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Leptiburn: Is it Safe?

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Leptiburn is a weight loss supplement that claims to help consumers achieve their weight loss goals by increasing the levels of Leptin in their system, a hormone that regulates fat storage and metabolism. Allegedly, taking Leptiburn will support accelerated fat loss and diminish weight loss plateaus.

Our team focuses on properly researching and reviewing many popular diet supplements, verifying them for 1) sufficient clinical/and or scientific backing, 2) customer satisfaction, and 3) quality of the company that makes the product.

So let’s take a closer look at Leptin!

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Leptiburn originates from Biotrust, a U.S.-based company that produces many other health supplement products that for the most part focus on a hormonal angle. By all accounts, it would appear Biotrust is a legitimate company as they have a good-looking website and an ethical and informative slant to their advertising, using only all natural plant ingredients, donating to charitable missions, and offering a product that is even vegetarian friendly.

So how does Leptiburnwork?

Well first what is Leptin? The word comes from the Greek, meaning thin, and this hormone mainly regulates energy, metabolism, and hunger cravings. The hormone is made by fat tissue cells and directly communicates with the brain, regulating how hungry the body feels and how much fat the body burns. Therefore, supposedly Leptiburn will boost the body’s leptin levels and according to the theory help to regulate appetite and burn more fat - all to quicken weight loss. Here you can compare Leptiburn with best weight loss pillson on the Market

However, our research identified many serious flaws in this methodology. For one, although Leptiburn claims to offer stellar results, it is also true in fact that obese people have leptin-resistant bodies and the signalling pathways are usually almost entirely blocked, rendering leptin ineffective despite how much of it they may have. And seeing as the whole point is to increase leptin levels and trick the brain into burning more fat and calories, Irvingia Gabonensis, a largely unproven ingredient, is the main component in this system. However, Irvingia Gabonensis’s effectiveness in increasing leptin quantities is entirely derived from minimal testing and although these results look promising, they originate from a fairly narrow source. Our purpose is to help you compare the difference between various weight loss pills.

Altogether in our analysis, although the methodology seems to make logical sense the fact remains there are still too many variables having to do with 1) leptin pathway blockage in obese people and 2) the still widely unproven primary ingredient, Irvingia Gabonensis, which requires more information and research pertaining to its benefits. (Even the sum total of side effects pertaining to Irvingia Gabonensis is unknown.)

Top Benefits:

Originates from a good company


Lacks proper research to back its claims, unknown side effects, may be entirely ineffective for obese people with leptin pathway blockages

TIPS: for the best results our experts recommend to using weight loss pills for at least 3 month. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once!

WLT Conclusion:

Leptiburn is a promising product, however given the minimal amount of research currently available we are unable to soundly recommend this product until more information comes to light. Our main concern has to do with leptin blockages in obese people, as well as the still unknown side effects of Irvingia Gabonensis, which may or may not be helpful - but at what cost?

In our recommendation the dieter will be more benefited going with a product that offers sound scientific backing to its claims, as well as a known list of side effects and potentially harmful outcomes.

Bottom Line: Leptiburn promises some great results but as of now is still largely unproven and needs time to develop before we can recommend, with any confidence, whether this product is worth our readers’ time or not.

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"It helped with hunger but made me really shaky and nervous. I think I need to consult with my physician before continuing taking it!."

Anna Perez | 6 reviewers made a similar statement

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Public Comments

. Los Altos

While following a low-carb, calorie restricted diet, and walking at least 2 miles daily, I used BioTrust LeptiBurn for three months. During the first week, I had bad side-effects, so I stopped for a few days, then cut the normal dosage in half and then gradually worked up to the full daily dose after a few days. I felt like I had plenty of energy. During the first month, my nose would be runny with clear mucous for awhile after taking each dose. Six months later, I had regained all the weight back, in spite of my calorie restricted and carb restricted diet and walking 2 miles daily.

. Miami

Just bought three bottles, will keep you updated about my results!

. Boston

I have tried this for 2 weeks and it seems like it makes me really hungry. I feel like I need to constantly eat something. So I have stopped taking this product.

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