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APEX-TX5 pills Review: Is it Safe?

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The scientific sounding APEX-TX5 was created to mimic weight loss only seen in pharmaceutical grade pills. An increase in energy, metabolism, and fat burning is the targeted result.

The website offers plenty information on how it is expected to work, but more importantly is answering whether it actually works. You can see how this supplement ranks in comparison to other weight loss aids.

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This brand uses a proprietary blend of ingredients which are added because they have been clinically shown to reduce weight. The most prominent features promoted are:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Reduction of food addiction and emotional eating
  • Increase in motivation
  • Fast weight loss

All the above are stated as benefits from this brand, and clinical studies are said to exist. However many of the ingredients are supported by studies performed in the 1980's.

This would not be an issue if the studies were still backed up, but current research has revealed:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI: A 1989 showed weight loss. New evidence reveals that weight loss only occurs if you have a deficit. Having a deficit is rare as Carnitine can be found in several meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds
  • Beta-Phenylethylamine HCI: One 1986 study was performed to show the use of this serotonin and dopamine enhancing ingredient. New studies show it actually does not get to the brain where it is needed, instead it is digested by the body

Top Benefits:

Clinical studies are offered


Some of the clinical studies are dated and new evidence reveals at least 2 of the ingredients do not work. Different side effects may occur.

TIPS: for the best results our experts recommend to using weight loss pills for at least 3 month. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once!

Other ingredients with more modern studies have shown:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated caffeine which lasts longer than regular caffeine. Stimulant effects such as increased heart rate, improved focus and others have been shown
  • L-Tyrosine: Amino acid which helps prevent stress build up in the brain
  • Theobromine: Found in the same plant that makes chocolate, it stimulates the heart, opens blood vessels and is a diuretic

  • Effectiveness:

    2 of the ingredients for this brand do not work. The rest are either found in chocolate, things like coffee or tea, and another is an amino acid also found in many foods

    Furthermore the only place where APEX-TX5 is sold is Currently 206 negative reviews can be read. The rest of the positive reviews might be due to the caffeine content. Nothing compelling is available here that is not already found in many common foods.

    See for yourself how well APEX-TX5 does against other weight loss brands.


    The main thing to keep in mind about this brand is that some of the studies shown are really dated. New information has been revealed and because of it, a large portion of this brand has ingredients unproven to work. Other ingredients added are too common and some are even unnecessary unless you are fasting

    Problems this brand has are that:

    • It relies on caffeine in order to produce energy and weight loss
    • 2 of the ingredients are not useful for weight loss
    • Many negative reviews exist
    • Side effects are possible

    If you're looking for something not full of caffeine the APEX-TX5 brand is not the supplement for you. 300 mg of caffeine are added per dosage. Stimulant free weight loss can create the weight loss you're looking for.

    To achieve noticeable weight loss you can find out for yourself what works for you. Make it an easy choice by seeing what topped the list at number 1

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