capable of by examining it further here.

How does PES Erase work?

Because they do say it is:


One capsule up to 3 times a day is advised for 8 weeks which must be followed by a total 4 week break. They do say people who are engaged in bodybuilding are advised to use this that is also healthy. Those with prostate, blood pressure, heart, or certain conditions are advised to seek a physician’s recommendation first.

Their official website is very light on the actual science behind this, but instead they choose to focus more in on what the main highlights are. As mentioned it intends to raise testosterone, prevent the breakdown of mass, provide more mass, give the body a better appearance, and provide what they say is myotropic uptake, or effect muscles.

Without much more of an explanation it’s difficult to see what kind of science went into the making of this. It would not satisfy as a general testosterone boosting as heavy weight lifting is advised as this is a bodybuilder’s supplement.

In this link are brands which our review experts saw as being the very best for supportive male enhancement.

Top Benefits: Main highlights are outlined, dosing instructions are clear, and made for a very specific audience.

Negatives: More for bodybuilders contains some potentially harsh additives, and website is light on scientific information.

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Who makes this supplement?

PES Science makes this supplement and you can reach them via the following:

Address: 3665 East Bay Dive Suite 155

Largo, Florida 33771

Phone Number: (888) 885-0195

Email: A contact form is offered for direct messages.

A full refund is offered only on unopened items which are returned. In case of an issue on the company’s part they will provide a return with shipping and handling paid.

The FDA did send them a notice of 2 supplements they made which contained a banned ingredient, this lead to the recall of this brand in 2013. It’s unknown and has not been explained as to why they let this happen, but there has not been any related issues come up since this incident.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The following are a few ingredients added to this blend:

Uncaria Tomentosa Bark Extract: Most commonly known as the vine Cat’s Claw, this is found in the Amazon. It has been used to reduce fatigue and support the health of the immune system. This is severely lacking in human clinical studies, and it’s unknown if this effect would be reliable.

There have been side effects with this including:

  • Vomiting, headache, and dizziness.
  • Allergic reactions, inflammation, and rash.
  • Itching, kidney failure, and toxic effects.

The American Cancer Society has reviewed this ingredient and according to their research they’ve concluded:

“scientific evidence does not support claims… treat cancer or other disease”

This has a traditional folk medicine use but it has not been truly proven by any legitimate human studies.  Some species of cat’s claw have been shown to have toxic compounds which can be very dangerous.

Pine Bark Extract: (containing Abieta-8, 11, 1-trien-18-oic acid): Chemical extract within pine bark which is used to regulate blood sugar, triglycerides, and promote fat loss. Pine bark is often used to provide antioxidant like benefits. This can cause symptoms such as:

  • Gut issues, mouth ulcers, and headache.

This has also been touted as a potent nitric oxide booster, which means it can aid blood flow for stronger erections and a better pump during workouts. While it can help to prevent impotence, other intended effects have yet to be proven.

It’s also unknown what kind of effect the actual chemical extract would have, as most of the information is only available about the full pure extract of pine bark. Much more information is needed to help determine what it can actually do when this certain key compound is isolated. It could be stronger or less likely to cause side effects, or the opposite might be true.

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What’s good about PES Erase?

There are two active ingredients in this which makes for easier researching of these products abilities.

The company also provides a very clear explanation as their business practices, and their website is simple to navigate.

What’s bad about PES Erase?

In reviewing these 2 sole additives it’s clear it’s not a well-balanced blend. Oddly enough one of the ingredients is lacking any real evidence to prove its effects in people, and both have shown the ability to cause side effects.

Reviews were also mixed, and no money back return policy is offered for the many that opened a bottle of this and failed to notice any changes. This raises the potential for risk as it may not actually do anything or worse yet, one may experience side effects.

There are a lot more clinical studies needed on these 2 sole active ingredients as they have limited science to observe. It’s also unclear whether or not all the claimed benefits are possible since when you examine these ingredients, some of the intentions intended by PES Erase have not been shown in their formula.

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What do consumers think about PES Erase?

The following are a few reviews which were found online:

“Highly disappointed in this and the lack of effects. After a whole bottle I failed to see any changes and it just fed my anxiety”

“It did do something but nothing positive. I felt like my joints were dried out and I didn’t gain any muscle”

“Finished the bottle and nothing came of it, no effects at all waste of money”

“People who benefited from this likely were adding other stuff because by itself this does nothing at all any benefits”

There were many concerns from users who felt that the lost out on money, and who were unable to get their money back.

Users also said that they would not advise others to supplement with it. Many were highly disappointed. There were some positive reviews however, and this included support from people who were able to notice an increase in virility. Some questioned these effects as people said they likely supplemented with other substances to gain anything from it.

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There is a major confusion over the use of this supplement because their formula is so limited, and there has been a lack of proof for one of the two active ingredients. Users were also highly dissatisfied and some said it had no effects at all. Without a money back return policy it also places the liability on the user who may end up losing out on money. The company has changed their formula in the past without explaining why, but many said the new version simply isn’t any good. Far too many had no effects to consider this a top ranking supplement. It is also marketed more towards bodybuilding types instead of regular users who need a simple boost in testosterone.

In looking at many kinds of supplements for male enhancement the number one brand which had natural ingredients was the well-regarded Viritenz. It has a balanced blend of ingredients that are stimulant free, color free, and binder free. They add potent and studied ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, boron, sarsaparilla, maca, and many other helpful ingredients.

Each ingredient has studies from 3rd parties to help showcase why they are so effective and likely to produce virility support. This can help aid healthy sexual performance, libido, testosterone, blood flow, and make it easier to help satisfy one’s partner in the bedroom. To learn about what can be gained by using the top ranking male enhancement pill Viritenz; simply follow this provided link for details.

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