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Maxoderm Review: Is It Safe?

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Maxoderm is a male enhancement topical cream made to deliver fast acting results for longer lasting and harder erections. This is rubbed directly on the penis and it provides an herbal blend of ingredients.

The key benefits are to make orgasm and arousal better, and fast acting results for better performance in the bedroom. More blood flow to the penis is intended which can give all-around male enhancement support. One of the well-reviewed brands of this year for natural male enhancement gain was Viritenz. It was able to sustain healthy libido, testosterone, virility, and overall sexual satisfaction without any cheap additives like stimulants or binders. Get more information about the top rated Viritenz and read testimonials by clicking on this link.

How does Maxoderm work?

You apply this to the penis and these herbal ingredients are meant to produce noticeable changes so users have more libido, sexual stamina, and overall reaction girth and length. They do say their formula is patent pending, and the official website does very little to convince users that it works.

No clinical studies are cited to help understand what this is capable of. Because there is a lack of basic explanation as to the process, it’s impossible to truly verify if any of the claimed highlights are possible. The only sort of proof is one paragraph from a claimed satisfied customer.

They do claim many have used it but it’s impossible to verify this claim either. Due to lacking details it’s impossible to know if the creators actually did enough research to ensure a properly functional and safe product for male enhancement. Fortunately they do offer their full ingredients for review.

This intends to help stimulate nitric oxide levels which can make it easier to maintain an erection. For a 12 week period there are also suggestions for how many times this should be user per week. The first week for example requires 4 different applications.

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Top Benefits: Some may prefer a topical aid, ingredients list is provided, and direct sales are offered.

Negatives: Poorly reviewed by users, dedicated application is needed, and it’s unknown if this is actually made usable as a topical aid.

Who makes this supplement?

Leading Edge Marketing, Inc. makes this and to contact them you can reach them here:

Address: 100- 645 Tyee Road

Victoria, British Colombia Canada V9A 6X5

Phone Number: (866) 621-6886


A 60 day money back guarantee is offered as long as one returns the empty containers within 67 days of it being delivered. For multiple purchases only one bottle can be opened, and the rest must be unopened.

One user on rip off added that the company is operating a scam and that they have deceptive business practices. This was due to the fact that the customer was charged for what they thought was a free trial. There were also one complaint on Scam which has since been resolved.

The official company has their own company website, as well as an independent site for Maxoderm. Very little is known about them. Multiple package plans are offered for Maxoderm, and they sell it from their official website for $59.95 per one month container.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Some noteworthy ingredients in this formula includes:

Cetearyl Alcohol: Fatty alcohol mixture that is often taken from things like palm or coconut oil. This helps to thicken and stabilize ingredients so they conceal better. This has a low risk for toxicity.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: Commonly known as green tea, this antioxidant and fragrant ingredient is used to also protect skin. It has a low risk for causing any kinds of side effects as it’s unlikely to transfer any caffeine content.

Panax Ginseng: Plant native to Asia that has been used to support wellbeing in the form of more stamina, better memory, and the treatment of many diseases. It has also been used as a topical aid to help delay orgasm.

Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract: Saw palmetto which is used to condition skin. Some studies have shown that this additive can actually lead to impotence.

Methylparaben: A potent preservative added to pharmaceuticals to help delay natural expiration. This has shown the ability to cause numerus side effects, and it is known as an endocrine disruptor. It can potentially lead to long term damage.

Propylparaben: Similar to metylparaben, this is a preservative additive which has a high risk for dangerous side effects. The EWG which showcases the safety rating of additives has given this a t out of 10 rating, meaning it has a high risk for endocrine disruption. It’s unknown what kinds of effects this may have over time.

Erythroxylum Catuaba Extract: A renowned aphrodisiac found native to Brazil. This can protect the body and support male sexual performance.

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What’s good about Maxoderm?

You can fully analyze the formula since the full ingredients list is cited. This does include some potent extracts such as maca, muira puama, and vitamin E for skin health.

The creators also offer a solid 60 day money back return policy.

What’s bad about Maxoderm?

Unfortunately there are some very potentially harsh additives included in this formula. They decided to add 2 kinds of preservative which have shown the potential to cause serious disruption to the endocrine system. This can lead to unknown dangers in the future with repeat use.

It’s also yet to be verified whether or not this would be easier to process than natural forms of ingredients via supplement form. No clinical studies are provided to help showcase whether or not this will be beneficial as a topical aid.

User reviews for this were mostly negative, with many failing to experience any sort of benefits.

This may also be difficult to use since it requires a lot of application depending on the week. A regimented schedule is required for this to have any intended effects.

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What do consumers think about Maxoderm?

Not many users have left reviews on this product, but here are select experiences:

“had no effects. This was also very thing and would get everywhere when I applied it. No stimulation at all”

“made me burn each time and I finished an entire tube. No changes for me”

“This should not be sold it’s completely ineffective and useless don’t bother”

“Such a rip-off don’t know why Amazon continues to sell this. There is no credibility here”

Overwhelmingly customers were greatly dissatisfied due to the lack of any benefits. One user did have side effects, but overall the main issue was that they felt nothing.

Quality control was also a repeat issue as customers noted that they were sent a different brand, or that the formula was not easy to apply as it was much more liquid base than an actual lotion. This caused it to spill for many, and this made application very difficult.

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There’s a unique method of application for this and one must continue to apply it a few times a week. Some of the ingredients have been shown effective when ingested, but it’s unknown if they’re all made bioactive when rubbed on the penis as a topical aid. The company has decided to add potentially harsh preservatives which can lead to many serious symptoms if one is not careful. The 2 added parabens have shown the ability to cause damage to the endocrine system, which can lead to greater symptoms beyond impotence. This is also quite costly when you consider the fact it may not last a full month time depending on one’s penis size, or if more or less liquid is used. Many also were disappointed and the consensus was that it failed to produce any changes.

Our experts have noted that Viritenz was by far the most well-reviewed and most beneficial supplement for male enhancement benefits. This is because of its well-rounded formula of potent extracts which can aid virility, libido, testosterone, blood flow, and overall performance and satisfaction within the bedroom.

You can read official testimonials from many users who were better able to satisfy their partners as well as themselves. Each ingredient has a unique purpose and there are 3rd party studies to help showcase just how effective it is. To learn about what you can gain from the use of Viritenz as your male enhancement solution; visit the official website where there are testimonials and much more details outlined.

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