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Customer Rating: 9.7/10

Sletrokor Review: Why is it more effective than other pills?

Our research team rated this new product as one of the top weight loss supplements available. Compared to other weight loss aids, Sletrokor seems to be the best.

Sletrokor is made in the USA, it aids in weight loss more effectively than other products and helps with hunger naturally.

Sletrokor seems to be a healthy weight loss aid. It has no caffeine and uses a new natural formula made up of the following ingredients: Recently endorsed by doctors, the primary active compound in Sletrokor is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that has been shown to burn fat

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Customer Rating: 9.1/10

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia Pills Review

Using Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia supplement with 80% HCA is an innovative technique for those who are seeking an alternative and healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for fast results and great customer support, this natural herbal aid is for you*. Is it safe, and how does it work?

The main ingredient is natural active compound called Chlorogenic Acid (HCA). This supplement will give you extensive benefits. But unfortunately, because many Garcinia Cambogia fruit supplements have entered the market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose one that works well.

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Customer Rating: 6.2/10

Dietspotlight Burn Review: Is it Safe?

Dietspotlight Burn is a daily nutritional supplement that is specifically formulated to help users lose weight. They use a unique blend of recently synthesized ingredients that they claim can help users burn fat cells more rapidly and boost overall metabolism.

This review examines these claims to see just how effective a product Dietspotlight Burn can be for our users.

Dietspotlight Burn's promotional materials highlight their product's ability to increase the body's natural abilities to convert fat into energy, as well as inhibiting the production of new fat cells. The results that they promise include a reduction in weight, waist size, and overall body fat, as well as increases in energy, mood, and possibly mental performance as well.

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Customer Rating: 6.9/10

Cinsulin Review: Is it Safe?

Cinsulin is a cinnamon extract supplement. The website details that the product is produced with nothing more than heat, water, and cinnamon - resulting in a highly effective cinnamon concentrate that has a positive effect on hunger control and weight reduction.

But does the product work?

Impressively, Cinsulin lists several studies on their website, proving its effectiveness, and our team of research enthusiasts could not wait to get our hands on this product and draw our own conclusions. So here is what we found!

Cinsulin caught our eye because of the clinical study results the product flaunts on its website.

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Customer Rating: 8.5/10

PhenELITE Pills Review: Is it Safe?

Sold as the number one best selling supplement on, this internet exclusive weight loss product is one of many taking their name from the prescription drug Phentermine.

Still hype alone will not produce weight loss results, what is required is a good ingredient profile and customer support to really demand a purchase.

Thermogenic effects and hunger control is the name of this product's game. These results in weight loss are said to come about in an all natural way through the proprietary formula.

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Customer Rating: 8.5/10

Hoodia Gordonii Review: Is it Safe?

The Hoodia Gordonii shrub is believed to offer hunger control which then leads to long term weight loss. Reports of this African ingredient being useful for weight loss caused many supplement companies to begin using it in their own brands. It has become so popular that it is officially under danger of becoming extinct.

However just because it caused a lot of curiosity does not mean it is actually a useful weight loss aid. This review examines Hoodia so you can see how it ranks against the many different weight loss brands.

The TV program 60 Minutes ran a piece on Hoodia Gordonii which claimed that this shrub was a powerful hunger control supplement.

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Customer Rating: 8.5/10

Slim Optimum Pills Review: Is it Safe?

Slim Optimum is a weight loss pill that helps to lose weight by increasing the user's body temperature, thus boosting metabolism and helping with hunger. Additionally, the makers of Slim Optimum claim the consumer may even enjoy clearer skin. However, at a price of about 80 dollars per bottle, this product might as well mow your lawn too!

Seeing as this product makes bold promises, in addition to having a bold price tag, let's take a closer look at Slim Optimum.

Our biggest concern with this product has to do with the high amount of stimulants it contains. Seeing as there are only 6 main ingredients, from a numbers perspective 33% of Slim Optimum is stimulant-oriented, which although showing proven effectiveness for heightened energy, concentration, and help with hunger.

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Customer Rating: 8.5/10

APEX-TX5 pills Review: Is it Safe?

The scientific sounding APEX-TX5 was created to mimic weight loss only seen in pharmaceutical grade pills. An increase in energy, metabolism, and fat burning is the targeted result.

The website offers plenty information on how it is expected to work, but more importantly is answering whether it actually works. You can see how this supplement ranks in comparison to other weight loss aids.

This brand uses a proprietary blend of ingredients which are added because they have been clinically shown to reduce weight. All the above are stated as benefits from this brand, and clinical studies are said to exist. However many of the ingredients are supported by studies performed in the 1980's.

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Customer Rating: 8.5/10

Forskolin Fuel Review: Is It Safe?

Forskolin Fuel is a metabolism-boosting dietary pill that currently has a large amount of hype surrounding it; while it only appeared recently on the market, people have already used terms like "miraculous" to describe the fat reduction properties of this flower extract-based dietary pill.

However, it is not always a good idea to believe a fat reduction product like Forskolin Fuel's hype. Too often, products like these present only empty promises that they can't, in reality, follow through on. Continue reading this informative review to increase what you know about Forskolin Fuel so that it will be easier to compare the difference between varieties of dietary aids.

Forskolin Fuel is a pill that is meant to provide assistance in your elimination of undesirable excess body weight.

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Customer Rating: 8.5/10

Quadralean Pills Review: Is it Safe?

Due to Quadralean using certain hot new ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones, it has been sold via many different nation wide retailers. This weight loss supplement is not only meant to help burn fat, but it is intended to keep lean muscle mass and improve metabolism.

Still any supplement can make these nice sounding claims. But does it work? Our purpose is to let you compare the difference between various weight loss supplements.

The key thing provided by Quadralean is stimulant free weight loss support. The way it claims to work is by helping get rid of fat in the body, using that same fat as an energy source, and also preventing the buildup of fat.

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