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Forma Stanzol Review: Is It Safe?

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Forma Stanzol is a testosterone boosting topical aid that is said to have clinically studied effects for improved testosterone levels.  The makers market this heavily for people who are completing a drug cycle.

This also includes effects for improved muscle growth, since it gives the body what it needs to function normally. This is said to have low toxicity concerns and users do not have to worry bout harsh side effects. They market it as if it can be used even for those concerned about estrogen. The brand which was the most highly revered for its potent male enhancement support is the all-natural Viritenz. The creators have made a potent blend of ingredients which have been reviewed in clinical studies. For testimonials and a deeper insight into Viritenz, click on this link for more.

How does Forma Stanzol work?

Use depends on the specific purpose whether it is for post hormone manipulation or simply to control estrogen:

Estrogen control: 1 to 2 pumps are applied on the upper back, abdomen, shoulders, and arms for a 10 week period to control estrogen levels.

Post cycle recovery: Same directions for application but with 4 to 6 week duration instead of 10.

Only those 21 years and older are advised to use this according to the supplements facts label. Anyone with the following symptoms is advised not to use this:

  • Epilepsy, cancer, depression, high blood pressure, BHP, and cardiovascular disease.

This can then lead to claimed fat loss, muscle gain, and overall control of estrogen as it may rise when has had a loss of testosterone.

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Top Benefits: Can be used to control estrogen and recover from post cycle therapy, instructions are clear, and it contains ingredients which can aid testosterone levels.

Negatives: Not well reviewed by all, may lead to serious side effects, and no longer made by the creators.

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Who makes this supplement?

Their official company name is Muscle Research Supplements and they only offer a contact form for emails. They also provide hours of operation and a message board.

A 30 day money back return from the date of purchase is offered but it does come with a 15% restocking fee and no shipping costs returned.

There have been at least 3 different versions of this and the creators no longer make this in any kind anymore. There are 3rd party sites which do offer this for a higher price point than average, but they are clearly only selling outdated batches which may no longer be fresh or safe to use. This also makes it so users are not backed by any return policy, so if any issue arises it will be at the cost of the consumer.

It’s unknown why they have discontinued this product, or it will ever return. Typically this only occurs when there is an issue with getting enough of the ingredients, or due to concerns over the health of the formula.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The following are a few key ingredients:

Diindolymethane: Molecule which can be extracted from cruciferous vegetables such as kale and cauliflower. It is used to help regulate the size of the prostate, and block estrogen within the body.  Using high amounts of this can have the opposite effect and it may lead to more estrogen within the body.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract: Plant that must be specially treated as its raw form has a poison. It can thin blood and prevents fluid retention so there is no excess water weight. Side effects have been seen in studies such as:

  • Inflammation of the anus, upset stomach, and itching.
  • Headache dizziness, and toxic symptoms.
  • Kidney issues, fatigue, and depression.
  • Paralysis, large eye pupils , and muscle twitching.

There is no way to verify if the makers made sure to provide this substance without the harsh poison within the raw form.

Chrysin: Known as a flavonoid found highest in things like chamomile, certain mushrooms, and passion flower. It has been traditionally used by many bodybuilding supplement brands to raise testosterone, but this effect has not been proven yet. has added:

“does not boost testosterone”

Cyclohexylaminogluthimide (CHAG): This is made to stop testosterone from converting into estrogen. It has what’s known as anti-aromatase effects.

Potential symptoms can arise from this including:

  • Loss of cortisol, skin rash, and muscle breakdown.
  • Hypothyroidism, hormone issues, and fatigue.

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What’s good about Forma Stanzol?

There is likely to be some kind of an effect with this ingredient blend. Some also found the results they were looking for to help treat their previous loss of testosterone due to steroid drug use.

The official website also offers a very detailed explanation as to the science of this blend.

Users may also find the topical application easier.

What’s bad about Forma Stanzol?

Some of the additives have shown the possibility for causing serious side effects unless especially treated, and even if it’s processed well. One needs to ensure  the horse chestnut extract is produced in a safe facility, and now since this is discontinued, there is no way to determine if 3rd party sales would be safe.

There are also no testosterone boosting effects likely instead it is meant more to help stop estrogen from becoming an issue. This should really only be taken for bodybuilding types, as the company essentially has made a natural post-cycle formula. They do say one can use it to block estrogen, but the way they market it makes it seem as if there are only benefits from those with a history of steroidal use.

Without any more money back guarantee there is a huge potential risk with these questionable additives mixed in.

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What do consumers think about Forma Stanzol?

Here are some experiences had by users of Forma Stanzol:

“ended up growing a lump where I applied this… You should never use this supplement”

“I got a blood test and it did raise my T levels but it gave me really bad side effects, I had mood swings, irritation, and fatigue”

“for the 8 weeks I used it for there were no changes. I used it as directed and this was not worth the cost”

“Feel like this is such a scam, this bottle only ended up lasting me for 2 weeks”

Manufacturing issues were a major concern for users who said that this didn’t last nearly as long as it was made to seem like it would.

Users ended up feeling cheated out of money for its high price and little use.

Another concern was that while some did notice raised testosterone, there were side effects which were often said to be not worth what it delivered. Those that didn’t like it were highly critical in criticizing it for its ineffectiveness and harsh effects.

There were some who said it helped relieve them of any water retention and that they were able to notice benefits when working out. As far as general male enhancement however people did not say whether or not they felt a stronger libido.

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This highly specialized testosterone regulator is heavily marketed towards the bodybuilding community which may be taken hormones or steroid like drugs and who need to recover from that. This may be far too extreme for those who simply want an increase in overall testosterone. Using a supplement made for people cutting often harsh substances may lead to unwanted changes, which was the case for many users. This is also now discontinued, so there’s no way to get a fresh, money backed guaranteed, and reliable product. Buying from 3rd parties may cause unwanted symptoms or a lack of benefits.

After reviewing several types of male enhancement products, the one deemed the most effective was Viritenz. It has a unique blend of ingredients which are stimulant free, made for the everyday user, and able to help promote healthy effects towards overall virility. Herbs, amino acids, minerals and other potent ingredient are used.

Users have said they were able to regain confidence and help satisfy their partners in the bedroom. Inside of it are potent ingredients like L-Arginine, oyster extract, maca, Tribulus Terrestris, boron, and much more. To gain a more detailed look into Viritenz and to get a hold of it, simply follow this link.

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