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Maca Man Review: Is It Safe?

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Maca Man is a male enhancement pill intended to boost sexual health with the use of natural ingredients. 3 capsules are required before sexual activity, and they add a full supplements facts list.

Limited claims are provided to help explain what it’s meant to do; fortunately you are able to examine the additives. The caplets are vegetarian friendly and there are artificial ingredients, preservative, or many common allergens. It is known that you are advised to limit use due to the addition of stimulants. The top ranked supplement for male enhancement this year was Viritenz. This was regarded highly because of its natural formula that is free of any harsh stimulants, and all of which has been reviewed by 3rd party sites. Click on this link for a deeper look into how Viritenz can maximize libido and testosterone.

How does Maca Man work?

The only real claimed science behind this is a mention on the front of the label which says it can be used to enhance blood flow by the improvement of nitric oxide levels. When nitric oxide is activated within the body this can smooth out blood vessels and lead to better overall blood flow in the body. This can translate into strong and longer lasting erections.

This will then reduce the risk for plaque and blood clotting, by helping to expand blood vessels. It’s released in high amount during strenuous exercise.

No other claims are made about this brand and it’s difficult to understand what it is capable of before examining the ingredients. No testimonials or proof is provided by the official website to help further understand what it can do.

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Top Benefits: Contains rich ingredients like maca and L-Arginine, full supplements facts list is available, and relatively cheap.

Negatives: Not well- reviewed, no support is offered to back up its use, and user reviews have been mixed.

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Who makes this supplement?

General Nutrition Corporation makes this and you contact them by reaching them via the following:

Address: 300 6th Ave

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Phone Number: (877) 462-4700

A 30 day money back return is offered on direct purchases from the official website. But this is only extended for items which are retuned in good condition, and must not be used or opened.

The creators have had many serious issues in the past due to quality control issues.  The Attorney General of Oregon filed a lawsuit which claimed the company added FDA unapproved and banned additives.  They have also had a major controversy arise over a lawsuit which alleged the company used either no amounts or certain additives, or greatly reduced dosage strengths which were not mentioned on the supplements facts label.

GNC has also a lot of complains about the way they treat customers according to many review sites with allow for individual reviews of each establishment nationwide. Since there are brick and mortar GNC’s in the US, it appears that many of these have been plagued by unfavorable reviews. Customers often added how they didn’t feel welcome in these establishments.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Inside of Maca Man are some of the following noteworthy additives:

Yohimbe Bark Extract: Taken from an African tree this bark is often used to help support libido and resist the issue of impotence caused by low blood flow. Though some studies have shown it can help prevent erectile dysfunction, there have been many serious and uncomfortable side effects made possible such as:

  • Hallucinations, dry mouth, and rapid heart rate.
  • Difficulty breathing, blood pressure issues, and anxiety.
  • Tremor, paralysis, and death. has also found that in their studies this additive can actually be mislabed and added in the wrong dosage strengths. This further raises the risk for damaging side effects if one is not careful in taking it slowly.

L-Arginine: Healthy amino acid that is added to help produce more nitric oxide within the body. By having this effect it can aid in the healthy flow of blood. This can also stimulate growth hormone which may make one feel more virile.

Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract: Ancient tree species that is very commonly added to herbal blends. This has the intended benefit of aiding memory and thinking, preventing anxiety, and treats sexual disorders.  Some possible side effects have been noted as being damaging including:

  • Raised risk for thyroid cancer, allergic reactions, and easier bruising.
  • Forceful heartrate, dizziness, and headache.

Maca Root & Tubers Powder: Plant grown in Peru that has long been heralded as a potent aphrodisiac. This contains a rich source of amino acids and fatty acids which can support the body’s general well-being.

Studies have shown it can help stimulate libido and that it’s well-tolerated.

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What’s good about Maca Man?

The formula does have healthy L-Arginine and Maca. Both of these have shown the ability to provide well-rounded male enhancement support. You also can read the full supplements facts to be able to examine the potential results as well.

They do add a high amount of L-Arginine and Maca which is a good sign that the company made sure to do their research.

You can also buy this supplement online and actual GNC stores.

What’s bad about Maca Man?

Unfortunately the added Yohimbe is always a concern as it has shown the ability to cause damaging side effects. This includes heart and other organ related symptoms which have shown the ability to actually kill humans.

Another issue is that while there are 2 good ingredients, there isn’t much added to this in terms of active ingredients. No money back return is offered either on opened bottles or bottles which have had any alternations to packaging. Some user reviews were negative and side effects were an issue for a few amounts of customers. Without money back guarantee it makes it possible one might lose out on money while experienced unwanted symptoms from the Yohimbe.

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What do consumers think about Maca Man?

Here is a sampling of some of the online reviews on Maca Man:

“No effects other than some stomach issues. Tried putting up with it for 2 weeks but the stomach issues made it overwhelming”

“After a full month’s supply I didn’t notice any changes at all”

“Not a good taste but it did the job for me”

“Just gave me a bit of energy nothing less nothing more. Really disappointed”

People often had mixed reviews with some saying they though it was OK, very rarely was there a really positive review for this. The concerns were often how people felt like it was just weren’t as powerful as it is made to seem. Disappointment was often the tone of each review.

There was some side effects though uncommon, symptoms such as indigestion and other stomach related issues was a concern. This was a complaint that some experienced for the entire duration of the bottle.

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The creators have provide a full supplements facts list and have not really mentioned the science or anything else By letting it speak for itself you have only customer reviews to go on, as well as an examination of the dosage strength of each additive. The added Yohimbe within this has shown a great potential for unwanted symptoms which can be very hazardous. Some have died from the intake of this substance, and it can lead to many disturbing side effects yet another issue is that reviews on this are greatly mixed, and no money back guarantee is offered of those who might end up losing out on money. Much more insurance is needed to help protect users from the potential side effects.

The top ranked supplement this year for natural male enhancement benefits is the all-around great Viritenz. This has a unique formula of many helpful ingredients which can maximize virility in men. This can prevent impotence, support healthy blood flow, help the body maintain testosterone, give one more libido, and make it easier to satisfy one’s partner in the bedroom.

The formula is made with studies ingredients which have all been shown to have numerous benefits that can multiply when added together. Read more about what you can gain from taking Viritenz by taking a closer inspection of its official website where they have testimonials and more.

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