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SlimQuick Pills Review

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Slimquick claims that their team of specialists understands how a woman's body performs and that they provide a program tailored to engage this physiological process.

How real are their claims?

Let's check the facts.

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SlimQuick consists of many ingredients. Some of which are great and natural while others are controversial. The most important of these is green tea, which has been studied extensively and been proven to aid in weight loss.

However, there are other ingredients which you should pay close attention to. Caffeine, for example, has been known to cause heart palpitations, sweaty palms, headaches, dizzy spells, and sleepless nights. You might also expect dehydration, restlessness, and shivers. Consumers should consult a doctor before using SlimQuick.

Top Benefits:

Includes many natural ingredients


Includes caffeine which may cause possible side effects and it containes potentially harmful soy

Soy extract, also a listed ingredient, has been proven to cause serious health problems like brain damage, breast cancer, pregnancy complications, kidney stones, and more.

Though this does not necessarily mean Slimquick will give you cancer, you should be aware of the risk. You can read more about the dangers of soy HERE.

WLT Conclusion:

SlimQuick is a very well-known weight loss supplement with both natural and unnatural ingredients meant to aid in health management. Due to the mentioned controversial ingredients, Slimquick is not your best choice. We recommend our readers take a more natural approach to weight loss.

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- 221 voted

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"This product may work great for some individuals, but it's not without side effects. I had severe headaches while taking it. ."

Peter Green | 12 reviewers made a similar statement

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Public Comments

. Los Angeles

Not only did my liver enzymes shoot through the roof while taking Slimquick, but it just didn't work. This product should not be on the market.

. Denver

Although I heard so many positive reviews of this product, it seems they weren't true. The only time it curbed my appetite was when I spent my days running to the bathroom. I was also always tired and constantly felt like my head was in a fog.

. Portland

I've only just started taking Slimquick and am not sure if it's working, but I will post another review in a month.

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