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Xenadrine Pills Review

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Like many other diet supplements currently gracing the market, Xenadrine makes a lot of promises.

Due to the lack of clinical research available online, however, it may be difficult for some to decide whether this particular supplement is right for them.

Is it safe and effective?

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Though Xenadrine used to include Ephedra, it was banned by the FDA after careful research and is thus no longer included.

The newest formula has a long list of ingredients, including green tea, caffeine, ginger root, vitamins, minerals, and more.

The inclusion of caffeine raises concerns, as it is known to cause heart palpitations, sweaty palms, headaches, dizzy spells, and sleepless night. You might also expect dehydration and shivers. It is therefore better to avoid supplements with caffeine.

Top Benefits:

many natural ingredients


possible side effects of caffeine, exercises needed, no money back guarantee

Xendadrine's website does not offer a money back guarantee, which we find suspicious. This provides buyers with insurance in case the product does not work as promised. We always recommend our readers choose sellers who offer this option.

WLT Conclusion:

Despite the supplement's negative history, the list of ingredients involved in Xenadrine passes the test. Be aware of the possible side effects of caffeine and no money back guarantee.

For the best weight loss results, we recommend you take a look at top-rated brands.

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"This product may work great for some individuals, but it's not without side effects. I had severe headaches while taking it. ."

Peter Green | 19 reviewers made a similar statement

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Public Comments

. Los Angeles

A friend of mine ordered this and gave it to me when she realized she couldn't take it. I'm halfway through the bottle and I don't want it, either. I haven't seen any results; seems like a bunch of important-sounding ingredients used to attract buyers. On the bright side, it's packaged and priced well.

. Denver

I didn't see any results when I took this supplement. Not even side effects! It seems Xenadrine is a placebo. Thank you guys for a great product review!

Olivia Williams ( . Los Angeles

Dear Suzie, you're welcome! Just try to check nutrition profile of each product before buying.

. San Francisco

I did not feel comfortable taking this pill. I suffered from heartburn and a headache, despite being accustomed to caffeine.

. Newport Beach

I have been on Xenadrine for almost a month and have noticed a smaller appetite. Although I have been on a new workout plan for the past four weeks, I have not seen any additional results. I will continue to use Xenadrine until I run out and see my final results.

. Myrtle Beach

I have been on this supplement for about a week and have not seen any results. This might work for those with low caffeine intake.

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