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Hydroxycut Weight Loss Pills Review

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Hydroxycut, manufactured by Lovate Health Sciences, Inc. and provided under the brand Lovate, is a dietary supplement with a long, painful history. This supplement has been recalled, reformulated, sued, and even banned by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA.

Our purpose is to let you compare the difference between various weight loss aids, not to promote a specific product.

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One of the ingredients listed is green coffee extract, which contains an astonishing amount of chlorogenic acid. This acid is meant to alter the way a body handles metabolism and blood sugar, which should directly relate to weight loss.

The string of controversy falls on another ingredient: caffeine anhydrous. As made obvious by its name, caffeine anhydrous is filled with caffeine. As it is a stimulant, this is known to cause side effects like heart palpitations, sweaty palms, headaches, dizzy spells, and sleepless nights. If these aren't enough to make you consider another dietary supplement, you might also expect dehydration and the shakes. There are better weight loss pills on the market that you can use.

Top Benefits:

Hydroxycut has green coffee extract, that handles metabolism and blood sugar


caffeine has some potential side effects; this supplement was banned by FDA before

Therefore, Hydroxycut should not be consumed within five hours of sleep. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before use.

It is advised that users consume at least eight glasses of water every day while taking this product.

Users also described other side effects, such as elevated blood pressure and liver problems. As of May 2009, following a warning from the FDA, Hydroxycut was voluntarily recalled and reformulated. Compare effectiveness of Hydroxycut with other weight loss pills.

WLT Conclusion:

Due to the major presence of stimulants, Hydroxycut suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism, but not without its fair share of side effects. Thus, the consumer may try a combination of natural, caffeine-free ingredients, instead.

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Customer rating:

- 221 voted

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"Then I started to diet and exercise while taking it and I started losing weight, but I was losing the weight because of the dieting and exercising. After all I had severe headaches while taking it. ."

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Public Comments

Kristy Grant . Los Angeles

It seemed to work the first week; I had no appetite. The second week, the caffeine got to me. This might be better for someone who is used to caffeine.

20 hours ago

kitty k . Charleston

I did lose a little weight with this product, but I wanted to lose more. I may try another bottle and see if I can get better results by using it longer. Thank you guys for a great product review!

1 day ago

may . Los Angeles

This gave me a headache every day for the instructed 5 days. I did lose 6 pounds, and was neither hungry nor tired, so this did work. However, it's not for me; I work with the general public and can't be pleasant if I'm dealing with constant headaches.

4 days ago

kelly wallace . San Diego

I took this product for a week at a time, each time losing 5 pounds. I'm not a satisfied customer, though, because I developed a migraine, an upset stomach, and pimples.

6 days ago

Morgan . Myrtle Beach

I didn't see any change even after several months of taking this product. I took it as directed, with diet and exercise, in hopes of just a few pounds off, but no avail.

7 days ago

elena . New York

I didn't feel very ell while taking this product, but it did decrease my appetite and increase my metabolism. The weight comes back quickly once you stop taking the pills, so make sure you control your diet.

7 days ago

Aby Woods . Atlanta

Hydroxycut gave me energy, but I haven't seen any big weight loss.

11 days ago

peter . Atlanta

I spent a lot of hard earned money expecting results and didn't see any.

11 days ago

charlotte . Manhattan Beach

My liver lipids are elevated, and some articles mention Hydroxycut causes liver problems. It cuts hunger pangs, but it's not worth ruining my liver. I will quit in hopes of a healthy liver.

15 days ago

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