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Enzyte 24/7 Review: Is It Safe?

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Enzyte 24/7 is a male enhancement pill made with herbal ingredients to help provide peak performance, aid stamina, and assist in maintaining arousal. They also add how one can expect steady blood flow for better and longer lasting erections.

Regaining confidence and sexual power is a key highlighted benefit intended by this supplement. Their ingredients are said to be doctor-formulated and potent enough to deliver natural benefits. Inside these pills is a proprietary formula which is described as being the best of its kind. In reviewing many male enhancement pills the number one brand was rated as Viritenz. It has a unique formula of natural ingredients which can support overall libido, endurance, reduce impotence, and aid sexual health. Learn about the male enhancement support provided by Viritenz by clicking here.

How does Enzyte 24/7 work?

They specifically mention that it will not increase penis size but they do say it will assist in firm and longer lasting erections. This is also made to be usable for continued use, and does not require cycling which allows for consistent effects.

The ingredients are meant to help support blood flow and nitric oxide to help provide lasting erections. There are also aphrodisiacs to assist in the creation of libido.

A testosterone boosting effect is intended by the added zinc and they also include horny goat weed to help assist in healthy hormones and sperm creation. A full description is provided for each of the active ingredients as well. This helps to outline what one can expect from each individual additive, and the formula as a whole.

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Top Benefits: Free of any stimulants, made with natural ingredients, and contains a full supplements facts list.

Negatives: Limited formula, there is a possibility for side effects, and some of these additives have not been proven effective.

Who makes this supplement?

The company name is Vianda Life Limited which is owned by a parent company known as Pristine Bay LLC, and their contact details are as such:

Address: 11260 Cornell Park Drive Suite 706

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone Number: (866) 834-1715


A 2013 letter was sent from the FDA which noted that the company violated a few rules. They did not maintain quality control inspections, and their manufacturing process was seen as flawed. No written producers were found and because of this there was a lack of accountability. The FDA demanded that they change their ways and correct these issues immediately.

The company has also changed their formula from what it once was and they now use only natural herbal ingredients which they deem as being better and safer.

They also say they are the most renowned of any other male enhancement pill, but it’s hard to determine if this is true or not and under what basis this statement is made.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Here are some key ingredients in this formula:

Ginkgo Leaf Extract: Plant that has a traditional use in Chinese medicine as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pro circulation aid. Studies have shown it does have a positive effect towards the support of circulation, and it can also support thinking.

Epimedium Herb Extract: Common herb used in male enhancement pills also known as horny goat weed, this is used to aid sexual performance and support blood flow. This has shown the ability to promote many kinds of side effects such as:

  • Nosebleed, dizziness, and thirst.
  • Breathing issues and liver damage.

Muira Puama Herb Extract: Aphrodisiac native to Brazil which also has cognitive boosting effects. It is a wood extract which can help prevent erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues in men. This has shown great benefits as an all-around aphrodisiac and potent natural ingredient.

Grape Seed Extract: This extract from ground of grape seeds is used to help support cardiovascular health, and it provides a healthy source of antioxidants. It is added to this supplement in particular for its ability to help aid nitric oxide levels which can lead to improved blood flow.

Grape seed extract appears to be safe in controlled amounts.

FD&C Blue #1: Synthetic blue dye that is used to provide color and which is often added to processed foods and pharmaceuticals. The FDA sent out a notice of them being aware of:

“reports of toxicity, including death… with the use of FD&C Blue No.1”

This was in response of this being introduced in feeding systems, and issues such as breathing issues, hypotension, and general illness have been found. Blue food coloring will often not be well processed, and this will end up showing itself in stool samples in large amounts. It’s unknown if this is a negative effect, or whether or not long term use should be considered safe to use.

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What’s good about Enzyte 24/7?

The creators have provided a very comprehensive explanation as to all the intended benefits, and with the supplements facts list, this makes it easy to help verify if these claims are true.

There are some additives within this that may prove effective for natural male enhancement support. They clearly did research in making sure to add muira puama, gingko leaf extract, and zinc.

The company also has a very easy to navigate website with clear information and intentions for this supplement. They provide their information in an easy to understand way for anyone to understand. The creators have also been noted for their use of unique commercials.

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What’s bad about Enzyte 24/7?

The company provides a somewhat generic formula which can often be found in many other male enhancement pills. For the kinds of ingredients added, the price tag is somewhat higher than the average generic brand. They do say they offer a money back guarantee, but it’s difficult to understand whether or not this is true, as they have not provided any real information about this. It’s unknown what one has to do to secure a refund, and if there are any kinds of limitations.

Because of past issues the company had with the FDA, there are also concerns about their attention to quality. Some of these ingredients have shown the ability to cause side effects as well in certain amounts.

Many users have also not given this a positive review, as some said they failed to notice any benefits. Side effects were also an issue for certain users.

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What do consumers think about Enzyte 24/7?

The following are online reviews found from many sources:

“Didn’t do anything for me”

“Don’t waste your time on this overhyped and overrated product. This will greatly disappoint you even when taken as directed”

“Can help libido when you make sure to keep taking it in high amounts”

“This was not for me at all, didn’t gain anything from it”

There were a majority of negative reviews, but there were a handful of positive reviews. Fortunately side effects weren’t’ an issue, but instead people said they experienced nothing at all. No increase of libido, testosterone, or any kind of male virility increase.

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Although this is a popular brand due to their dedication to using a lot of marketing, the company has had to change their formula due to issues in the past. They now have a very simple formula which can often be found in very standard male enhancement pills. Some of these ingredients are helpful, but there are also some faint additives which may not be very effective. Overall the company does provide a clear insight into the intentions of this, but there are few positive reviews. Yet another issue is the fact that the creators have had issues with the FDA.

The number 1 brand for natural male enhancement without any kinds of stimulants is the top ranked Viritenz. It is made with studied ingredients which can help to prevent impotence, aid blood flow for better erections, increase testosterone, support virility, and provide multi-faceted benefits that are long lasting.

Testimonials from customers have highlighted its potent abilities, and users have said they were able to have better performance in the bedroom. Their formula is also made in a certified GMP facility which is a great way to ensure routine quality control inspections. To learn about what you can gain from Viritenz and its supportive formula, follow this link.

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