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Gamma-O Review: Is It Safe?

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Gamma-O is a testosterone boosting pill made with natural ingredients which is claimed to enhance stamina, libido, strength, and overall muscle. It’s said to be non-hormonal and potent so much so that some users questioned whether or not it was actually drug free.

Information on this supplement is very scarce, other than it is said to be used by athletes who need the extra push to maintain their overall virility. Other websites that sell this add how it can support healthy endorphins which lower stress during a workout plan. Exercise is likely necessary for this brand as it is made to specially aid those who work out. The most highly regarded brand for supportive male enhancement effects is Viritenz. It is composed of a blend of natural ingredients which have all been touted for their ability to support testosterone, libido, and overall sexual health. To find out more on the specifics of what makes Viritenz the top rated brand, click here.

How does Gamma-O work?

The official website is severely lacking in any real explanation as to what it is meant to do. However, there are a few highlighted single word explanations and a video which shows how it is made especially for athletes.

Other 3rd party websites which also sell this product do offer a lot more details, but it’s impossible to verify if they are accurate in their descriptions since the official company has not cosigned these claims.

This is intended to help in the increase of endorphins which provide a good feeling sensation during workouts. The benefit of this is that it can help one last longer, and this translates into an improved overall physical output.

One specific ingredient known as Gamma Oryzanol is said to be the in its best form within this product, and this translated into more energy, less post-workout soreness, and less body fat.

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Top Benefits: Maca root powder is exceptional aphrodisiac, full dosage strength and ingredients list is provided, and the creators have provided a sleek and easy to navigate website.

Negatives: Lacking information about its use, reviews have been highly mixed, and very pricy for what is offered.

Who makes this supplement?

The official company name is Gamma Enterprises LLC and to reach them one can contact the following:

Address: 113 Alder Street

West Babylon, New York 11704

Phone Number: (877) 426-6262


Their returns process only extends to unopened bottles which have been untampered and not modified in any way. This must also come back with any paperwork and associated items sent via mail. No shipping and handling costs are returned.

Essentially if one has any issue with the product whether it is side effects or a lack of benefits, you cannot schedule a return if you ended up actually using the supplement.

The makers have decided to hire athletes who claim to have benefited from their products. But there are no published clinical studies and their website fails to give much information about what this product can actually do.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Some noteworthy ingredients added to this formula include the following:

Maca Root Powder: Vegetable found native to Peru which has been touted for its ability to support overall sexual health. This has a traditional use as an aphrodisiac and many different colors of it exist, each one with a slightly different intention.

This has been shown to deliver consistent results and it is considered likely safe in even high doses. This has been used to help treat erectile dysfunction and provide sexual arousal benefits.

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Gamma Oryzanol: Also referred to as an extract of rice bran oil, this has been use to raise both growth hormone and testosterone levels. However, Web MD has confirmed:

“has not been shown in people”

Therefore there is a lack of studies to help conclude whether or not this would be effective. This also means there is no information on whether or not it would be safe to use both short and long term.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Fatty acid often added in weight loss supplements as a natural way to help the body burn fat. In certain amounts it can lead to unwanted side effects including:

  • Nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue.

­Studies have shown it has no long term effects for fat loss.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C): This is found in cruciferous vegetable and which can also be recreated in a laboratory setting. This has often been used to help protect the body against cancer.

This may lead to symptoms in high amounts that include:

  • Tremor, nausea, and difficulty with balance.

More studies need to be concluded to ensure the claimed benefits.

FD&C Yellow #5 and FD&C Yellow#6: Two kinds of artificially processed yellow food coloring added solely to give these pills a yellow tint.

Yellow #6 has been banned by certain countries and it is only advised in limited amounts. Both versions of food coloring have shown the ability to potentially lead to:

  • ADHD symptoms, DNA damage, and raised risk for cancer.

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What’s good about Gamma-O?

There is a dedication by this brand to only use stimulant free ingredients in this formula which is good. Only a natural blend of active ingredients is used. They also add maca which has shown the ability to deliver promising changes as an aphrodisiac.

Other 3rd party sites have said that this is made to burn fat, which can then lead to enhanced testosterone levels as excess fat has been shown to degrade T levels. So the company has done research to try and attempt to provide well-rounded enough benefits.

What’s bad about Gamma-O?

There are far too many questionable ingredients within this which are lacking studies, and which may potentially cause side effects. This has been shown due to severely negative experiences people had such as breakouts, low libido, mood issues, and much more.

No money back return policy is offered either, so users have no way to protect themselves if they were to experience a lack of benefits. This may be a possibility as their return policy only extends to unopened bottles and there are many questionable additives within this.

The creators have also decided to limit the information on their own website, but they have allowed 3rd party sites who sell this to add claims about what this can do. Without being able to verify its unknown if they are accurate in their predictions.

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What do consumers think about Gamma-O?

Provided underneath are some select reviews found online:

“really not that potent but I liked it either way. Would not use this for weight loss however”

“With just a week worth of use it ended up giving me bad acne. I broke out so bad I can’t find anyway to use this”

“No difference no improved libido, no weight loss, I used an entire bottle and I didn’t notice any changes”

“I guess everyone is going to be different but I have it 2 full months of my time and money and still nothing. May just be me but I can’t see how this would be any different”

With many mixed reviews it’s difficult to try and determine what a consensus is. Those who didn’t like it said they either experienced side effects, no effects, or they had issues with the smell or quality.

The few who supported its use did say they noticed some changes in weight loss and libido. However it’s impossible to try and understand whether or not results are likely. Without money back guarantee is places a lot of liability for any opened bottles which cannot be returned. It’s unknown why some experienced harsh side effects either.

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Although this brand does contain a rich amount of maca powder, overall the formula is very lacking and reviews are far mixed to consider it a top ranked brand. Some of these ingredients have not been proven in enough clinical studies, and there is also the possibility for unwanted side effects. This has been experienced in some users who said they didn’t know it would cause such drastic changes. Because of the lack of money back guarantee for opened bottles, it also raises questions about the protection provided by the creators.

Our review experts were able to determine that Viritenz was the most beneficial brand for all-around male enhancement. It’s due to its complete formula of natural ingredients that can support libido, testosterone, and virility, prevent impotence, and aid virility.

There are no cheap fillers, stimulants, colors, or any article additives of any kind. The creators also ensure it’s made in a FDA approved facility to ensure quality is upheld. Click here for testimonials and more on the effects Viritenz can deliver.

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