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Hoodia Gordonii Review: Is it Safe?

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The Hoodia Gordonii shrub is believed to offer hunger control which then leads to long term weight loss. Reports of this African ingredient being useful for weight loss caused many supplement companies to begin using it in their own brands. It has become so popular that it is officially under danger of becoming extinct.

However just because it caused a lot of curiosity does not mean it is actually a useful weight loss aid. This review examines Hoodia so you can see how it ranks against the many different weight loss brands.

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The TV program 60 Minutes ran a piece on Hoodia Gordonii which claimed that this shrub was a powerful hunger control supplement. The facts about Hoodia are:

  • It is a famine food used in areas where crops are limited and where people do not have access to reliable food sources
  • Because of the 60 minutes feature the price jumped from $13 per kilogram to $250 per kilogram, creating a lot of wealth for the African tribes which had access to it
  • The USDA requires a permit for anyone who brings Hoodia Gordonii into the country
  • Many supplements that claim to have Hoodia do not actually have the active ingredient P57 in their formula

Also according to which provides clinical studies of ingredients for easy viewing, Hoodia Gordonii:

“does not appear to hold any promise for a dietary supplement.”

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Top Benefits:

People have used Hoodia Gordonii to survive famine and it is a profitable crop.


There have been numerous studies performed to show Hoodia is not effective and toxic


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The active ingredient P57 goes to the brain and tricks it into thinking it is no longer hungry. However studies show it does not reach the brain at all, that the active ingredient is actually digested before it ever reaches the brain. Hypothetically the active ingredient could reduce appetite, but until it is available through other means it cannot be used by the body. However you can find all the best supplements right here.

Clinical studies have shown a risk factor for:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Blood Pressure rise
  • High doses killing lab mice


Past information surrounding this brand claimed it to be a potent hunger control supplement all natural ingredient. Although recent studies have concluded that the active ingredient P57 never makes it to the brain. Since it does not make it far enough it renders this ingredient useless

It still remains a food source for many people and it is a cash crop for many people. Compare and contrast for yourself to see if Hoodia fares well against other weight loss brands. Compare and contrast for yourself to see if Hoodia fares well against other weight loss brands.


After reviewing Hoodia Gordonii it is revealed that:

  • It has been fatal in mice who took in what was considered an above average dose
  • There are no long term studies to showcase either safety or effectiveness
  • Many supplement brands do not actually contain the active ingredient found in Hoodia Gordonii
  • Getting Hoodia requires a permit and supplies are heavily monitored because of the threat of extinction

Many red flags appear which are not present in the absolute best weight loss pills that you can sample for yourself.

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