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Extagen Review: Is It Safe?

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Extagen is a male enhancement pill marketed as a safe and top rated supplement which is made as a once a day herbal supplement.  Many benefits are highlighted such as more confidence, better performance, maximized sexual potential, and increased ability to satisfy one’s partner and all with a proprietary blend.

A few written testimonials are provided and they add how their formula is natural and safe. A full 120 day guarantee is also offered and all sales are shipped discreetly. Their brand is made in a GMP certified facility without the use of common allergens. The most well reviewed brand for natural male enhancement was found to be Viritenz. Users have noticed great changes from this including all-around sexual performance benefits. To read testimonials, the ingredients list and to learn more about Viritenz simply click on this link.

How does Extagen work?

Their herbs, phyto nutrients and nutraceuticals are said to work for men of all races and even ages. While they do have a section entitled “Does Extagen Really work?” They provide no real satisfactory explanation as to the actual process behind this. They do mention the key intended highlights, but no details on whether it is meant for blood flow, libido, and reduction of impotence, increased mood, aid the production of more testosterone or any other actual scientific explanations are provided.

Within this heading they also add a description of how the general penis anatomy is meant to work, but this still offers no explanation as to Extagen’s real effects. They simply outline a few parts of the make anatomy which is general knowledge. The company adds that 96% of users have benefited, but they offer no evidence to help prove this claim. Results are said to be experienced within a 2 to 4 week time frame, and they advise for people to continue using it daily for 6 months for optimized effects.

They do claim that while it is natural and safe, that those with certain medical conditions should seek the approval of a dedicated healthcare professional.

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Top Benefits: Made with a natural formula, website is easy to navigate, and there is a full mention of all the intended benefits.

Negatives: There is no scientific explanation as to these products benefits contains a stimulant, and formula is commonly used.

Who makes this supplement?

Extagen Products is the name of this company and to reach them you can contact the following:

Address: 6635 W Happy Valley Road Ste A104-219

Glendale, Arizona

Phone Number: (888) 317-8510


A full 120 day money back guarantee is offered on a single bottle as long as it is returned. There doesn’t seem to be much information about the company from ay 3rd party websites, and this also includes serious complaints about their policies.

A handful of users who left reviews for the product also said they could not get their money back, but it’s unknown if these users had it for longer than the 120 day period, or what other factors were in play for them to be denied a refund.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The following additives are used within Extagen:

Yohimbe Bark Extract: An evergreen tree extract which is used to help stimulate blood flow as well as nerve sensations around the genitals. This can be used to help treat erectile dysfunction and low libido.  It can contribute a number of side effects such as:

  • Drooling, sinus issues, and dizziness.
  • Rapid heart rate, pulsating headache, and agitation.
  • Anxiety, rash, and vomiting.

Certain issues such as kidney damage and even heart attack have been experienced by some users.

Maca Root Extract: Plant native to the Andes of Peru which has been used for its healthy amino acids, fatty acids, and overall ability to promote aphrodisiac effects. It has been used to aid sexual desire as well as reduce the risk for erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Bark: Herb used often as a way to help fight against viruses and bacteria. This has also been touted for its sexual performance benefits in men.

Muira Puama: Aphrodisiac herb native to Brazil which has also shown the ability to boost cognition.

Siberian Ginseng: This plant extract has been used to treat many conditions and it is known to deliver adaptogen benefits. This means it can help the body better deal with stressors, and that it can help reduce the future breakdown of the body.  This has chemicals that can affect hormones and the brain.

Studies have shown that this is unlikely to produce any side effects when it is taken as directed. Any and all potential issues are often seen as rare.

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What’s good about Extagen?

The company does have some good ingredients within this which can aid male sexual health including muira puama, catauba bark, ginseng, maca, and L-Arginine.

They have also made sure to keep their shipping process discreet to protect their customers.

All batches of this are made in a certified GMP approved facility, and they also ensure it is made without the use of potential allergens.

A 120 day money back guarantee is offered even on used products which is a good sign that the company wants to maximize the time people can try this while still being protected.

What’s bad about Extagen?

Due to the added stimulant in Yohimbe there is a major risk of potential side effects. This is an unnecessary additive which has the risk for dangerous effects even in healthy people.

You also have to use this for a very long time and upwards of 6 months daily in order to reach maximum effects. This amount of dedication is pricy as a 6 month supply sells for $219.95 from the official website. For this price point and amount of dedication it would have been best if their return policy extended beyond the 120 days. The company could always argue that that the user just needed to take it for longer, but this extended time frame can raise the risk for a lack of effects.

A handful of customers also said they couldn’t get a refund.

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What do consumers think about Extagen?

Not many reviews can be found apart from the testimonials on the main website. Here are some select reviews:

“did notice an increase of energy but it didn’t do what I needed”

“No increase of blood flow or better sex drive, I didn’t see any benefits”

“It won’t work it gave me some headaches every once in a while as well. Spend your money elsewhere to total waste”

“Such a huge rip off don’t spend any time or money on this stuff cause it won’t work”

A general dissatisfaction is a constant issue with the majority of users. This was often due to the mild side effects and because there were no beneficial changes. Many advised potential users interested to seek help elsewhere, and that they would lose out on money.

There were also complaints that the company did not allow for a return, and that they ended up paying money with no form of guarantee.

A few of the side effects included dry mouth, headache, and loss of energy which may be caused by the added stimulant Yohimbe.

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There’s a health assortment of some effective additives within this though it is limited. The only major concern is the added Yohimbe bark extract which has shown the ability to cause a number of serious side effects. It can effect energy, but if taken late in the day it can disturb sleep and cardiovascular function in general. Many have experienced side effects as well as a lack of any actual benefits. Due to this continued concern it raises questions about the formulation of Extagen. This also requires a long time before full results kick in, which makes it a costly supplement over time.

Our review experts have found that overall the most beneficial brand for natural male enhancement was Viritenz. It relies on a combination of potent ingredients that have all been studied for their ability to aid testosterone, enhance libido, and improve blood flow for better erections, assist in lasting sexual endurance, and much more.

Each ingredient is stimulant free and made without any cheap fillers or harsh additives which are not needed. There are official testimonials one can read about on their official website; lean more about Viritenz by clicking here.

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