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Naturally Huge Review: Is It Safe?

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Naturally Huge is a male enhancement pill meant to help increase penis length up to 31%. This contains natural ingredients said to be safe and available without a prescription.

It’s made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and they add how it can help prevent men from maintaining an average penis size. The marketing on the official website says it can grant you a “license to sleep with sexy woman”. They also include the claim that many have switched to this supplement due to its ability to outperform other similar brands. The one supplement reviewed as the best by our review experts was Viritenz. It is made to help stimulate natural effects for better libido, testosterone, and overall sexual performance. Learn about what can be gained from Viritenz and its natural formula by clicking on this link.

How does Naturally Huge work?

The company explains that this can help provide “reverse nitric-oxide pathway technology”, and that it is unlikely to be understood as it is difficult to comprehend.

They do provide a brief explanation which claims it can actually help the chambers in the penis retain more blood, which can then increase the overall size. This can also lead to more sensitivity, which means one can feel much more pleasure during sex.

Another touted benefit is being able to achieve a muscular look which will help to satisfy one’s partner.

A few highlights are provided as to what it can do, but they fail to explain the science behind these claims. They go on to say there is much more it can do, but it would have been useful to examine what it can do so one can verufy with the ingredients list on whether or not they are telling  the truth.

Top Benefits: Contains some potent additives, company provides an explanation for many of the ingredients, and direct sales are offered.

Negatives: Limited company information, no official full ingredients list, and it’s unknown what the dosage strength is.

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Who makes this supplement?

Bio Vita Labs, LLC owns this supplement and their contact details are as follows:

Phone Number: (800) 780-9441

Email: A contact form is offered for messages direct to the customer support staff.

From 60 days of purchase they offer a money back return as long as one returns the unused portions of the bottle.

They also offer direct sales from their official website, and discounts on bulk purchases.

Information about them is limited, though one website says they were established in 2006, and they operate out of the state of Massachusetts. Without much more details it’s impossible to really establish whether or not they are a trustworthy and reliable business.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

No full ingredients list is provided but the company does provide a detailed explanation for some ingredients, and it’s unknown if they go over the full formula:

Vitis Vinifera: Known as common grape vine, this species of grape is often used to make things like raisins, wine, or juice. It does have trace vitamins and minerals, and it has been used to help treat respiratory issues.

Trichopus Zeylanicus: Rare plant that is said to help increase libido. This has not been thoroughly studied, so it’s impossible to verify if it is truly effective.

There is no information on potential side effects or long term use.

Long Pepper: Spice that is used to treat stomach issues, as well as prevent vitamin B1 deficiency. This has also been touted as a way to prevent infertility and loss of libido.

Limited information exists to determine whether or not this would be considered safe to use.

L-Citrulline: Non-essential amino acid that is converted in the kidney into L-Arginine, which can help raise nitric oxide levels. This can help stimulate overall blood flow to help the body better create strong erections.

Long Jack: An evergreen shrub extract which has shown the ability to help increase testosterone, reduce the risk for infertility, and prevent erectile dysfunction.

1, 3 Dimethylamylamine HCL:  Stimulant similar to ephedrine which has often been used as a way to enhance workouts. Due to limited information, this is often not used in supplements. It has also lead to many false positive drug related issues.

The FDA has said that this additive is:

“found illegally”

“doing everything… to remove these products”

This has been banned since 2012 due to its ability to deliver many serious side effects.  The FDA has noted they are:

“very concerned… not to purchase”

This has been found to cause many serious symptoms such as:

  • Irregular heart rate, nervous system issues, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Headache, nausea, and death.

It’s unknown why the creators have continued to use this banned and potentially deadly additive which the FDA has since banned for years now.

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What’s good about Naturally Huge?

There is a great explanation as to much of the ingredients added to this formula. This helps to establish the company as being knowledgeable about how their formula is made to work.

Direct sales are also offered from the official website, and they do offer what they claim to be an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

What’s bad about Naturally Huge?

It’s unknown if the explained ingredients make up the entire formula. One 3rd party site did add some other additives to this formula, but without the supplements facts list which would showcase the strength of each additive, you’re unable to know if they add it in any of the wholesome additives in safe and potent enough amounts.

The company has also decided to include DMAA, which is now banned by the FDA and which has been banned for a few years now. It’s unknown why they continue to add this since many have expressed side effects, and this has even killed users in the past. Technically this also means that this supplement is not allowed to be sold to users, and it may be illegal to purchase this. The FDA has said no one should use this due to its high risk for dangerous symptoms.

It’s also unknown whether or not they company honors their money back guarantee since there is limited information about them.

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What do consumers think about Naturally Huge?

The following are select reviews from online consumers:

“It’s just ok but I ended up ejaculating too early”

“Just decent but it didn’t work as well as it is described”

“Didn’t meet my needs. It made me piss a lot and it upset my stomach real bad”

“Made me more erect and horny, but it also made me have to go to the bathroom and sweat a lot. Not really what I thought it was going to be not recommended”

The average consensus was that Naturally Huge failed to deliver on any of its claimed promises. This lead too many users being greatly disappointed.

A common side effect was also stomach pain and increase of urination. Some also had issues with sweating and general unease as well as premature ejaculation.

There were certain customers who did note how their erections were stronger and longer lasting however. So there was change due to the added nitric oxide boosters.

Overwhelmingly people had only negative things to say about this supplement.

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There’s a major risk factor with this ingredient since it uses DMAA which has been banned by the FDA since 2012. Users have also often had side effects such as nausea, stomach pain, frequent urination, and even premature ejaculation. It’s unknown why the company has decided to add potentially hazardous additives which have shown the ability to cause numerous damaging side effects. They also have not provide full dosage strength or ingredients list for people to examine whether or not they have included safe and strong enough amounts of each ingredient. This makes it impossible to make a educate decision on this brand.

The one brand which showed the best ability to support male enhancement was the highly reviewed Viritenz. It contains a rich blend of ingredients which are all natural, stimulant free, and made to deliver well-rounded benefits.

It can actually increase blood flow for stronger erections, help one delay ejaculation, improve libido, raise testosterone levels, and all without any cheap fillers or unwanted additives. You can read testimonials and learn about what Viritenz can do from the official website which is provided within this link.

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